Module 3,lesson 2

Planning Process
Prepared By:
Adelhen Rosales
Arlyn F. Perin

Module 2,lesson 2,question #2
Prepare a brief situational analysis of
your district/region/division.
Six Stages of educational planning
 Pre-planning
 Planning
 Plan Formulation
 Plan Elaboration
 Plan Implementation
 Evaluation,Revision, and Replacing.

 Creation of suitable planning
 Establishment of planning procedures
 Structural reorganization of
educational administrative machinery
 Setting up machinery and procedures
2.Planning stage
 Diagnosis
 Formulation of policy
 Assessment for future needs
 Costing of future needs
 Target setting
3.Plan Formulation stage


 To present a set of decision to
appropriate national authorities for
 To provide a blueprint for action by
various agencies

4.Plan Elaboration

Divided into two:

A. Programming
B. Project identification and formulation

5.Plan Implementation

 The execution of an educational plan
begins when individual projects are
taken up for execution.

 Evaluation serves two specific
◦ highlights the weaknesses in the
◦ Raises matters for revision

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