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Template for invitation of agency participants


Dear Name of person or organisation

Re: Invitation to participate in a People First Impact Method (P-FIM) training
and field exercise from date to date between time at name / address of

Organisation name warmly invites X number or names of staff from your organisation
to participate in the above process. The objective is to give communities a voice, to
identify and to attribute impact in order to improve our work. The emphasis is on
fully listening to communities, understanding their context and; shared ownership
and responsibility for improvement of our engagement with them.

Those participating in the training and field exercise should:

 Be from the area
 Speak the local language
 Understand the culture
 Speak and write the national language to a reasonable level
 Have good people skills

We encourage participation of people of all ages (i.e. young adults to elders), gender
and backgrounds as a representative cross-section of the community. A good
gender and age balance is important.

The P-FIM exercise doubles as an important personal learning experience that will
assist them in their lives and work. Participation in the exercise is a ‘hands on’
experience. Participants will receive 2 days P-FiM training and then be deployed in
teams of 3 on the third and fifth days when they will engage in discussion with
representative community groups. A certificate of participation will be awarded to all
who complete the training and field work. If you would like any further information or
to confirm participants please contact:

Yours sincerely,


Contact details:
Schedule Date
Day 1 Training
Day 2 Training
Day 3 Field Exercise / debriefing
Day 4 Presentation of results
Day 5 Field Exercise / debriefing