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Q. 1 In 20 words or so , outline your philosophy in life.

Q.2 Find a picture / poem or a anecdote that captures the essence of who you are.
Q.3 The United World College looks for people who are passionate and committed. What are you
passionate about?
Q.4 what or Who has bought the best in you? A personal experience or anecdote illustrating an
incident or influence to be mentioned.
Q.5 What can UWC offer that your present school cannot?
Q.6 Imagine you have three wishes when granted make a extraordinary positive change in your life.
What do you wish for?
Q.7 Is it correct to break a law or a rule? If so , under what circumstances?
Q.8 Which of these are most likely to cause a conflict in the world today religious disputes ,
environment or border disputes. Explain
Q.9 You have 5 minutes face to face with a world leader. Who would you chose to meet? How would
you want to use the time you have and what would you chose to discuss?
Q.10 Describe examples of your leadership experience in which you have significantly influenced
others , helped resolve disputes or contributed to group efforts over time.
Q.11 Is there a question that hasnt been asked , that you wish we had? Write a question that you
would like us to ask you that focus on a area that hasnt been covered.
Q.12 Why you? What makes you a good candidate worthy of a place at Uwc?