Title: “Actives for ESL student website
Link: http://a4esl.org
Summary: This web resource that is designed to guide students and teachers to a select list of
interesting and useful links to help students improve in their linguistic acquisition skills both in
and out of class. This site is also adjustable to a variety of languages to help learners who are
learning English as a foreign language.
How/Why it would be useful to teach ELLs: I feel this site would be a very useful tool in
improving English speaking skills for students because it provides a variety of links that can be
resourceful within the home as well as in class as an aid for learning. In some cases students may
not have the same learning reinforcement at home or when they leave the school setting therefore
using this site at home can help spark the self efficacy the learner needs to help themselves
consequently, allowing parents and family members to eventually engage with the child’s
learning as well to help support him or her with their learning needs. Also, in using this site
teachers can include this site as a great resource for station time or also during a differentiating
teaching setting. Teachers can use this site to implement a variety of activities for vocabulary
activities, pronunciation, sentences patterns, understanding grammar, spelling, reading, games,
and quizzes to enhance overall teaching effectiveness.
2. Title: Brain Pop
Link: http://www.brainpopesl.com
Summary: Brain POP ESL is a comprehensive English language learning program that uses
highly engaging animated movies to model conversational English while seamlessly introducing
grammar concepts and vocabulary words. The movies are leveled, with each new movie and
associated features building upon earlier ones, thereby reinforcing vocabulary, grammar,
pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing skills. The building block structure enables
students to master the language in a step-by-step process, giving them the confidence they need
to read, write, and speak English.
How/Why it would be useful to teach ELLs: This site could be beneficial to ELLs when
working in independent class stations as well in reinforcing his or her learning at home. Given
the fact that the movies are leveled I feel it could also be beneficial to the child’s learning as he
or she movie through the various acquisitions levels or move through the 4 quadrant levels of
learning as mention in the research by theorist Jim Cummins.
3. Title: Everything ESL
Link: http://www.everythingesl.net/ (Resource Site
Summary: This website designed to provide a variety of resources for teachers to enable them to
provide better instruction for ELS. This site provides lesson plans, teaching tips, as well as
various hot topics as it relates to working with ESL student.
How/Why would it be useful to teach ELLS: I serve as useful online resources for helping ELL
educators understand the needs of ELL. In using this site is allow teacher an opportunity to be
creative in their lesson and also come up with lesson to provide a better instruction.
4. Title: Fun English Games
Link: http://www.funenglishgames.com/activities.html (Classroom Activities)
Summary: This website provides a range of learning activities and practice exercises that will challenge
children in a fun, interactive way. Topics include reading, writing, grammar, spelling, poetry, debating,
punctuation, dictionary use, sentence structure and much more.
How/Why would it be useful to teach ELLs: As it relates to writing many ELL students suffer from
common errors in terms of using correct spelling, proper grammar or correct English. This site can be
useful in helping learners overcome the fear of mistakes or errors as well as gain more incite on how to
make improvements as the progress along.
5. Title: ESL Games
Link: http://www.eslgamesworld.com/Games.html (Games & Activities)
Summary: This website provides a variety of interactive games and exercises for total ESL fun. This
site is also helps teachers by provide power point game templates, printable board games, interactive
games for classrooms, Grammar Games, Vocabulary Games, and reading Games.
How/Why would it be useful to teach ELL: This website is useful for incorporating learning for the
whole class. When doing so this allows ELLs to feel comfortable and welcome to participate. Being that
the site initially incorporates ESL activities it automatically eliminates negatives emotions and makes
learning fun
6. Title: ESL Games Plus
Link: http://www.eslgamesplus.com (Games & Activities)
Summary: This website is a login based site that provides quality ESL games and fun activities
for both teachers and learners.
How/Why would it be useful to teach ELL: This site could be helpful to both teachers and
learner in the classroom when working small group or differentiating in your teaching
throughout the day. Teachers are able to print out worksheets that also compliment the activities
the students are working on. In addition to this students are able to log onto the site at home for
continued help in whatever area they may be working on.
7. Title: ESL Reading Smart
Link: http://welcome.eslreadingsmart.com (Reading)
Summary: This website is an effective web-based learning environment designed to accelerate English
language development (ELD) for English language learners in grades 4 through 12, college, and adult
education programs.
How/Why is it useful to teach ELL: This website is useful for providing lesson activities, reading
selections for students, worksheets, and printable handouts for teachers. Instructional materials are written
at a variety of English proficiency levels, helping teachers solve the challenge of teaching ELLs in
multilevel classrooms.
8. Title: ELS Galaxy
Link:http://www.esl-galaxy.com/games.html (Activities)
Summary: This website serves as a resource portal site for ESL teachers which consist of many
free resources for English teaching and learning. The resources on this site range from printable
worksheets to computer-assisted ESL materials.
How/Why is it useful to teach ELL: This site is useful for teachers to help keep them abreast in new
findings or material that has been shared by other teacher. This site also offers useful resources that can
be helpful for various languages which is highly beneficial for a multilingual class.
9. Title: Scholastic
Link: www.Scholastic.com

Summary: quality, affordable books and entertaining and engaging educational materials and
media to help children learn to read and love to learn.
How/Why is it useful to teach ELLs- This website is helpful to teachers by providing books or
literature for a lessons as well as activities to go with lesson. In teaching ESL learners literature
to activate prior knowledge or to get them engage into new knowledge is always beneficial.

10. Title: Teachers Corner

Link: www.Teacherscorner.net (thematic units)
Summary: This website is useful for providing resources links for both teachers and
parents for free of charge.
How/Why is it useful to teach ELLs: This site is helpful for teachers when planning thematic
units, lesson plans for shelter instruction or as it relates to classroom instruction that involve
teaching ELLs. This site allows your teaching style to the needs of both ELL and General Ed

12. Lesson Planet
Link: www.Lessonplanet.com
Summary: Lesson Planet is the leading online curriculum search solution for PreK-12 educators.
The award-winning search engine enables teachers to easily search more than 400,000 teacher-
reviewed curriculum resources within an online, professional community. Teachers can
invigorate their curriculum and save valuable planning time by using search criteria to narrow by
subject, grade, 21st Century Skills, Common Core and state standards,
How/Why is it useful to ELLs: This site is helpful for teacher when planning lesson plans that
will involve general Ed and ELL learners when choosing lesson from this site will you are
capable of tailoring the lessons around the needs of ELLs and still be able to reach the general
education students.

13. Title: Smart Teach
Link: www.Smartteach.com
Summary: This website is a membership based site which allows teacher to upload or download
learning resources as well as make connections with other educator from . Site membership
provides access to all of the resources on SMART Exchange and allows you to connect with
educators from around the world
How/Why is it useful to ELLs: This site is helpful for teacher when planning lesson plans that
will involve general Ed and ELL learners when choosing lesson from this site will you are
capable of tailoring the lessons around the needs of ELLs and still be able to reach the general
education students.

14. Title: Teacher Vision
Link: www.Teachervision.com
Summary: This website provides a education network for the best of the Internet's content,
resources, and shopping for parents, teachers, and kids. The mission of this site is to be an online
consumer network for learning and information resources, personalized to help parents, teachers,
and students of all ages take control of their learning and make it part of their everyday lives.
How/Why is it useful to ELLs: This site is beneficial in helping ELLs develop their skill when
not in the class setting as well as continue to learn skill as they transition through various
learning stages or grade levels

15. Tittle : ESL Library
Link: www.ESL-library.com - flash cards
Summary: ESL library is a member/ paid service website that offers language teachers instant
access to a huge collection of lesson plans and flashcards. Membership of this service gets teachers
access to all of the content in the Lesson Plan Library, Flashcard Library sections, printable resources, as
well as Iphone applications.
How/Why is it useful to ELLs: This site is use in helping teachers choose from various
categories of learning topics to teach lessons plans as well as initiating classroom topics of