Presented by:
Niña D. Leyson
Educational Innovation & Technology
•Nowadays, technology
advancement is really embraced by
some educators to make classroom
more interesting, enjoyable and yet
learning is fun to all types of

•According to Eric Cooper, an Intel
Engineer stated that “using
technology that can recognize
fingertips without touching the
screen can easily manipulate a 3D
object and move it around to
different positions”.

• It shows that technology
applications really add information
and meaning to a real object which
can help deepen and broaden
learners understanding from the
whole concept.

•Therefore, technology create
connectivity within learners
expressions of excitement,
frustration, boredom and also a
helping hand of teachers to ignite
learners motivation and retention for
learning development.
Good and Educative Classroom:

1.Pedagogy should be learning oriented
and student centered.
2. Classroom approaches should be
exploration, inquiry, investigation and
discovery learning.
3. Cooperative and collaborative learning
4. Colearning both teachers and
5. Assessment and instruments
practices should be open and public,
authentic, valid and reliable.

•Classroom of the future should facilitate
learning by using technology –
enhanced objects, creating virtual
communities and physical learning

•Paper free and also it eliminates the
heavy load of textbooks.

•Used of laptops and tablets allow
learners to write their comments and
reflections effectively through electronic

•Therefore, educators should update
themselves with new information
and knowledge through the use of
new pedagogical tool in teaching
media in a effective and efficient

• Taken consideration the Philippine
Educational Systems, most of the public
schools are lack of these equipments
due to shorten financial budget.
However, public school teachers are
very innovative, resourceful and creative
to make learning possible and also to
ensure that every individuals are
develop to be competitive and
competent in the demand of
• In the nearer future,
Filipino learners are
doing an excellent and
performance that can
compete with other
countries. Indeed,
Filipino learners can
stand amidst the
challenges they will
meet along the way.