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Name: __Akela Derksen__

Career Research Guide Worksheet

Make sure you have completed the career exploration and have a good idea of the career that interests you!
Use point form or sentences. Make sure it is in our OWN words! Do not copy
from the Internet.
Your job title (be specific: Re!istered Dietitian
"ob o#er#ie$%What the& do ('ro#ide a para!raph description of the job( What $ould a t&pical da& on the job
look like):
A t&pical dietetics job $ould in#ol#e helpin! indi#iduals to reach their health* e+ercise or $ei!ht loss !oals(
,he& mi!ht meet $ith clients each da& to consult and or!ani-e meal plans to help the person learn about $hat
foods are best for the t&pe of lifest&le the& are li#in!( A dietitian mi!ht also teach classes on ho$ to be health&*
$ork for a health food compan&* or at a hospital(
Workin! conditions (.ours &ou can e+pect to $ork) Risk of injuries) ,ime of da&%time of &ear)
/ndoors%outdoors) Clothin! re0uired) 1tc2:
Dietitians can $ork in man& different en#ironments( 3ome $ork in clinics* hospitals* from home* or in an office(
Dietitians $ork all &ear round* t&picall& 4 hours a da&( ,here $ould not be man& rinks of !ettin! injured $hile
on the job( 5ost of &our da& $ould simpl& be talkin! to clients* or researchin!( While on the job* a dietitian
$ould most likel& $ear their o$n* professional clothes* or srubs if the& are $orkin! in a hospital or clinic(
3alar& ($hat $a!e can &ou e+pect to earn): the a#era!e startin! $a!e for a dietitian in 678%h* 694*888
annuall&* and can increase as the dietitian !ains more e+perience(
:uture outlook ($ill this job be in demand in the future) Wh&%$h& not): At the moment there is a hi!h demand
for dietitians* especiall& in hospital en#ironments* $ith a ;8< hire rate( ,his job $ill al$a&s be in demand*
because people are constantl& needin! to be informed about nutrition(
Post-Secondary Institute!rainin" Pro"ram #$
%ocation and name of pro"ram& (Where the school is located( What is the name of the pro!ram) Also tell us $h& this
school appeals to &ou ,he school / $ant to !o to $ould be Guelph =ni#ersit& in >ntario* because of their $ell kno$
nutrition pro!ram and beautiful surroundin!s(
'ost& (first &ear AND total cost of pro!ram* includin! tuition* books* and supplies
/f plannin! on attendin! a major uni#ersit&: $$$(&ou(ubc(ca to calculate an appro+imate cost : per &ear* $ithout financial
help* tuition $ould be about 6?@* ?9@(7@(
/f plannin! on attendin! a colle!e: $$$(okana!an(bc(ca%tuition to calculate an appro+imate cost
Pre-re(uisites of pro"ram& (courses &ou need to be takin! in hi!h school in order to !et in* re0uired G'A: 1n!lish @?*
Chem @?* 5ath @?* Aio @?* Chem @@ or Aio @@
What are 7 related occupations &ou could take if this one didnBt $ork out for &ou ($hat $ould &ou do if &ou
donBt end up doin! this career and $h&): / could be personal life coach* a personal trainer* or a nutritionist(
And most importantl&2
Wh& are &ou interested in this career) (.o$ lon! ha#e &ou been interested in it) What led &ou to $antin! this
job) .o$ does it suit%fit &our personalit&* interests* characteristics* stren!ths* etc2):
/ ha#e been interested in health and nutrition since / $as &oun!( / lo#e learnin! about $hat !oes in m& bod&
and ha#e al$a&s been conscious of eatin! health& foods and ha#in! a balanced lifest&le( / read man& books
and $atch man& documentaries on different t&pes of diets and $hat lifest&les the& suit best( :or this &ear /
ha#e been a #e!an* and it has been interestin! e+perimentin! $ith different foods( / can see m&sef lo#in! this
job and bein! reall& passionate( / also lo#e $orkin! $ith people and it $ould be a$esome to be able to help
them li#e a lon! fulfillin! life(