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Alia Brown

Mr. Zieser
Senior Seminar
November 12, 2013

Senior Project Proposal

I am interested in completing my senior project because rape culture is a topic that means a lot to
me, purely out of anger. The presence of rape acceptance and victim blaming created this rape
culture we live in and it makes me truly sick to my stomach. If I could just change one persons
view on rape, to show them that it's not okay and should not be accepted, I would be happy. I
would be proud that I was able to in anyway influence a persons new way of thinking. I want to
change this generations thoughts on rape and rape victims so the next generation doesn't have to
experience the moronic and hateful world of rape culture.

Rape Culture
-Essential Question:
How can society actively work to combat the tolerance of the rape of women as an acceptable
occurrence in the United States?
-Project Overview:
Research Paper: Collect enough information to aid in properly relaying well formed opinions on
Actionable Change Product: Displaying the change my information has created.
Technology Product: Viewable points that explain and defend my opinions and thoughts on
Presentation: Present in a calm, professional, and formal way.

In 1999, two journalists Shelly Shaefer Hinck and Richard W. Thomas, studied the attitudes of
college students in Texas when it comes to rape. In the study journal they discuss the opinions of
college students on rape and rape victims. They talk about what rape actually is as well as rape in
relationships. They also go on to discuss what is not classified as rape.
In Transforming A Rape Culture written in 1993 by Emilie Buchwald the prevalence of rape
culture in America is discussed. The book goes on to talk about what rape culture actually is and
how people can work together to change views on rape. This includes the need to stop blaming
rape victims and explaining to rape victims its not their fault.
In 1975, Susan Brownmiller wrote Against Our Will, a book that takes time to look into peoples
thoughts on rape and rape cases up to 1975. It discusses how society and media almost promote
rape and dont help to stop it. The book goes even further by mentioning victim blaming and
rape acceptance. Although this publication was written in 1975, the age of it proves that rape and
the culture we live in that accepts it as a normal occurrence, has been a problem for too long.
In 2009 Kate Harding wrote Asking For It where they discuss the presence of rape and the role
victim blaming plays in rape culture. It focuses on the thoughts of people who believe women
want to be raped. This speaks almost entirely on this and the attitudes of society on rape victims
and rapists.
In 2008 Yes Means Yes written by Jaclyn Friedman discusses feminism and slut shaming. It does
discuss rape but speaks in a more liberal way about sex saying women can choose their own
partners. It speaks in a way that presses the need for women to help women and explain
Multi-faceted Approach
I plan to get opinions and experiences from a variety of people. From those who have been raped
and experienced victim blaming, to those who never heard of rape culture. I feel that having a
broad range of people to collect information from will strengthen the project because of so many
different views, thoughts, and experiences.
Actionable Change Product
My senior project topic is Rape Culture to focus on how society can actively work to combat the
tolerance of the rape of women as an acceptable occurrence in the United States. I am interested
in doing my Actionable Change Product because it gives me a chance to maybe change the way
a few people view rape. Even if I cant change everyone, the few people that I can inform it
would hopefully create a snowball effect and my efforts would not be in vain. My number one
goal in my ACP wont even be to change peoples way of thinking all at once but to get them to
an understanding. To inform them to the fullest about the prevalence of rape culture in our
society and how we need to work to make rape a no longer acceptable occurrence.
Mrs. Lindinger
Alisha Dickerson
Christina Keys
Alexis Zimmerman
Mr. Pascale
Technology Product
For my technology product I plan to create more of a short film. Recording peoples responses to
my questions and challenging their answers and thoughts. I plan on involving some students and
teachers from the school, but would prefer to use the thoughts and opinions of strangers. I feel as
though strangers are more likely to give me an unbiased opinion instead of telling me what they
think they want me to hear.
Rough Draft of Research Paper- Remain focused and not procrastinate.
Revised copy of Research Paper- Not procrastinate.
Final copy of Research Paper- Not Procrastinate.
Draft of Technology Product- Not procrastinate.
Final Technology Product and ACP Documentation- Not procrastinate.
Senior Project Presentation Week- Keep calm.