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Packages: Project Management and Tools Project Management and Tools Chapter 1: Project Management Introduction and Framework What is a project Understanding project life cycles Understanding project process groups Identifying project stakeholders Chapter 2: Project Management Integration Project management integration skills defined Project charter Developing the Project Management Plan Chapter 3: Project Scope Management Developing the Scope Statement Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Establishing the project boundaries Chapter 4: Project Time Management Defining and estimating activity requirements Establishing activity dependencies Developing the schedule Monitoring and controlling schedule performance Chapter 5: Project Cost Management Estimating project costs Developing the project budget Monitoring and controlling cost performance

Chapter 6: Project Quality Management Defining and planning for quality Establishing project quality standards Monitoring and controlling product / project quality

Chapter 7: Communication Management Understanding the communication needs of stakeholders Defining the distribution process Communicating project performance information Chapter 8: Project Human Resource Management Acquiring the project team Developing the project team Managing the project team Chapter 9: Project Risk Management Creating a risk management plan Risk Identification Assessment risks Developing a mitigation strategy Chapter 10: Project Procurement Management Planning for procurements Selecting qualified sellers Managing the contractual relationships

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