The Starfish

By Elton Camp
Starfish in the ocean dwell
Without a brain they do well
With just a simple nerve net
For their needs are all set
They aren’t some lowly worm
But a symmetrical echinoderm
Equipped with a spiny skin
ne taste and never a!ain
"redators they need not fear
To them will now come near
Water into their madreporite
#ake tube feet work just ri!ht
$f they !et into an oyster bed
Soon% many of them are dead
yster shell starfish separate
The contents slyly then ate
#ales and females look the same
& mate they’ve no need to name
Both do the thin!s they ou!hter
Shoot e!!s and sperm into water
They will meet in the open sea
The ne't !eneration come to be
ffsprin! they !ive no care
But have plenty to spare
$t could be easy for one to wish
& life as simple as the starfish