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11/10/09 10:17 AM

Case Summary
Case Number: 14852LC Defendant: Taitz, Orly Demographics: Eyes: Hair: Height(ft/in) : Weight (lbs): Names: Last Name First Name Middle Name Type Taitz Orly Real Name Taitz Obly Court True Name Case Status: Status: Open Case Stage: Filed with court Release Status: Released on Own Recognizance Warrant: N DMV Hold : N Charging Document: Citation Mandatory Appearance: Y Owner's Resp: N Amendment #: 0 Counts: Seq S/A 1 0 Violation Date 10/12/2009 Section Statute 22348(b) VC OL I Violation Speeding greater than 100 miles per hour Plea NOT GUILTY Plea Date Disposition 11/03/2009 Disposition Date Green Blond 5'9" 136

Participants: Role Badge Agency Name Vacation Start Vacation End Law Enforcement Officer 15857 CHP Peterson, G T Scheduled Hearing: Date Hearing Type - Reason Courtroom 12/18/2009 Court Trial S7 Heard Hearings: Date Hearing Type - Reason Courtroom Hearing Status Special Hearing Result 11/03/2009 Arraignment S7 Heard

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