Imperial Europe Optional

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Szentendre And Light Lunch: First we
head to visit the excavated Roman city of
Aquincum bringing to life history from
the2nd and 3rd century. Then we follow
our guide to the lovely medieval town of
Szentendre, with its ancient walls and
narrow, cobbled streets. Perhaps strike a
bargain in the shops that sell beautiful
Hungarian embroidery and ceramics. The
excursion will be completed with a visit to
the quaint, charming restaurant, where
Hungarian goulash soup, cake and drinks
will be served.
45 Euro

Viennese Concert: A wonderful concert of
Viennese classical music including some of
the most famous works of Johann Strauss
and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
performed by some of the most highly
acclaimed soloists and dancers in Austria.
We provide you with 'A Class' tickets and
a complimentary glass of local champagne
during the interval.
52 Euro

Schonbrunn Palace And Gardens: We
enjoy a guided visit to the Palace of
Schonbrunn, with its magnificently
preserved state rooms and exquisite
gardens. You will have time for a walk
through the park, perhaps as far as the
Gloriette pavilion with its magnificent
37 Euro

Eagle’s Nest Tour And Bavarian Alps:
Driving deep into the National Park past
bucolic farmhouses and picturesque
villages, we arrive at the ruins of
Obersalzburg. From here we transfer to
special motorcoaches adapted to the
scenic mountain climb to Hilters notorious
Eagles Nest. Through the arches we will
have splendid views up to the Hohen Goll
and across snow-capped peaks.
48 Euro

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