Orihuela 1

Samantha Orihuela
Jaclyn Hymes
English 114B
April 2014
I had a fairly easy time with the essays and enjoyed writing them, but the one I disliked
the most was the project text essay. I read the novel Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children.
I had a difficult time with meeting the word count for this essay also I had trouble with the
structure and the overall organization of my ideas. The reason why I disliked this essay is
because the story had only one main theme, causing the essay to become very repetitive. The
thing I found most challenging was avoiding repetition and coming up with enough ideas for
each prompt.
During this essay I covered several prompts in order to meet the word count. The
problem I had was tying the ideas together so the essay would not sound repetitive. Rather, I had
several ideas that revolved around one long thesis. The thesis had several conclusions about each
prompt that were combined into the introduction. Each paragraph that I wrote covered the
questions that were asked in the prompt. Since I did not have transition sentences the paragraphs
in the body jumped from one idea to another. The overall content of my essay lacked a thorough
theme since I covered so many topics. The problem was that I tried to cover so many topics that I
lacked an in depth analysis about the overall theme that the story presented. In the middle
paragraphs I made points that were important to the prompt but they needed further expanding in
order to make my point stronger. Some mechanics that I had trouble with were the use of topic
sentences and transition sentences. Often the first sentence of the paragraph had some relation to
Orihuela 2

what I was discussing but did not have a solid idea of what was going to be discussed throughout
the entire paragraph. Also since I did not use transitions sentences between paragraphs, the
prompts jumped between the paragraphs, making it unorganized and a little hard to follow. This
also caused problems with the structure.
Eventually I was able to overcome these errors and obstacles. Once I revised my essay I
was able to change the thesis and create a thesis that consisted of one or more sentences, each
addressing the prompts that I chose. Also once I revised it I was able to exceed the word count a
little more. The conclusion that I made had no problems but some paragraphs sounded a little
similar to the conclusion. I had many new ideas but I needed more organization in order to
present all my opinions. When I used my quotes they provided further back up to my point. I also
had a good understanding of the questions and answered them with good examples from the
book. My strongest points were mentioning how the children were stuck on the island and why
Miss Peregrine kept the children there. Overall I disliked this essay because the many prompts I
had to use to make the word count and how repetitive my essay became.

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