Name of product: My Spanis La!
"our name as te re#ie$er: Si%#ia "& Tercero 'io
(ES)RI*E T+E ,RO(U)T AT A 'LAN)E: My Spanis La! is soft$are tat
can !e purcased on its o$n or a%on- $it a pysica% te.t!oo/& It is an on%ine
%earnin- system for !ot students and teacers& It pro#ides additiona% %eanin-
too%s to faci%itate te %earnin- of te ne$ %an-ua-e& It a%so a%%o$s for
persona%i0ed %earnin- for eac of users1 $ic I !e%ie#e1 is #ery important as
$e see/ out specific e%p pertainin- to our specific needs&
,roduct Type: It is an online instruction that includes vocabulary drills assignment colanders
with specific due dates. It allows for grammar practice and assessment tools both before
beginning the assignment and after completing the assignment. It allows the teacher to keep
track of all the student work in one place.
Lan-ua-e2s3: Te my %an-ua-e %a!s soft$are is a#ai%a!%e in )inese1 En-%is1 Frenc1 'erman1
Ita%ian1 Latin1 ,ortu-uese1 Russian1 Si-n Lan-ua-e1 and Spanis as part of teir $or%d
%an-ua-e %earnin- co%%ection&
Le#e%: Tis soft$are a%%o$s for te teacer to ad4ust te materia% tat $i%% !e -i#en to teir students
accordin- to teir %an-ua-e %e#e%& It a%%o$s from !e-inner to e.pert as $e%% as from youn- to adu%t
%earnin-& Tis ma/es tis soft$are a #ery -ood too% in $ic te teacer5professor can ad4ust te
$or/ -i#en to teir students as e see need !e&
Acti#ities: My Spanish lab allows for many types of actives ranging from multiple choice, fill in
answers, pronunciation, reading comprehensions, dialog, listening comprehensions,
transcription, and one of the tools that I believe Is most important vocabulary drills which will
facilitate communicating in the new language much easier.
Media Format: The media format for this software is an online-based program that reuires the
purchasing of an access code for the desired amount of time the professor sees fit.
Operatin- System2s3:
• !indows: "es
• Macintosh: "es
+ard$are Re6uirements: "es
Sound #e.g. microphone, speakers$: "es for pronunciation e%ercises, vocabulary along with
other speech resources the software provides.
Video #e.g., colors& screen resolution$: "es
My'anguage'abs is best viewed at a minimum screen resolution of ()*+ % ,-. and a
ma%imum screen resolution (*.) % ()*+.
Supp%ementary Soft$are Re6uired:
,rinted (ocumentation: /oth user guides for teacher and student guide are available online thru
their website of my language labs.
0ser 1uide student link
0ser 1uide 2ducator 'ink
Single user price varies depending of the time of the program usage and selection of te%t or e-
te%t they range from 3,4-3**) along with access code to My Spanish 'ab.
5ere is an e%ample for their specific tittle: Mosaicos: Spanish as a World Language
My Spanish 'ab with e-te%t for one semester 3 ,+..)
!ith e-te%t, for multiple semesters plus printed te%t 3*(6. +) cents
7or single semester with e-te%t and printed te%t 3*)*.),
(. 12829:' ;2S<9I=TI>8
• Summary of features: =rovides students and teachers personali?ed learning tools. !ith
9eadiness <hecks before the assignment that the teacher can activate which will lead
you to any necessary review tools in 2nglish. It includes both in 2nglish and in the
target-language grammar tutorials. :s the students progress the software provides
support by letting them know if they have first completed the e%ercise correctly, secondly
if they have not it gives a hint bubble giving them a clue as to what can possible be done
to correct the answer. 'astly it provides an additional link for the student to seek out
additional help. It allows the students oral practice with pronunciation e%ercises and
native audio sections for them to practice their speaking in the new language. This along
with the voice recording that allows the teacher to give the student feed back and a
place for them to practice without feeling pressured by their peers in the classroom.
>verall it is a great program with a wide variety of tools for easier language acuisition.
• ;ocumentation: >n-line help through their support pages is available that give you link
to both =;7 support of the option to contact a technician through telephone of online
contact forms such as email or chat.
Scaled rating #( low-4 high$
Implementation =ossibilities Scaled rating #( low-
4 high$
• =edagogical 7eatures #relative to evaluation 4
• Sociolinguistic :ccuracy #typos, grammatical errors,
• 0se of <omputer <apabilities #multimedia bells @
• 2ase of 0se #studentAteacher$: Student: B Teacher +
• >verall 2valuation: +
• Calue for Money +
+. S>7T!:92 =9>;0<29 ;2T:I'S
• ;eveloperAdistributor: =erson
• 8ame: =erson
• :ddress: D(* <ustomer Services =.>. /o% *4)) 'ebanon, In +-)4*
• =hone: 800-848-9500
• !ebsite:
• 2mail: Submit form through their email page: http:AApearsontech.custhelp.comAappAask
• Technological 7eatures
• Simplicity of installation #e.g., adeuacy of instructions, trouble free, easy to uninstall$
• Speed of program operation #e.g., where are the delays: at startup, loading videos, web
page loadingE$
• 9eliability of operation #crashes @ stalls$
• =latform compatibility #=<AMac& >SA/rowser versions$
• Screen management #esthetics, navigational transparency$
• 0ser interface #ease of use, operational consistency, online help$
• 2%ploitation of computer potential #effective use of sound, graphics, video, speech
recognition, speech synthesis, intelligent response handling, student record keeping,
adaptability based on user profiles, www connectivity$.