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The five year teacher certification program at Michigan State University prepares college graduates to assume

responsibilities of beginning teaching. The program consists of a planned sequence of professional courses
field experiences including a year-long internship after students complete their bachelor's degree. A five-year
program enables teacher candidates to acquire a solid grounding in their teaching subjects as undergraduates
and to
spend a year of guided learning to teach in a school and classroom setting. The program meets all the
for the provisional elementary and secondary teaching certificate of the State of Michigan. It also reflects
and national standards for beginning teachers.

The internship combines observation and guided practice teaching averaging about 30 hours per week with
credit hours of master's degree courses. These experiences are designed to support the intern's growth both
MSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution
Exit Performance
(EPD) Report Cover Sheet
Yassick, Maria Elementary Education
Intern Major

Petersburg, Amy Cornell Elementary
Mentor Teacher School Name

Thomas, Lyle Okemos Public Schools
MSU Field Instructor School District

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Elementary Eduation

Secondary Education Special Education

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Fall & Spring Semseter

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FS13-SS14 Date: April 18, 2014

MSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution
Cornell Elementary is located in the Okemos School District. Okemos is a medium-sized suburban district east of
Lansing. Cornell is a neighborhood school that serves students in Kindergarten through 4
grade. The total school
population is 393 students. Historically, Okemos has been a community of predominantly middle to upper middle
class professionals, and the students have reflected the professionalism of the community. The current socio-
economic levels are now, however, much more wide-ranging. The community has high expectations for both staff
and students, as well as a high level of parental involvement. Because we are located close to Michigan State
University, our community is rich with diverse cultural backgrounds. This diversity allows staff and students the
opportunity to learn about, understand and respect differences among each other. In addition, the classrooms also
exhibit a significant range of abilities among the students including both struggling learners and students who
exceed grade level expectations. Cornell is also a Michigans Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative
(MiBLSi) school.

Marias internship was in a Kindergarten classroom with 20 academically and socially diverse students. There is a
wide range of abilities among the children in the classroom. Our class includes students working below grade level
in the area of literacy, who meet with the reading specialist, four below grade level in math that regularly see our
Title One Math teacher, a student with severe behavior problems and a student with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Maria easily made the transition from being a student herself to becoming the teacher and instructing her
students. She communicates effectively with both students and adults and has worked hard to engage
students through a variety of activities with the intention of reaching various types of learners. Maria develops
lessons based on her students needs. She created several integrated units such as a communities unit for
social studies and one on force and motion for science. Maria carefully considered the objectives and needs of
her students when planning her lessons and modified activities for small group centers when appropriate to
accommodate hands-on opportunities and small group instruction. In addition, students have found the units
she has developed and the lessons she has taught to be both meaningful and fun.

Maria is an organized person, making planning a smooth process. She starts with the big picture in mind. She
is conscientious of state standards and district benchmarks and consistently teaches with those as the guiding
principle of her units and individual lesson plans. Maria was creative in gathering various resources, using
Pinterest, Whole Brain Teaching, and SMART Exchange to compliment her lesson plans. She planned well
enough in advance to be certain she would have the materials available when she needed them. The hours
Maria put in during both evenings and weekends have been countless.

Maria has demonstrated success in helping a wide range of students with varying academic abilities to achieve
their potential. She incorporated learning centers that included phonics activities, opportunities for reading
and writing practice, math and science activities, art projects, and interactive games that tied together topics
she was covering during her lead teaching.

Maria has a natural flair for working with young children. Her early childhood experience is evident in her
planning and interactions with the children. She greets them each day with a smile and How are you? or
Good Morning!. Maria has taken the time to learn each childs strengths, challenges and inspirations.
Therefore, she is able to individualize instruction accordingly. Through immediate feedback and varied
assessment Maria has a constant snap shot of where her students are in terms of their learning. This enables
her to communicate student success and struggles with the students and their parents. She does this through
parent conferences, newsletters and individual student conferences. Because Maria is a flexible and
responsible teacher, she is readily able to alter lesson plans based upon the needs of her students.

MSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution

Classroom management is key to a successful and safe learning environment. Maria worked with the students
all year on setting up routines, procedures, rules, and policies that worked for her teaching style and the
learning needs of the students. She shows great respect for the students. Due to her firm, yet kindhearted
nature, she receives unlimited respect and love back from her students. Maria brings much enthusiasm to the
classroom. This is very evident in her interactions with the students. Her genuine interest in their daily lives
helps to develop her personal relationships with them. Maria has successfully created a comfortable classroom
climate where children feel listened to while learning to value the opinions and interests of others.

The bond and mutual respect Maria established with students at the beginning of the year provided a strong
foundation for an effective classroom management system when she took over her lead teaching
responsibilities. She handled a variety of interactions with students and parents in regards to student behavior
and academic performance in the classroom environment. Each time, Maria was professional, specific, and
sincere when dealing with students and parents. Each situation was dealt with individually and confidentially
which allowed mading the students and parents feel comfortable with the circumstances and how Maria
handled them.

Maria has always been inquisitive about what I am doing and why. This has carried over into her own
planning and teaching. Maria exhibits metacognitive behaviors through her planning of activities, self
assessment and desire for feedback before and after the lessons she teaches. Maria attended several training
sessions offered by our school district related to AIMSweb assessments and Teachers Leading Teachers (TLT),
and an informational presentation at our board office by the Human Resource department on how to pursue a
teaching position. Maria received American Red Corss CPR & First Aid training this year. She also helped to
administer several AIMSweb assessments both in the fall and winter. The assessments she helped with were
in the areas of literacy and math and at various grade levels.

Maria has worked collaboratively with other colleagues as part of a cooperating team of teachers to plan
various units and lessons. Such close daily contact requires a special kind of personality, flexibility and
maturity. Maria proved herself quickly as a professional, valuable and equal member of the team by sharing
ideas and asking questions pertaining to the curriculum when they have arisen. She participated in Fall Parent
Teacher Conferences and planned, organized, and led Spring Parent Teacher Conferences. She attended
weekly staff meetings, grade level planning meetings, data review meetings, March is Reading Month
meetings, and related MSU meetings. Maria led the planning and instruction of our highest group of readers
during our differentiated Tier II reading block in kindergarten. This group included students from the entire
grade level, not just our class. She adopted our school philosophy of All kids, are all our kids by tutoring a
very reluctant, highly unmotivated second grader after school once a week, free of charge.