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4 Unit Test


Complete the passage with the words below. There are more words than you need. (10 x 1 = 10 points)
ecological disaster damage set off overuse increased disciplined
set up protecting global warming campsite care about organised
When hundreds of young people got together and (1) tents in the summer of 2007 the area loo!ed li!e a
holiday (2) " e#cept for the fact that they were right ne#t to $eathrow %irport& 'ar from being a holiday the
camp was actually an (() protest against flying& )his may sound strange but according to environmentalists
planes (*) the environment and contribute to (+) much more than cars trains or buses
because they burn so much fuel at a very high altitude& ,y 20(0 these environmentalists claim the number of planes flying in or
out of -. airports will have (/) by 1000 causing an (7) & 1any of the protesting
campers belong to an organisation called 2lane 3tupid which is dedicated to (4) the environment against
the (5) of flying as a way of getting from place to place& )hey want to convince all people who
(10) our future on the 6arth to use other forms of transport such as trains or buses whenever possible&
Complete the passage with the correct !orm o! the "erbs in brac#ets. (10 x 1 = 10 points)
)he city of 7ondon (1) (plan) an ama8ing new attraction on the )hames 9iver " an artificial beach with
promenades palm trees and 2:metre:high waves for surfers& )he beach (2) (cost) ;20 million to build&
2lanners (() (already receive) permission to begin and by the end of 2011 they (*)
(complete) this enormous pro<ect& 3ome surfers feel that surfing on the )hames 9iver (+) (not be) as
e#citing as on the open sea& $owever 3teve =ones the pro<ect>s creator (/) (believe) that thousands of
7ondon surfers (7) (use) the beach since the nearest real beach is hours away& ?ne fan of the idea said
@)he last time A wanted to surf A (4) (drive) for five hours from 7ondon to Bornwall only to find that the wind
(5) (change) direction and there were no waves& When this pro<ect is finished don>t loo! for me at home
after wor! " A (10) (surf) on the )hames 9iverCD