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Cohesive District Scope and Sequence

 Topic---
o Develop a workable website to create cohesion across the MISD district.

 Instructional Aim—
o Teachers will be able to access a site with shared resources for Interior
design and interior design 2 courses.

 Needs—
o All teachers work for Mesquite ISD and are currently teaching both
interior design and Interior design 2 with the possibility of other
preparations. There is no district curriculum which makes it difficult to
monitor where student are that move between schools within the district.
By having a general guideline for the curriculum it ensures that the
students are able to transition between schools with a little missed
information as possible. Due to the fluidity of our students we have
students who move into classrooms from one of the other schools mid
week in a six weeks.
o There are similar programs set up for teachers in core subjects but none
for the Family and Consumer Sciences electives. There is only one teacher
on each campus that is in charge of teaching both Interior design and
Interior design 2. Therefor it makes it very difficult to know where a
student what students have covered and haven’t.
o There is also a need for our students who are placed in alternative
education programs for a short amount of time to be at the same place as
the class that they are leaving and will return to after their time has been

 Goal—
o Create a website that allows teachers to collaborate and share what they
are currently using and doing in their classroom.
o Provide a scope and sequencing of topics covered each six weeks to
ensure that the student are covering all the TEKS needed to be successful
in the interior design.
o Create a fluid site that allows for the teachers to change the sequence as
the group sees as necessary in order to adjust so that all TEKS are
covered and given the amount of time that each one needs to
accommodate student learning.
 Analysis
o 60% of the teachers are comfortable with using a Google site
o 80% of the teachers are more comfortable using a traditional website.
o 100% of teachers feel that is necessary to have cohesive time frames for
covering TEKS.
Jennifer Lively
Edit 5397-Istructional Design Plan
o 80 % of teachers would appreciate some flexibility in the schedule to
cover topics that are more adapted to their students.
 Instructional Strategies
o Research different sites that provide different scopes and sequences in
order to help determine the best course of action.
o Reach out to teachers that are less comfortable with technology to see
what is easiest method of creating the website.
o Meet with the teachers who will be using the website as a tool.
o Create the website to allow teachers to use.
o Get feedback from teachers to see what they want to adapt and change.