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The importance of PDHPE in primary schools

Miss Tamica Khan K1
The need for active lifestyles within
schools, why do children need PDHPE?
AIHW facts state that obesity has doubled in children in the last 30
1 in 4 Australian students are overweight or obese.
AIWH has explained that Low levels of physical activity are a major risk
factor for ill health and mortality from all causes. People who do not do
sufficient physical activity have a greater risk of cardiovascular
disease, colon and breast cancers, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.
Being physically active improves mental and musculoskeletal health
and reduces other risk factors such as overweight, high blood pressure
and high blood cholesterol. (2013)
Lack of nutrition or knowledge of nutrition are leading to diseases such
as: heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, gall bladder diseases and forms of
cancer, only to name a few.

Benefits of Physical education!
PDHPE in schools allows for the ability of individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle. (K-6
PDHPE allows younger students to be aware of and well informed of health issues and
gives them a sense of control about the decisions they make.
Teaching PDHPE in primary schools develops students knowledge, understandings and
practical skills that lead to better health.
PDHPE in primary schools is an important aspect of learning due to teachers following
the syllabus that outlines the following:
- Encourages an understanding and valuing of self and others
- Promotes physical activity
- Emphasises informed decision making leading to effective and responsible action.
- Physical, social, cognitive and emotional growth and development patterns.
- The development and maintenance of positive interpersonal relationships
- The factors influencing personal health choices .

30 Minutes a day is all it takes!
The Find 30 a Day campaign states
that only 30 minutes of physical
activity will improve an individuals
health and well-being dramatically.
Teaching PDHPE in Primary schools
allows for this minimum of physical
activity to be completed as well as
developing young childrens skills.
Skills that are developed in PDHPE in
Primary schools include that of:
moving, problem solving,
communicating, interacting and
decision making.

Be food smart!
The PDHPE syllabus promotes
the factors that influence
personal health choices.
As a parent, you can help
influence your child by packing
the cupboards at home with
lots of nutritious goodies!
When packing your childs
lunch, ensure to include some
delicious fruit for them to munch
Something to
PDHPE in Primary Schools develops
your child's skills, values and
attitudes and knowledge.
Teaching the syllabus provides
children the opportunity to create
and keep friendships that they will
cherish throughout their schooling
life as well as creating a fun
interactive educational