Asian Noodle Salad with Shrimp

Bon Appétit | May 2009
These cold Vietnamese-style noodles are perfect for a warm night. The rice stic noodles! fish
sa"ce! and chili-garlic sa"ce can #e fo"nd in the Asian section of many s"permarets and at As
ian marets.
$ield% Maes & ser'ings
Acti'e Time% (0 min"tes
Total Time% (0 min"tes
) *.+,-o"nce pacage rice stic noodles -maif"n.
& )/2 ta#lespoons fresh lime 0"ice
( ta#lespoons fish sa"ce -s"ch as nam pla or n"oc nam.
& teaspoons chili-garlic sa"ce
2 teaspoons s"gar
) po"nd peeled de'eined cooed medi"m shrimp
) c"p thinly sliced 1apanese c"c"m#ers or 2ersian c"c"m#ers
) 3-o"nce pacage s"gar snap peas! c"t crosswise into )/2-inch pieces -a#o"t 2 c"ps.
) red #ell pepper! thinly sliced
)/2 c"p -loosely paced. fresh mint lea'es
)/2 c"p -loosely paced. fresh cilantro lea'es
4oo noodles in large sa"cepan of #oiling salted water "ntil tender! stirring occasionally! & to ,
min"tes. 5rain. 6inse with cold water7 drain well. 8sing scissors! c"t noodles into thirds.
9his lime 0"ice! fish sa"ce! chili-garlic sa"ce! and s"gar in small #owl "ntil s"gar dissol'es.
2lace shrimp in medi"m #owl. Add 2 ta#lespoons dressing7 toss to coat.
5i'ide noodles among #owls. Top with c"c"m#er slices and all remaining ingredients. :poon
shrimp with dressing o'er! and dri;;le with remaining dressing.
2er ser'ing% ()0.0 -cal. calories! (.) < calories from fat! ).) g fat! 0.( g
sat"rated fat! )*3.) mg cholesterol! &9.9 g car#ohydrates! &., g dietary fi#er! ,.& g total s"gars!
&,., g net car#ohydrates! 2(.* g protein