How our communities benefit you?

Collaborating with various perspectives is something that can be of good use. Having multiple
perspectives is very important when you are trying to solve a problem within a complex system.
How can we benefit from having you in our community?
My high school has prepared all of its students to think critically and realistically. Skills like this
can benefit your community greatly. Especially when analyzing a problem. nalyzing a problem
is a difficult task and through experience! " have gained tools on how to better dissect these
problems. #hese skills aren$t necessarily required to be successful in whichever field one
chooses to pursue! but should be highly considered by everyone.
What is your passion?
My passion lies within studies relating to %iology and Chemistry &%ioChem'. " am really
intrigued how these two sub(ects can relate so much. " want to be a )harmacist in the next * to +,
years. -ne of the main reasons on why " would like to become a pharmacist is that " want to help
people get well. .ust as " like to donate blood! " would like to help people in as many ways as "
possibly can.
What are your strengths?
" feel like " am an influential person. "$m not as influential as Steve .obs or %ills /ate! but " can
definitely impact someone$s decisions.
What are your weaknesses?
-ne of my weaknesses is having something to say. #his can be seen as something problematic to
some people! but to me it$s normal. " would call myself a picky person when it comes to
interests. "f " don$t feel sufficiently strong about something! then " won$t really participate in the
What are your interests? (Biology, Chemistry, Math, etc.
%iology and Chemistry were my favorite sub(ects in school. 0hat made this even more exciting
for me was that it was a 1 hour class that integrated both sub(ects.
What !o you !o on your free time?
-n my free time! " like to relax and clear my mind of all things. Some activities that " like to do
are read! play video games! or (ust hang out with my friends. lthough these might sound very
clich2! it really does help me relax and (ust free myself from all stress.
"re you involve! in any e#tracurricular activities$clubs?
" am involved in various clubs at my school. Some of these being3 Student /overnment! 4ational
Honor Society! 4ational Chinese Honor Society! etc. " also like to volunteer! mainly at hospitals.
lthough it hasn$t been long since " started at the hospital! " have really en(oyed my experience
so far. t the hospital! " have had the chance to talk to some pharmacists and ask them about the
schools they attended! tips they could give me! and (ust simple things like that. "t has given me
insight on what it would be to work as a pharmacist at a hospital.