Flight Sergeant Clifford Howard Asham.

WWII eteran Howard Asham! from Fisher "a# was $orn in A%ril of 1914! the son of
&ames William and Caroline Asham of Fisher "ran'h. In 19() he assisted in organi*ing
the +anito$a +etis Federation for the Interla,e He ser-ed as -i'e %resident for the region
for eight #ears .ntil ill health for'ed his retirement. He also dro-e the first s'hool $.s to
trans%ort the 'hildren from Fisher "a# to Fisher /i-er
Howard Asham 0oined the /.C.A.F.A. in 1941 in Winni%eg. He went o-erseas in
Fe$r.ar# of 1942 and was stationed at 3o%'liffe! #or,shire! ser-i'ing Wellington $om$er
%lanes. After three months he was transferred to Afri'a in the Sahara 4esert ser-i'ing the
Wellington5s that were $om$ing in Ital#. He then ret.rned to 6ngland and was stationed
at S,i%ton! 7or,shire .ntil the end of the war. After si8 months he re0oined the Air For'e.
He was stationed -ario.sl# at Watson 9a,e! 7.,on! Ch.r'hill! 3a'oma! Washington and
in-ol-ed with the Ameri'an Air for'e ta,ing troo%s to :orea! He then ret.rned to
6ngland! was then stationed at 9a'hine and ended .% at /i-ers in 'harge of ;.alit#
'ontrol .ntil he retired in 19(4. He was a'ti-el# in-ol-ed in the Hodgson 9egion and was
<resident of 9egion = 1>8 from 19() to 19)> and again from 19)8 to 1981! and then was
immediate %ast %resident.
He retired to his original home%la'e at Fisher /i-er where he li-ed with his wife ?ora.
He had two $rothers @rton and 6$ene*er who were also WWII eterans.
Howard $e'ame in-ol-ed in the +anito$a +etis Federation in 19() when the
organi*ation was 0.st $eing formed. At the Aeneral Conferen'e in he was ele'ted as field
wor,er and as a 4ire'tor. 4.e to finan'ial 'onstraints these %ositions were 'arried o.t on
a -ol.ntar# $asis. He ser-ed as the Interla,e /egional Se'retar# 3reas.rer for two #ears
and then as Senior 4ire'tor of the /egional "oard. He resigned that %osition to r.n for
i'e <residen'# after +.rra# Sin'lair ste%%ed down in 19)2. He was ele'ted for three
terms ser-ing from 19)2-19)9.
Com%iled and 6dited $# 9awren'e "ar,well
Coordinator of +etis Heritage and Histor# /esear'h
9o.is /iel Instit.te
A. "rian C#r C4. Metis Veterans of Manitoba: From Buffalo to Battlefields. Winni%egB +anito$a +etis
Federation ! C111B )>.

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