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The Man on the Roof

The Man on the Roof


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Published by Joe Smart
God's answer to your prayers may not be in the form you expect!
God's answer to your prayers may not be in the form you expect!

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Published by: Joe Smart on Nov 12, 2009
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A man was trapped on his rooftop by the rising waters of a flood. A fellow came over in a rowboat and called to the man, “Hop into my boat! I’ll save you!” The stranded man refused, saying, “No – God will save me!” The water rose to the man’s knees, and along came a rescuer in a motorboat. “Get in my boat! I’ll save you!” cried the boater. “No!” the man on the roof replied. “God will save me!” Soon after, the water was up to the man’s chest. Now came a helicopter with a sling suspended from it. “Grab onto the sling!” called the pilot. “I’ll pull you up and save you!” As the man called, “No, God will save me!” a wave swept him off the roof and he drowned. As he entered into heaven, God greeted him, saying, “Welcome to heaven! Glad to see you! Before I show you around and introduce you to some of the angels, do you have any questions?” “Well, yes Sir, as a matter of fact I do have one question.” the man replied. “There I was, stranded on my roof, with flood waters rising all around me! Why didn’t you save me?” “Well!” replied God. “I sent you two boats and a helicopter! What more did you want?”
This is not original. I heard a version of it at work about 15 years ago, and a Google search results in several references, all un-attributed. This is my version. I tell it to demonstrate that God’s answer to our prayers might not be in the form we expect. If we pray for health, perhaps we should eat right and exercise. If we pray for riches, perhaps we should endeavor to get an education and a job. And if we pray for happiness, perhaps we should try to make others happy. Joe Smart
The Man on the Roof

November 11, 2009

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