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DNA Healing

DNA Healing

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Published by Victor Cătălin
DNA Healing
DNA Healing

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Published by: Victor Cătălin on May 15, 2014
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About DNA Healing Reiki
DNA Healing Reiki is a very simple system, consisting of one symbol, a DNA Helix. It is meant to
improve physical health by fixing any errors in a person’s DNA or spiritual energetic! DNA.
"his energy is inten#e# to $ork especially $ell for those $ith chronic or #egenerative illnesses such as
%hronic &atigue 'yn#rome, &ibromyalgia, (', an# others. )ou can also use this energy to $ork on
other health issues or to improve general health an# $ell*being.
"he i#ea is that #egenerative, chronic illnesses, $hich are notoriously har# to cure using energy
healing, are cause# by an error or errors in the person’s energetic blueprint spiritual DNA!. "hese
errors can then be manifeste# an# $orsene# in the physical bo#y by contamination of the energetic
system through an assault of negative energy on a person, or via a systematic #raining of a person’s life
force energy #ue to psychic vampirism.
+nce attune#, you can imagine a DNA helix like belo$! infuse# $ith gol#en*$hite healing energy
flo$ing through the recipient’s bo#y. )ou can also use this like any other Reiki symbol to activate the
Reiki flo$ through the palms of the han#s.
&or those $ith chronic illness, #aily self*treatment is recommen#e#.
&or #istance healing, visuali,e the DNA Helix being sent to the recipient, or use it in con-unction $ith
$hatever #istance healing process you are comfortable $ith.
Psychic Protection
(any people $ith %hronic &atigue 'yn#rome an# similar illnesses have issues $ith others preying upon
their energy system. )ou can use DNA Helix Reiki as a psychic shiel# to prevent others from
encroaching on the energy system. "his is especially important #uring the healing process. .nvision for
yourself or the client a fence ma#e of light*fille# DNA surroun#ing the aura. "he /sychic /rotection
&lame available for free at $$$.elementenergy.com!, use# in con-unction $ith DNA Healing Reiki, is
especially po$erful.
Attunement Process
0se any Reiki attunement ritual of your choice an# simply infuse the DNA Healing Reiki energy to the
stu#ent along $ith the DNA Helix as a symbol.
New ools and !"mbols
"his manual has been purposefully left simple, because it’s really about the energy. If you fin# ne$
symbols, practices, or $ays of using DNA Healing Reiki, please feel free to a## to the system an# share
$ith others.
element energy center - www.elementenergy.com
More Reiki attunements and courses are available at
Element Energy Center (www.elementenergy.com).
You may distribute this PD (intact) !reely as you see !it.
Co"yright #otice
"his manual is protecte# by copyright.
)ou can share this manual freely provi#e# it is left entirely intact.
)ou may not in#epen#ently reprint, republish, or reuse the $or#s in this manual for any reason.
)ou can give this manual to stu#ents that have pai# you for an attunement,
but you cannot resell this manually separately.
)ou are $elcome to create your o$n manual,
$ritten entirely in your o$n $or#s,
to teach people ho$ to use this energy.
)ou are also $elcome to use this energy to create a ne$ energy system.
&or permission to translate, contact
"hank you.
element energy center - www.elementenergy.com

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