May 12, 2014

Katie Fulkerson, 651-296-5133

True to Form: Governor Dayton Resorts to Name Calling

(St. Paul, MN) – Republican Leader David Hann (R-Eden Prairie) released the
following statement:

"Republicans have been working together with Democrats to put together a
reasonable compromise on a bonding bill that will fund important projects
while ensuring future generations of taxpayers won't be overloaded with
enormous debt. Governor Dayton today called Republicans “extremists” for
taking the position that government spending should be kept to a reasonable
level and not spent wastefully. Governor Dayton's pattern of name calling
when he doesn’t get his way is disrespectful and unproductive to the
democratic process. It's time for the governor to get on board with the
compromises that have already been made between the other four bodies in
the legislature. For our part, Republicans will continue to be thoughtful about
maintaining the long-term health of the state and consider the future interests
of Minnesotans."

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