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Richard Spiegel & Barbara Fisher, Co-Editors Intern: Thomas Perry

A program presented in collaboration with the New York Public Library, Sandra Payne & Chad Quartuccio, Cooperating Librarians;

With support from the NYS Council on the Arts and Alternative High Schools & Programs.

@ 1993 Ten Penny Players Inc.


Participating Schools

Sacred Heart School, Saint Ann School Saint Sylvester School, Curtis High School McKee Vocational & Technical High School Staten Island Technical High School Rabbi Jacob Joseph School

PS 1, 19, 46, & 54

IS 7 & 75

Participating Teachers Mrs. Rosalie Avin, Mrs. Barone

Mrs. Arlene Blumenrich, Mrs. Mary Cumming Mrs. Andrea DeLuca, Miss Laurie Drew Mrs. E. Esposito, Mrs. Patricia Genera Mrs. Joanne Keenan, Mrs. Evelyn M.Lacagnino Mrs. L~nda Lin, Ms. Carol Lowe

Mrs. Loretta McMillen, Ms. Mary Romeo ·Mrs. Eileen Sudberg, and Mrs. Wiedmann


CONTENTS BOOK I ~ :il,7Ju :il,®®~g

Saundra Lynn Caban 5 Rebecca Jacobs 37
Nicholas De Croti 6 Sara Kielbasa 38
Julie Chernyavsky 7-8 Janessa Klammer 39
Brittany Corn 9 Vincent LaBarbera 40
Justin Dede 10 Marra Okola 41
Samantha Gralla 11 Debra Lee Page 42
Christopher McMahon 12 Dustin Prevete 43
Roxanne Santarpia 13 Samantha Singer 44
Stacy Stingo 14 Justin Solomon 45
Jessica Caban 15 Carissa Sommerlad 46
Michelle Silvestro 16 Michael Zarzana 47
Thomas Breslin 17
Joanne Walsh 18
Jessica Facciponti 19
Victoria Goncalves 20
Joseph Shaun Jacobs 21
Tzvi Broker 22
Lisa Castellani 23
Kristin Bevilacqua 24
Kate Brown 25
Catherine Burns 26
Jessica Capid 27
Claire Casentino 28
Heather Casparie 29
Jeremy Clement 30 \
Lindsey Cohen 31
Sheryl Fisch 32
Vincent Hsu 33-4
John Huang 35
Adam Ilkowitz 36 5

THE NEIGHBORHOOD § ((JJ fPJ fl1UJj ff'!OJ IL y1J1J 1J1J C!OJ 1fp to] 1J1J

Big houses,

Dead end street,

Some people live with Their cousins,

Our neighborhood

Is not a big street.


CHao CHao TRAIN (THE 7TH AVENUE SUBWAY) N ic!hum!ilflJ§ De Cf/'!JJJdi

Train, train, train Going fast, fast, On the third rail. Why don't you


And say


I LOVE MY CITY JlfJlJU(! ([) /k(!f)"WY([}J 'llZiky

In my backyard, the ground is hard.

When it is the spring time, You don't put on a coat, But a shirt or sweater.

You dress up like that,

Because it goes with the weather!!

When it is the summer time, You dress up cool,

And you go swimming in the pool!!

When it is the autumn time, The wind blows the leaves, And they fall to the ground, And when someone comes,

And steps on them,

They make a rustling sound!!! Before they fall,

The leaves turn colors

No more are they as green as dollars!! !

When it is the winter time,

The snow is light and bright, When you imagine it's a carpet, Your heart fills with delight!!



You like to make a snowman, You like to make a duck,

If you can make it nicely, You're in good luck!!

My backyard is in New York City, Which is very pretty!!

The parks are filled with plants, But they also have many ants!!

In the subways

Cars drive in different ways, They drive on bridges

They drive on streets,

Can you imagine a car with 100 seats?!!

That is why I love my city,

It is really great and pretty!!

WILLOWBROOK ROAD IErrit1f1([fJw, C®rrw

Willowbrook Road is where I live,
My house is very nice
If I had to sell it,
It would be a high price. Near my house there is a forest, There also is a brook,

Whenever I go to school,

I pass by it and look.

My neighborhood is very friendly, Even if you're new,

Whenever I go outside to play, There's always something to do.

I think my neighborhood is the best I think so, yes, indeed,

There's a tree in front of my house I grew it from a seed.





10 f

On Field Street the water-runs all year,


I feel like I live on a pier;

The water runs brown, And it makes me frown.


In winter the water turns to ice,

It's slippery and it is not very nic~; The water covers my side of the st.reet, It won't even evaporate with summer heat.

t.. j


MY NEIGHBORHOOD § ({{J 1JWf,(flJ fIf) ff ba ((J) f!' ({{J U({{J

I like my neighborhood,

I'd play more outside if I could, Cold stops me now and then,

But spring is always around the bend, I wait and wait until spring comes Then I step outside,

And on the street

I run.




((J fkf!'i~t1(J!Jjj»lklEff .!Ml If: lMl (DJfklJlJ1J1)

South Beach is where I'm growing up, That's where I watch the sky at night. You run, you swim, and build,

It's a place to have just plain fun. You get sandy and dirty,

Then you get changed.

In South Beach, sometimes it's cold, And sometimes it's hot, hot, hot.


SOUTH BEACH lR@X({lJ1m1mfB § ({lJ 1m 11 a f1'jJP i a

South Beach is a lot of fun in the summer, We have hot, hot sun.

South Beach is a community of joy, When ships pass by they say "Ahoy."

South Beach is a happy place,

It always puts a smile on my face.

South Beach is where I live and play, In South Beach I'll always stay.



On West Wood Avenue, Cars spEed by,

I can See the sun set,

BuT I can't see it rise.I live at four tWo six,

SchoOl and friends are nearby

I hOpe this is where I will always resiDe

THE SUBWAY JJ essice cC (flJfJp(flJ1Jl)

The subway that I always see always looks at me,

It rides on its wheels,

But I don't think it steals, The people that I always see Are waving at me

My friends always say,

"Be careful with the trains, because they make big stains." I looks upon the railing so ... and I saw a pot of play-dough My morn said, 'Good-by'

And it waved hi!




MY NEIGHBORHOOD IMl tchelle s iloessro

While walking through my neighborhood It's always nice to see

The grocer, baker, and shoemaker, Waving hello to me.

While walking through my neighborhood It's always nice to see,

All the children reading books At the public library.

While walking through my neighborhood It's always nice to see,

The flowers blooming in the park, And children playing merrily.

While walking through my neighborhood It's always nice to see

My church and school that help me grow To be the best that I can be.

While walking through my neighborhood It's always nice to see

All my friends and neighbors who are very special to me.



My neighborhood is lots of fun. There's always lots of room to run. Even though it is the city,

It still is very, very pretty. When I meet with all my friends, We wish the days would never end.

We climb the trees in summer's breeze, And in the autumn, play in leaves.

We ride our bikes up and down the street. And go to the store to buy candy to eat. If we use our imaginations and our minds There are always new adventures to find.

So here's to beautiful downtown Tottenville If you don't have fun - I certainly will.



My neighborhood is nice and clean, Its name is Richmond Valley,

And it's very quiet and serene.

It's a place where homeless can only dream,

The city just placed a couple of homeless families In a small motel up the block,

And a lot of my neighbors are in shock,

They think they'll steal from them and harm them, Because that's the way they are made out to be, But I think they should give them a chance

To live in a nice home like me!

HOMEWARD BOUND JJ ess ica iF rmrcrci.jp®1J(J /Ji.

Two dogs, eager to escape

The terror of the wild forest, With the help of one another,

They make it back home to the city, Noisy, busy, and smoky,

Even though it's like that,

They find love and care there,

To them, it's horne.






Shattered windows Broken glass ev e rywhe re

Babies crying, people screaming Terrible.



Vegetables growing

Farm animals running Farmers ready to harvest Wonderful.


Neighborhoods City, country Clean or dirty

Lovely place, terrible place. Choices.

BAD AND GOOD .J @£~fP!k §lklJlJfMf)1J J! aceb«


The neighborhood was run down Full of old, abandoned factories It was really deserted

Like a 1000 year old lost city. The day was dim.

The night was dark

Nobody could live there.


The neighborhood was pretty, Full of new flowers,

There were many people, Living in this new city,

The day was mild

The night was bright Everybody could live there.



NEW YORK 7!'zvi IEll'@irEll'

New York is a great place to be,

Because it's part of the land of the free. There are many sights and places to go, Places to shop and many a show.

You have bus and subway transportation every


And many parks for children to play. It also has many amusement parks,

and they have many aquariums with fish and sharks.

We don't live in harmony that's for sure! Every day we move towards chaos more and more.

r wish New Yorkers, that problem they would not have to face Because without it, New York would be a perfect place.



I look across the street,

and see skyscrapers, And dirty buildings of brick.

I look up at the sky,

and see pollution so thick, You can hardly see the sun,

it's so dark and gray.

Some people have to reassure themselves, It's the middle of the day.

I look down at the ocean,

and see nothing but junk, I remember when I was younger,

it smelled worse than a skunk.

And so I say to myself, "What can I do?" My answer is sad, but I'll tell it to you. I must hurry because I've got to go.

The whole sad truth is: "1 don't know."


ODE TO '93

1K trtJ 311 tJfJ1) IE e V 11$ ([{J c I!fl f1{J({JJ

I hope that '93 will be,

a safer place for you and me. I turn the news on every morn,

To hear only murders, kidnappings, porn. Who's homeless, raped or hooked on drugs. Who's beaten, scarred or shot by thugs. Joyous family gatherings too often become, A sad remembrance of some loved one.

As was the case on Christmas day,

When riding home on a Queens expressway, A father and his precious young tot Watched a mother'S life be destroyed by a


Driving too slow was their only crime, When some gun-wielding maniac ended their

happy time.

This year Christmas set the stage

For carjackings to become the latest rage. Poor Gail Sholar lost her life

To a nut-job and,his blood-hungry knife. What kind of thrill could one have gotten for a brutal murder, oh, so rotten!

While Christmas shopping at Caesar's Bay Last week my mom had an unlucky day. While busy shopping she got robbed

Her car broken into,

"Where's my coat?" she sobbed. But really luck was on her side

'Cause she's still here, very much alive! So maybe '93 will be a better time,

If punishments are made to fit the crime!


NEW YORK CITY !f(ffllttre IB1!'f!JJW1JfJ

This is a city with many lights

Where people travel to see the sights, Buses and subways and taxi cabs too Are all there to transport you! Macy's, the biggest store is here People come from far and near.

FAO Sohwa r t z , a child's delight

With Barbies and Legos and even a kite! But no matter where you go, you see

at Christmas time the Rockefeller tree. Operas and plays and the Musical Hall The music you hear is enchanting to all. Buildings so tall, they scrape the sky Some even seem a mile high,

Ellis Island is a sight to see

It's right next door to Lady Liberty. Pretzels and sodas and popcorn, too,

Are some of the things merchants sell to you. At South Street Seaport there are huge ships And at Pier 17 you can get a burger and chips. Now that I've told you about New York City

I hope you think it's very pretty!


26 .

SINGER ISLAND r.c ((JJtJ!k~ff'fJ1J1J~ JE1/IJff'1J1J3

Looking out your deck Hearing the ocean slap and smack the shore

Seeing the seagulls over head Walking along a beach you can call your own with the smooth sand under your feet Saying Hi to everyone you see and meet Relaxing and talking in the sun Swimming in the crystal clear waters

is so much fun

Watching little fish swim by your feet Meeting with your friends and going shopping in the biggest mall in Florida Walking along the bright-lit sidewalks and streets on Singer Island.


GREAT KILLS .JJ e/J/JirJ:11lJ c l1lJ/ptciJ

I live in Great Kills

It is a town with many hills The town has many stores

Where people can shop and do much more We have a big library with many books

When people go in to look .

They always corne out with a very valuable book

The streets are very wide

And a great place to have fun and hide The parks are so clean

And also very green

We go every day

So we can have fun and play

My yard has a pool

In the summer it keeps us cool We barbecue for dinner

And it is always a winner

Our neighbors corne over for coffee and cake And we all stay up extremely late.


MY NEIGHBORHOOD C laire C ([lj:$/Ewf1iw@

My neighborhood is clean, And the people are nice.

The houses are dirty outside,

and clean inside.

I have a lot of friends, I help my ned qhbo r s

who live next to me, Because they are old,

There is a school in my neighborhood. It is a junior high school,

It's a good school.



My neighborhood is different from the ones around us.

Mine is lined with trees

and biros chirp all day, like voices in a grand opera.

There are big houses set far back from the street.

and a deli down the corner.

Not many cars come down the streets

and if they do they go slowly because of all the children playing in the streets.

Sometimes it looks like a circus with all the youngsters running

back and forth.

My neighborhood is alive with excitement. The people are very friendly.

I live in one of the grandest neighborhoods in New York City.



The sun shines through my window

as I awake each day To get ready to go outside and play, play,


As I get outside to battle with my friends,

We playa game of football until the fun ends; In the heat of the summer, I swim in the pool, Or play basketball which is very cool;

My neighborhood is a fun place to be,

Just take it from me.


(IN MEMORY OF PATRICK DALY) fLifJ1JdlfJey ([;!Jf)!kefJ1J

Red Hook should be called Red Hell




The calmness of the water A contrast to the shore.

Tall red buildings, Brick


Give refuge to a community Afraid to walk.

A potpourri of people Bound together similar dreams



A better life.



MANHATTAN 3/Jp,efrjJ$ lFifU;/Jp,

Manhattan is very large and busy, Some people walk around in a tizzy.

The hustle and bustle never stops,

A lot of people run in and out of shops.

Taxis, cars and buses fill every street, Because of them the air smells like dirty feet.

But there are also those who are less fortunate than us, Who canrt afford food or fare for a bus.

At night you should see this big beautiful city,

The skyscrapers' lights are so bright and pretty.

If you have never been to Manhattan be sure you do

It will be a wonderful unique experience for you.



In my neighborhood,

at the eye of my front window,

I give sight to all the roofs and streets. When I give ear

to my front window,

I listen to each car go "squeek, squeek."

When I look at my front window I gaze at the street.

I see many people promenading across my block.

When I walk across my garden, I smell the pleasant scent of all the dainty flowers

That were blown by the light wind.

The light wind breezing on my face every night when it gets dark.

People talking to each other,

and children playing in the park.

When I tilt my head,

and dream at the light blue sky, I dream of all my neighbors greeting me, "Hi."

I see blossoming red roses, and my neighbor's smile,

The bright colorful rainbow flowing across the white puffy clouds.


During the night, when my neighborhood is dark,

The moonlight shines with a beautiful glow, The moon gives off a debonair smile,

just like he's smiling at me.

My pleasant neighborhood

would last and last for centuries Until the next generation would come, It will fade away in the darkness.



In my neighborhood

There are many, many sights,

And also a lot of great delights.

There are cars that come racing down my street, Roaring monsters that churn up the asphalt,

Each time almost running over my feet. There is also the smell of smoke, burnt trees and grass,

Slowly floating up from 'The Pit'.

But there are many good things too, like the sound of a basketball, Bounding with a life of its own.

The pleasant smell of pine trees,

and the sounds of children having fun.

Also the bell of the ice cream man clanging unceasingly.

In my neighborhood

There is a unique blend of good and evil, Coming together and forming one.



The children of the neighborhood, All bright and happy.

Playing games,

All through the day.

The boys playing baseball, All with their fantasies. The girls jumping rope, Trying to become the queen.

The workers come home,

All tired and stressed. They eat a big supper, Which is waiting for them. After supper,

They watch the ball game. Rooting for their team, With special team cheers.

Dinner is done,

The day is over.

T . V. I S are on, Radios are blasting. Mr. Sandman,

Sweeping over everyone. Tomorrow is another day, Just another day to play.

SOMALIA R~!jp~!C!Cf!lJ J! f!lJ!c(JJJ!jp$

The dust and dirt are not a pretty sight. The dead brown trees will make you sick. Children dying from starvation .

. Poor people hanging out by the corner. Water too dirty to take a bath.

No cure for many of the sicknesses.

Diseased people walking the street. People failing to lead a full life. Flies flying around the humans. Each person so filthy.

No houses to keep you warm, all rotted and broken down.

U.S. Troops contributing to them.

To that society, it's Christmas time

The Somalians are so miserable, all that smog and dirt, is the pits.

The living isn't easy there, but everyone is doing the best they can.


• T - ' •• ~~ •• J



As I walk through my neighborhood, I see beautiful sights.

A mother playing with her child, And sparkling X-Mas lights.

In the summer I swim "in my pool, When it is hot in my neighborhood,

I feel very cool.

(And there's no school!)

In the spring I play basketball in the street, With the neighborhood kids

Who someday I'll beat. (It's really neat!)

In the winter when it's as cold as an icebox, I make angels in the snow.

And I go in for hot chocolate When my nose is all a glow.

(Like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!)

Fall is the season in which I never get rest, I rake up all the leaves in my neighborhood.

Boy, that's such a pest!

(Really, fall is not as fun as the rest in my neighborhood! )



JJ tJJJ1iIJrB§§tJJJ /!OtJJJ1J1Jlt1J1JlttEff

People come and go, like swarms of bees.

Hustling together,

to get to their jobs.

Nobody notices you,

deep in a corne+ of q horror c~ve.

All they seem to care about,

is boarding the huge fie~y dragon.

With little pouses,

too small to call home.

Hooked on to-one another,

like elephants walking in single file.

And as th~y leave all that is left,

T' I

is the black smoke.

And most dangerous- night, - that lies ahead.

. .'

. -~

-, . .


STATEN ISLAND - 2996 TJ!~f!IJ([;lEf!lJd lLimIEiflJfrlklEfrfflJ

There is a land of po.l l.ut Lon';» There is a land of crime, There is a land of people,

The dump is 2,000 feet high.

In 1993 there were millions of people; now there are billions.

There are a hundred kids in a class;

and only one teaclier.

The streets and highways are clogged. Everything is experrs i.ve', especially food.' There are many great inventions that make

'life easier -- for the rich.

A special machine can bring you anywhere in the world; but it costs $2,600,000.

Now you know what the future is Ld.ke , so try to change it.



I miss the way things use to be Before the people polluted the sea Fish swimming and laughing

The swooooooosh that the breeze makes While traveling over the royal blue water Sugar white sand

Beautiful silky smooth seashells Extravagant plants of all sorts shapes and

sizes I could see a hundred miles through the

crystal clear water

That's how my neighborhood used to be But that was before the people Polluted my sea

Now it is just

Quarreling fish

The roaring and blasting of factories

and machines

The brownish, dirt-like sand Ugly, cracked seashells Disgusting greenish-brown water Garbage everywhere!

That's how my sea is today.

.. ..: .... . ~


WHAT IN THE WORLD? l/J)eibff(fJJ Lee iP(fJJge

What in the world goes broom, broom,

beep, beep,

and stalls all the time.

What could it be?

what in the world screams and dreams, splashes and crashes

and fights with each other.

I wonder what it could be!

What in the world

has windows and doors, ceilings and floor

and smells of food being cooked I wonder! Could it be ...

What in the world

could be calm and peaceful on Monday thru Friday

and on Saturday and Sunday could be alive Could it be ... MY NEIGHBORHOOD!! !


MY NEIGHBORHOOD j[))11IJ:§ &fum lP r 1$ V e 11 1$

Oh, my neighborhood is something to see, It always fills me with glee.

In the summertime baseball's the groove, The fields have felt my every move.

In the wintertime when snow abounds, You can see kids playing around.

In spring when flowers bloom,

Kids know they will be out of school in June.

In fall the school's halls are packed,

With kids whose lunches are in little brown sacks.




Saturday! What a joy! To see every girl, and boy

Merrily smiling,

While going on their way.

Through a tenement district, Where a tree,

Grows out of the ground, All the ladies are dancing For miles and miles


Oh! What a day

was Saturday!

While I waited by the window. Will Papa corne horne tonight? Will he win the game?

Then through the door he bursts! Singing his merry tune!

"Papa! Papa! You won!

You won!"

"So I did, Prima-Donna!"

And then the day was done.

MY BLOCK j[tJJJ§8ifJ1) §1/JJ!l/JJfIfJ1)l/JJfJ1)

My block is not so big,

But there are a lot of kids, Some are fools,

And some are cool.

We play a lot of sports,

We play baseball and basketball, We go in the pool to get cool.


I , I


I I~""

I ""'~ :1


NEW YORK CITY C arisso §@WlJ1!fllJ!Bff$tlJdi

Today I went to the city

Where I looked upon anguish and strife But the message I learned from the

Crowd there rill remember the rest of my life.

You see there was some confusion as to what one must do to gain pleasure

The answer to me came simply - you see, itls to give all your love without measure.

The city is filled with many people running around to no end

But if in this city you find one who is true, your journey has to come to an end.

One day I walked through this city And there shining from heaven above

The rays of the sun were carrying more than just light ...

they also brought tidings of love

MY BLOCK Miiuc/krflJ$$ ZrflJffrflJZfmrflJ

I live near a brook

That leads to the ocean,

It runs through a forest

That runs to the shore,

Bottles and cans run with it, And rats and animals are in it. It is kind of nice in a way Especially in winter.




AI Wkat(e~waNs !P1JJl;je(J'~ fPwbliGllrtion 0-9:ijtl;83G-Sli-l