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Yr. 5 B.

Ed Three-Way Conference Preparation / Student Teacher: Jamie Shewaa

Student Teacher Se!f-E"a!uation #orm $ E%#E 5&& / 5'& %ate(()pri! '*&+ (((((((
Year 5 B. Ed. Field Experience
Areas of Strength Areas for Further Development
Standard 1. Value and Care for
demonstrates fostering the
emotional, esthetic, intellectual,
physical, social and vocational
development of students
demonstrates providing
emotional and physical safety of
treats students with respect and
demonstrates respect for
respects confidentiality unless
disclosure is required by law
demonstrates understanding
that educators do not abuse or exploit
students or minors for personal,
sexual, ideological, material or other
- I show students respect and
genuine care.
- I make a point to talk to every
student on a personal level as well
as academic.
- I am learning when to ask
students to work something out
between themselves and when to
report a situation.( Asing more
open ended !uestions allo"ing
students to thin on their o"n#
- I am always watching to make
sure students have a lunch.
- I make sure all students feel safe
in the classroom.( $ demonstrate
and respect diversit% in the
& 'nderstand that "or
expectations are not e!ual (ut
its fair
- I could work on reading books on child
poverty and the effects in the classroom.
Standard 2. Role model who acts
ethically and honestly:
acts with integrity, maintaining
the dignity and credibility of the
understands that individual
conduct contributes to the perception
of the profession as a whole
is accountable for conduct while
on duty as well as off duty, where that
conduct has an effect on the education
demonstrates an understanding
of the education system in BC and the
law as it relates to their duties
- I understand when to report
abuse and or neglect
- I understand that how I act inside
and outside of the school reflects
on the perception of the teaching
profession and on role as a
- I demonstrate a positive behavior
in the classroom.
& A(le to respect others input
and opinions "hen discussing
the education s%stem in B)
- I need to do more research on the
changes coming to the BC curriculum.
Standard 3. Knowledge of student
growth and development:
demonstrates knowledge about
how children develop as learners and
as social beings
demonstrates an understanding
of individual learning differences and
special needs
uses this knowledge to make
decisions about curriculum, instruction,
assessment and classroom
demonstrates the
understanding of child development
and relevant learning theories in lesson
planning which include age-appropriate
and engaging activities
- I am aware of the different
learning styles.
- !hen I design a lesson I am
keeping in mind the needs of all of
my students.
- I have read through the I"# $%&
'(# of each student. I have notes
on these children that I refer back
to when making lessons.
& $ have created multiple
test*"orsheets for the different
needs of students
- I need to find more efficient ways to
meet the needs of all my students ) there
is a big range in ability*
- I need to find out more about how
children develop as social beings.
Standard . Value the involvement
and support of parents! guardians!
families and communities in schools:
demonstrates understanding,
respect and support for the role of
parents and the community in the
education of students
communicates effectively and in
a timely manner with parents
considers the advice of parents
on matters pertaining to their children
- I understand the importance of
developing a positive relationship
with parents) I am always saying
hello to parents that come into the
- I have sat in on a few parent
- I understand the important role of
+lease provide copies to student*sponsor teacher
Field Experience Office, -ancouver $sland 'niversit%, .// Fifth Street, 0anaimo, B) -.1 5S5
+hone 23/&4556 7 Fax 23/&4346
parents in the education of
& Sent home "eel% home"or
communicating "ith parents
& $nvited parents*famil% to
readers theater performances
& 8aled to a parent a(out
students (ehavior*ideas on ho"
to improve.
Standard ". #ffective practices in
classroom management! planning!
instruction! assessment! evaluation!
and reporting:
demonstrates knowledge and
skills to facilitate learning for all
knows how to seek additional
support for their practice when needed
demonstrates thoughtful
consideration of all aspects of
teaching, from planning through
demonstrates understanding of
the relationships among all the aspects
of teaching
employs a variety of
instructional and assessment
- I am always prepared for each
lesson.) materials that may be
- +y lesson plans demonstrate
that I have the knowledge and
skills to facilitate learning for all
- !hen instructing I am sure to
employ a variety of instructional
methods. ) ,isuals, auditory and
hands on work*
& )reated different seating plans
& $ have (een implementing
man% different management
- I need to continue to work on my
assessment and reporting of student
Standard $. %ave a &road 'nowledge
&ase and understand su&(ect areas
&eing taught:
demonstrates understanding of
curricula, concepts, and methods that
are foundations of education and of the
sub-ect areas being taught
able to communicate effectively
in "nglish or .rench
enables students to understand
relevant curricula in a Canadian,
$boriginal and global context
conveys the values, beliefs, and
knowledge of our democratic society
- I can communicate effectively in
- I am able to teach core .rench
with ease
- I understand the sub-ects I am
teaching. I can teach them in
different ways.
- I believe that I convey the
values, beliefs and knowledge of
our democratic society
& $ am a(le to easil% follo" the
$1+ guide and appl% the
learning outcomes to the
lessons created
& $ am a(le to allo" students to
"or cooperativel% in
& $ am a(le to organi9e
distri(ution and collection of
materials in an effective manner
- I need to learn ways to incorporate
more $boriginal and global context into
the classroom.
- I am always learning new things about
the B.C curricula
& $ need to "or on transitions "ith
Standard ). #ngage in career*long
engages in professional
development and reflective practice
demonstrates understanding
that a hallmark of professionalism is
the concept of professional growth
over time
develops and refines personal
philosophies of education
- I reflect on each of the lessons I
have taught. I look at what
worked, what didn/t work and how
I can make it better for next time.
- +y classmates and I are always
sharing Ideas about different
lessons 'ub-ects
& :oining in on professional
- I need to continue working on refining
my personal philosophy of education
demonstrates that teaching and
learning activities are informed by
theory and practice
identifies professional needs
and works to meet those needs
individually and collaboratively
development da%s
Standard +. Contri&ute to the
supports and encourages other
educators and those preparing to enter
the profession as well
contributes expertise to
activities offered by the school, district,
professional organi0ations, or post-
secondary institutions
contributes in other ways to the
& continue to attend school
(ased team meetings regarding
m% students
- I attended the evening
Christmas concert
- I have been helping coach
volleyball and attending games.
& ;elping "here ever needed to
organi9e trac and field da%
& Share ideas, resources "ith
other student teachers and
Revised: ,une 2-11