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Acceleration : It displays the time taken (in seconds) by the vehicle to accelerate its Speed from

0 to 60 Km/Hr.
Maximum Speed : It displays the maximum speed the vehicle can pick up in Km/Hr.
Fuel Consumption : It displays fuel consumption of vehicle in Km/Ltr. Running at different speeds.
Regular Speed : It is like a speedometer which constantly displays the running speed of the
vehicle in Km/Hr.
Slim & Stylish control panel
Hand leaver operated front wheel clamping & wheelbase adjustment
Flushed in floor so presents an aesthetic view.
Accurate test results
This equipment is able to check following tests in house without taking the vehicle on road.
Special Features:-
Thinkers & Doers
MODEL - ECO For Two Wheeler
Ferozepur Road, FARIDKOT- 151203 Punjab, INDIA Tele/Fax +91 1639-250377,256177
Email-, Website-
Fuel Saver Only 10 ML Fuel used for 1 Fuel Consumption test.
Type Digital, split steel structure with roller Assembly
Vehicle cooling A High speed fan fitted with panel
Front Wheel Clamp Hand operated Auto clamping for different wheel base bikes
Installation In Trench Only
Panel Electronic, Slim & Stylish
Weight 135 Kg. Approx
Weight Wooden Packing 210 Kg. Approx
Space Required (for Installation) 6 Ft x 9 Ft