Worl d Hi story

The Great Charter of the Liberties of England

 1215
 Lati n
 Feudal Barons
 Ki ng John of Engl and
 Translated i nto French i n 1219
 Rei ssued i n modi fied versi ons, excl uding the di rect chal lenges
to the monarch' s authority that had been present i n the 1215
 Was the fi rst document forced onto a Ki ng of Engl and by a
group of hi s subj ects, the feudal barons, i n an attempt to l i mi t
hi s powers by l aw and protect thei r ri ghts.
 Infl uenced by the Charter of Liberties i n 1100, i n whi ch Ki ng
Henry I had speci fied parti cular areas where hi s powers woul d
be l i mi ted.
 The charter was an i mportant part of the extended hi storical
process that l ed to the rul e of consti tutional l aw i n the Engl i sh
speaking worl d.
 By the ti me of the Engl i sh Ci vi l War i t had become an
i mportant symbol for those who wi shed to show that the Ki ng
was bound by the l aw.
 Infl uenced the col oni zati on of America, as Engl and' s l egal
system was used as a model as they devel oped thei r own l egal
 It i nfl uenced the earl y settl ers i n New Engl and and i nspi red
l ater consti tutional documents, i ncl uding the Uni ted States
Consti tution.
 The 1215 charter requi red Ki ng John to procl aim certai n
l i berties and accept that hi s wi l l was not random.
 for example: explicitly accepting that no "freeman" could be punished
except through the law of the land.

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