BHA Components and Inspections

This article describes the specifications and inspection requirements of the various BHA components for horizontal wells.
Inspections requirements
All BHA components should have received a full inspection prior to use on an extended reach well.
Stress relief grooves are required on all components (including non magnetic components and jars).
The complete BHA should be returned for further inspection after completion of the well.
Drilling Jars
Enhanced hydraulic up/down short jars should be used.
Two sets of jars can be run; one set above the drill collars and a second set in the cased hole section.
Drill Pipe Requirements
Drilling horizontal sections places high buckling and torque stresses on the drill pipe, and the use of torque and drag analysis is essential to predict
actual loads.
Typically, G 105 drill pipe is sufficient between the jars.
S-135 drill pipe is typically required from the upper jar to surface.
Actual requirements and design loads shall be indicated in the Drilling Programme.
HWDP should have smooth hardfacing only to reduce casing wear..
BHA Design
The Directional Contractor shall use offset well and contractor experience to design BHA.
The Drilling Supervisor and Directional Drilling Engineer shall base their BHA configurations on those proposed. However, modifications based on
the previous BHA runs will be required.
The use of steerable systems which have a neutral tendency in rotary mode are optimum for these hole sections.