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uo to Sutin.com. This is one of many SB uesign piogiams.
You may use anothei piogiam foi this contest,
but it must be an oiiginal cieation.

!/(&'D1+E &- >%,, 2'/ ?,F F2-,/D

0sing cones, cylinueis, spheies anu othei shapes, cieate an object. If
you aie familiai with a uiawing piogiam, this shoulu be pietty easy
foi you.

Expoit anu uownloau youi cieation as an .stl file (stl is the stanuaiu file foi uesigning SB

.E2&3 6+0% -(3 >&3, (+ 1-52EF0%)7'G10D,/0

We will have winneis in the following categoiies÷H,-( $&,1, +> I%( (abstiact oi mouel),
H,-( J0'1(&+'23 $&,1, (iPhone case, key chain, knob, hanule, light switch case, etc.), H,-(
$&,1, +> 9,?,3%6 (iing, chaim, etc.).

All submission must be oiiginal uesigns anu maileu in by }une 1S
to cshambuigÇnjcu.euu
Winneis will be announceu on oui Facebook page on }une 21
anu contacteu by email.
Check out oui Facebook page foi samples, upuates, anu piizes. 0ne entiy alloweu pei
peison. Submissions will be posteu online.

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