Ingraham HS Culinary/Prostart Ms.

Culinary/Prostart Final – Wedding Catering Project
Back ground:
Your friend is getting married in summer and has asked you to cater the wedding reception. Your
friend knows that you love cooking and you have taken the Culinary/Prostart class at school.
Your friend also knows that you are saving money for college and instead of going with a
professional caterer your friend wants to give you the opportunity to earn some money.
About 100 guests are epected to attend the wedding reception. Your friend has offered you the
flat fee of ! "000 to create a three#course meal for the reception and an additional !$00 for the
%edding cake.
Your friend is paying you ! "$00 in advance. You will have to pay for all the ingredients&
additional staff you might have to hire& and a nominal renting fee of '! (00) to an organi*ation
you belong to 'church& temple& etc) which has a commercial kitchen which you are allowed to
use the week before the wedding to prep the food. +n the actual reception day you will use the
kitchen facilities in the reception place for which you do not have to pay. You are not responsible
for beverages. ,hese are covered by the reception facility. You also do not have to pay for the
kitchen at the reception hall since that is covered by your friend. ,he facility also provides dishes
and silverware& which means you do not have to rent them. -inally you do not have to hire
servers since they are included in the facility as well. After all monies are spent whateer is
leftoer is yours!
"he assignment #to $e included%:
. Coer sheet/ 0dentifying your pro1ect. 2ust include your name& class& period and date
. Portfolio must be nicely presented/ in a three ring binder& plastic report cover or neatly
presented in a scrapbook manner
. All pages must be typed or nice/readable printing
. Pictures of your dishes and the cake . You must include at least one picture of each dish
'appeti*er selection& entrees& desserts& cake). -ind suitable images on the internet. You do not
have to cooks all dishes& details see below.
. Balanced &eal/ You must plan out your meal in a balanced manner. 3how me you can plan a
meal using 2yPlate as a guide. 0dentify how your menu items fit into each section of 2yPlate by
eplaining the ingredients you used and which segment of the plate they fit into.
. 2enu # ' course meal
Appeti(er& entr)e 'main dish containing complete protein) accompanied by two side dishes
'starch and vegetable)& and dessert.
,he challenge is to have a variety of options/ %hile most of the guests are meat eaters& there are
a few guests with dietary restrictions/ ,here are $ vegetarians& ( 4indus and 5 2uslims. 6eep
these needs in mind when planning your menu.
. "he Cake/ ,he cake will have 5 tiers '"7& 87& 1(7& and 157). ,he bride and you will decide
what kind of cake you will be making. Please refer to the %edding Cake assignment for
conversion details 'no worries& you already know the conversion number& you 1ust have to apply
it to a different recipe9).
Ingraham HS Culinary/Prostart Ms. Cooper
. 0nclude *ecipes for each dish you make. :ecipes must include the basics of a recipe we talked
about in class/ ,itle& list of ingredients& specific amounts of each ingredient& steps of preparation
and for how many servings the recipe provides.
,hen you need to convert the amounts to the desired number of people for each recipe.
. +hopping list and e,planation of costs. 0nclude a shopping list for all ingredients of all
recipes including the cake with item/brand names& si*es& and total cost.
;o to https///fresh.ama* click on 3eattle area and use prices as guidelines to figure out
your cost. You might have to convert volume items into actual product amounts 'eample/ there
is about 5 cups of flour in 1 lb). -ist name/product with total amount and total price.
<ample/ ;old 2edal all purpose flour =>$lb bag ? !8."0
. +taff/ You cannot eecute all the cooking by yourself. You do the planning and shopping
alone& but you need help in prepping& cooking& and finishing the product on the wedding day.
Assume that you need help for ( days prior to the %edding and on the %edding day. ( friends
are willing to help you. You will pay them !10/hour for a total of @ hours per person per day.
You will need to write an eplanation how you will organi*e your work and how you will use
your staff. You do not have to serve the mealA this is done by facility staff.
. Cook one dish/ 3elect one of the dishes 'appeti*er& entrBe& or dessert) or the cake 'only 87 si*e)
and make it at home. 0nclude photos of the ingredients& your preparation& and the final product
how you would serve it at the wedding 'minimum = photos). Ce creative9
. &ake &enu Cards/ ,here will be a menu card placed at every seat. Create a menu card
including the wedding theme. 2enu cards are usually letter#envelope si*e. Dse whatever
program you like. Print one card and include it in the portfolio. Ce creative9
. +elf /aluation of your work/ +ne page typed& detailing what you learned through the
process of completing this pro1ect. <plain the challenges& the rewards& and things you would
change or pay more attention to net time.
Project is due no later than &ay 0'rd 0123.
,his is worth '11 points and counts as your final eam for this class.
Have fun with the project and impress your friends and family!