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Write 5-7 sentences about the artist’s life, style, inspiration

American artist Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York City on October 27, 1923, and grew ! on
"anhattan#s $!!er %est &ide' (n the 19)*s, Lichtenstein became a +eading ,igre o, the new -o! Art
mo.ement' (ns!ired by ad.ertisements and comic stri!s, Lichtenstein#s bright, gra!hic works !arodied
American !o!+ar c+tre and the art wor+d itse+,' /e died in New York City on &e!tember 29, 1997'(n 19)1
Lichtenstein began his ,irst !o! !aintings ,or which he is known by sing cartoon images' Like the other -o!
Artists he takes his ins!iration ,orm commercia+ images that the !b+ic has ceased to see as art'
2. You will then choose 5 of his works, including title and date and for each image and write 3-5
sentences regarding your thoughts of the painting: composition, use of text, style, if you
like/dislike it and your reasons why.
icture ! : "haam
Whaam!' is based on an image from 'All American Men of War' published by DC comics in 1962.
hroughou! !he 196"s# $ich!ens!ein fre%uen!ly dre& on commercial ar! sources such as comic images
or ad'er!isemen!s# a!!rac!ed by !he &ay highly emo!ional sub(ec! ma!!er could be depic!ed using
de!ached !echni%ues. ransferring !his !o a pain!ing con!e)!# $ich!ens!ein could presen! po&erfully
charged scenes in an impersonal manner# lea'ing !he 'ie&er !o decipher meanings for !hemsel'es.
icture 2 : #rak
he li!hograph Cra*! is based on one of $ich!ens!ein+s pain!ings# and i! &as firs! published !o ad'er!ise
$ich!ens!ein+s 196, e)hibi!ion a! !he $eo Cas!elli -allery in .e& /or*. $ich!ens!ein &as inspired by
American comics abou! &ar &hen he made !he pain!ing# &hich is based on an image from a comic0
icture 3: $rowning %irl
Drowning Girl (also known as Secret Hearts or I Don't Care! I'd Rather Sink) is a 1963 ainting with oil
and s!nthetic ol!"er aint on can#as $! Ro! %ichtenstein& 'tili(ing the con#entions o) co"ic $ook
art* a tho+ght $+$$le con#e!s the tho+ghts o) the )ig+re* while ,en-Da! dots echo the e))ect o) the
"echani(ed rinting rocess&
icture &: 'n (he #ar
he pain!ing is based on !he 1ep!ember 1961 comic boo* series -irls' 2omances edi!ion 345
published by 1ignal 6ublishing Corp.789 he pain!ing &as par! of $ich!ens!ein's second solo e)hibi!ion
a! $eo Cas!elli -allery from 1ep!ember 25 : ;c!ober 2<# 196, !ha! included Dro&ning -irl#
orpedo...$os!# =aseball Manager# Con'ersa!ion# and Whaam!769749 Mar*e!ing ma!erials for !he sho&
included !he li!hograph ar!&or*.
icture 5: )o (hankyou
his original e)hibi!ion prin! &as published by >ames -oodman -allery for !he 28!h Anni'ersary
e)hibi!ion0?2oy $ich!ens!ein@ A Dra&ing 2e!rospec!i'e? April 1"0May 12# 195<.
omA>erry is my fa'ori!e comic boo* because i!s funny. B en(oy !he s!yle#aris! and use of !he !e)! !

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