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Research Paper Outline Breezy Meyers

I. Introduction- Womens equality in the military is important because it promises

ranking for women, protects women from assault and violence, and it upholds womens
constitutional rights.

II. Background Information
Women have been in the United States military since the Revolutionary War.
Even if they werent soldiers they were still part of the military service and many
were still counted as honorable members.
Ranking and Veteran benefits for women in the military have had many debates.
Many women have been denied Veteran benefits.
Current laws have been passed to ensure benefits for all women of the military.
Sexual assault and violence has become an issue with little justice.
Medical Benefits should have easier access to single parents.

III. Thesis Topic #1: Ranking in the military.
Many women soldiers have been denied or over-looked ranking in the higher
status as a soldier.
Ridiculed for having lower set standards.
Currently women can rank as a high military official.

IV. Thesis Topic #2: Protects women from assault and violence in the military.
Between 19,000 to 26,000 women have been involved in a sexual assault or a
violent case while serving active duty.
Women have been denied abortion rights as a result of the violent or assault acts
against them.
Assault or violence cases have not seen justice due to fear.
Women have left or purposefully tried to leave the Army without reason or
cause. (*Note most of the women that did this feared to go to Military authority
for help. Fear that the case would turn against them.)
Many of the sexual offenders do not get discharged from the Army once they are
Disrespected or harassed by fellow soldiers for being a female.

V. Thesis Topic #3: Upholds womens rights in the constitution.
Women have the right to have an abortion.
Denied help or money from the government for abortion services or facilities to
help with an services needed after the attack.
Also recently have been able to be in combat.
Women have been denied abortion rights as a result of the violent or assault acts
against them.

VI. Counter-Argument: Women should not be allowed on the combat field.
Infantry is more demanding.
Women cannot meet the physical standards of men.
Male instinct to protect women in distress.
Women cannot bond with men the same when men bond with men.
(*Note many believe this) Women cannot handle extreme pressure.
Old world ways and beliefs.
Many do not believe that women in the military is an overall best for the country.
Women cannot meet the same standards that men are required to meet while in
the military their standards are lowered so they are equivalent.
Men want to be the protectors they naturally are.
Some combat skills cannot be done by women alone.

VII. Conclusion
Women should be allowed to rank in the military.
Should be allowed to be in combat if it is of their choosing.
Women can meet some of the mens physical ability.
They should also be allowed to have a voice in the trial on the attack they fell
victim to.