By: Malcolm Brown

 To show the effects of Non-Verbal Codes on prejudice
and discrimination.
 Also to show that even though it may be very subtle,
there are still many stereotypes and generalizations
made about people of different races.
 And finally to show that if at some point you go away
from that social norm of what is known as acceptable,
you are sometimes looked at differently.
 The book defines Non-
Verbal Codes as signals
that are distinct and
organized means of
 They consist of various
symbols and rules for
their use.
 As my artifact I decided to
use a personal experience
in which Non-Verbal Codes
were present in showing
some prejudice and
discrimination. For my
particular situation I had
been dating a girl named
Jessica for a little over 2
months during my senior
year in high school. But I
had not yet met her
 One night I was asked to
come over for her parents 25
Year Anniversary Dinner. As I
prepared for the night, I got
all of my things together.
Bought a bottle of sparkling
cider and put on a nice tie. As
I walked through her door
with a big smile on my face to
greet her father and mother I
felt as if I gave them an
immediate scare. Her father
entered the room yelling
“Now where’s this Malcolm
kid I have been hearing about
for the past 2 months.”
 Kinesics
 Paralinguistic's
 Relaxation
 Gestures
 What are Kinesics?
 Kinesics refers to the
communication sent by
the body.
 This includes gestures,
posture, movement,
facial expressions, and
eye behavior.

 Gestures are one of the
sub-categories of
 Simply put are just
versions of non-verbal
communication made
with part of your body.
 Relaxation is the amount
of tension that is
displayed in someone’s
 Paralinguistic’s refer to
all aspects of spoken
language except the
words themselves; this
includes the rate,
volume, pitch, and stress.

 Kinesics- Her posture change, the clutching of her
purse, the step to the side.
 Relaxation- The way that she tensed her body up and
made her self completely uncomfortable.
 Gestures- At the end of the clip when he says boo and
she jumps and tries to hand over her purse. Also her
clutching her purse and stepping to the side are also

 Paralinguistic’s- After he realizes that her boyfriend
is actually Ashton Kutcher you see him go from
enthusiastic to speechless.
 Relaxation- After realizing his error he tenses up and
is very hesitant and guarded against Mr. Kutcher.
 Kinesics- He has a very distinct smile/grin on his face
that turns completely upside down when he realizes he
made a mistake and this is what is going on.