Arnold G.

Education 200
Reaction Paper
Realism holds that reality, knowledge and value eist independent o! the human mind. "ts
most important concept is o! independence, thus trees, stones, stick eist whether there is human
mind to conceive them. #uman adapting to its environment is thrust o! the philosophy o!
Adapta$ility and con!ormity seem to $e the order o! the day !or the realists. %all it
compliance or su$servience, $ut it $reeds discipline. &iscipline especially in the matters o! rules
and regulations, o! laws $oth written and unwritten, o! tradition, o! conduct, is necessary to
maintain social control and social order. 'he cure to social unrest $rought a$out $y the
diso$edience o! the people to the letters o! the law is the discipline that realists advocate. " agree
in this aspect.
#owever, " am not one with the Realists devotion to preconceived standards. 'ake this
eample( every learner, !rom elementary to tertiary have to pass a standardi)ed test to prove they
had learned !rom the curriculum *o! course the curriculum is prepared to cater to the needs o!
vested groups who in the !irst place lo$$ied !or its enacted $y the house o! congress+ set $y the
government $e!ore it can proceed to enroll to the net higher level. 'hose who !lunk the test
have to $e contended to vocational or non,!ormal education. Again, education $ecomes a
privilege, which is supposedly a right. Even pro!essionals have to pass standardi)ed test to $e
a$le to get an employment. 'his pro$lem o! con!ormity is that, so little room is le!t !or the
cultivation o! the critical mindedness o! the students. -o little room is le!t to develop the artist
and scientist in every learner. -o little room is le!t !or the advancement o! academic !reedom.
#istory tells us that great men need not to con!orm to standards and ideals. 'hey set their own
standards and ideals. Realists should reali)e that with its strict compliance to meet standards, it
eterminate the aspiration o! learner to learn outside the $o, to $e !ree o! almost ro$otic
routines. Realists should see to it that A is not only !or apple and . is !or .anana. A is also !or
atis and . is also !or $alim$ing.