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HP OpenView Service Deck 5.x

HP OpenView Service Deck 5.x

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HP OpenView Service Deck 5.x

Question: 1 Which capability allows for the exporting of HP OpenView Service Desk configuration information from one
HP OpenView Service Deck 5.x

Question: 1 Which capability allows for the exporting of HP OpenView Service Desk configuration information from one

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HP OpenView Service Deck 5.x

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Вопрос/Question: 1 Which capability allows for the exporting of HP OpenView Service Desk configuration information from one HP OpenView Service Desk database and the importing into another? A. Archiving B. Data Exchange C. Configuration Exchange D. Failover Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 2 When exchanging configuration data between HP OpenView Service Desk Management Servers, what requirements are essential? Select TWO. A. The Management Servers must be the exact same version of Service Desk B. Configuration Exchange Filters MUST be defined and associated with Filter Groups C. The Service Desk Management Server MUST be rebooted after a Configuration Exchange Import D. Duplicate Object entries must be removed in the Service Desk performing the Configuration Exchange Import Answer: A, B Вопрос/Question: 3 Which levels of organization can be stored in an organization record? A. External and internal companies B. Internal companies and workgroups C. Companies, departments and employees D. All organizational levels Answer: D Вопрос/Question: 4 Which statements are TRUE regarding Workgroups? Select TWO. A. Workgroups are used for object records assignment. B. Workgroups are used to create departments in organizations. C. A member of a parent workgroup is also a member of the related child workgroup. D. A person can be a member of multiple workgroups. Answer: A, D Вопрос/Question: 5 What types of persons can be registered in a person record? A. Employees and callers B. Employees and specialists C. External contacts and employees D. Any type of person Answer: D Вопрос/Question: 6

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Which two events are normally entered as Service Calls in HP OpenView Service Desk? Select TWO. A. Incidents from the IT infrastructure B. Requests For Change (RFC) C. Automatic events from other applications D. Requests For Information (RFI) Answer: B, D Вопрос/Question: 7 Which statement about the Service Call Object in OpenView Service Desk is TRUE? A. When a Service Call is closed it will be automatically added to the FAQ section on the web interface. B. The deadline of a Service Call is determined by the priority-duration code table settings. C. Service Calls can only be modified and closed by Service Desk Named Users. D. Service Calls can only be received through the web interface and by telephone. Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 8 How do Service Call records and Work Order records differ with respect to their link to a Configuration Item? A. A Service Call can be linked to multiple Configuration Items, while a Work Order can only be linked to one Configuration Item. B. A Work Order can be linked to multiple Configuration Items, while a Service Call can only be linked to one Configuration Item. C. A Work Order can only be related to Configuration Items via a Change record. D. A Configuration Item cannot be linked to a Service Call and a Work Order simultaneously. Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 9 When implementing Incident Management with HP OpenView Service Desk, what authorizations must be defined when using Roles? Select THREE. A. Forms & Templates B. Objects C. Scheduled Tasks D. Filters E. Workspaces Answer: A, B, E Вопрос/Question: 10 The Checklist Wizard _______. A. Provides a list of regularly scheduled administrative tasks necessary to maintain the health of the Service Desk application. B. Provides the Help Desk agent a list of Вопрос/Questions to ask a customer when opening a specified type of Service Call. C. Allows for the ease of Data Exchange configuration. D. Is used as part of the Configuration Exchange function.

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Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 11 What two actions can be created in the OV Configuration: Actions & Rules -> Actions section? Select TWO. A. System B. View C. Smart D. Rule E. Database Answer: B, C Вопрос/Question: 12 What must be defined first before a new Smart Action can be created? A. A View Action B. A Service Call Template C. An external application to launch D. A System Action Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 13 Which three types are valid View types? Select THREE. A. Cross Reference B. Spreadsheet C. Explorer D. Service Tree E. Combination F. Card Answer: C, E, F Вопрос/Question: 14 Which two items can be printed as a report? Select TWO. A. Templates B. Records C. Views D. Form definitions E. Database views Answer: B, C Вопрос/Question: 15 Microsoft Visio diagrams can be imported as a _______ A. Chart type view B. Diagram type view C. Map type view D. Tree type view

Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 16 The HP OpenView Service Desk Scheduling feature _______. A. Defines when automatic updating of Service Desk clients to a new version commences. B. Runs Smart Actions at specific times automatically. C. Specifies time intervals for workgroup hours and service hours. D. Controls when archiving of the HP OpenView database is to occur. Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 17 Within an open HP OpenView Service Desk form, what happens when someone double-clicks on the field name label of a text field? A. Nothing B. The Zoom In feature opens the field in a separate window C. Data within the field is displayed with increased font size D. Data within the field is erased Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 18 Select three items that are HP OpenView Service Desk Objects. Select THREE. A. Service Call B. View C. Template D. Form E. Problem F. Project Answer: A, E, F Вопрос/Question: 19 What is the most efficient option to assign several Service Calls to the same Work Group from a Table view? A. The 'Assign Multiple Calls' option from the drop-down menu B. Dragging the selected Service Calls and dropping them on the appropriate Work Group C. The 'Update All' option from the right mouse-click menu after selecting the relevant Service Calls D. Opening the Service Calls and changing the appropriate group assignment field Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 20 An HP OpenView Service Desk Schedule may include and/or exclude ______. Select TWO. A. Subordinate roles B. A list of OpenView processes C. Schedule elements D. Schedule groups

E. Other schedules Answer: C, E Вопрос/Question: 21 Part of the functionality of Named Filters in HP OpenView Service Desk _______. A. Limits which Configuration Items are automatically discovered B. Defines reusable search criteria for use with Advanced Find C. Specifies security access controls for Named User Accounts D. Controls Data Exchange object exports from an external source Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 22 The HP OpenView Service Desk Approval feature may be used with which three object types? Select THREE. A. Problem B. Service Call C. Configuration Item D. Work order E. Maintenance contract F. Person Answer: A, B, D Вопрос/Question: 23 An object's record ID will always be created after the object record is saved unless _______. A. A Database Rule is defined to create the ID when the record is opened and status is "new". B. The user specifies when the record ID is to be created before opening the call. C. The object record ID record cannot be modified. D. The "ID After Creation" box is unchecked in General Settings. Answer: D Вопрос/Question: 24 What are two benefits of a 'Classification' field? Select TWO. A. Improved effectiveness of reporting B. Improved assignment to workgroups C. Better use of the Service Pages D. Simplified searching Answer: A, D Вопрос/Question: 25 HP OpenView Service Desk is best described as _______. A. A user friendly, easy-to-use help desk providing detailed trouble ticket capabilities. B. A software tool used to automate the IT Service Management processes in your organization. C. A software tool that focuses on operational management of the IT infrastructure. D. A functional application which fully supports the Service Support & Service Delivery areas of the ITSM model.

Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 26 What are two 'primary' purposes of the Frequently Asked Вопрос/Questions (FAQs) functionality in HP OpenView Service Desk? Select TWO. A. To provide second-line support with a quick way to find solutions to calls B. To enable organizations to reduce the number of new calls because solved calls can be published via the Self Service Pages (web interface) C. To enable organizations to quickly develop a Known Error Database D. To enable calls to be categorized in an alternative way for reporting requirements Answer: B, C Вопрос/Question: 27 What is the purpose of the Workspace Editor in HP OpenView Service Desk? A. Editing the various configuration settings files B. Aligning user capabilities with user role definitions C. Creating application icons D. Customizing the Workspace Navigational Panel, such as adding or removing Workspace and/or groups Answer: D Вопрос/Question: 28 What command (with a -start or -status option) is used to start and/or check the status of the HP OpenView Service Desk processes? A. opc B. ovstart C. ovc D. ovstatcheck Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 29 According to ITIL Best Practices, what always happens when the root cause of a problem has been identified? A. The problem will be marked as a Known Error. B. The problem will be related to a change. C. All related Service Calls will be closed. D. A Change Request will be generated to solve the problem. Answer: A Вопрос/Question: 30 The registration of a problem _______. A. Can be the result of a root cause analysis B. Always results in a known error C. Would be the result of several related incidents D. Is always followed by a Change Request

Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 31 What are three main activities associated with Problem Management. Select THREE. A. Classification of problems B. Reporting of problems C. Reconfiguration of the environment to solve problems D. Identification of problems E. Closing calls with the customer that have NOT been closed by the Helpdesk Answer: A, B, D Вопрос/Question: 32 Which two organizer elements are available in the Form Designer? Select TWO. A. Pull down menu capabilities B. Separator lines C. Duplication prevention mechanisms D. Group boxes Answer: B, D Вопрос/Question: 33 What needs to take place for users to access a Template once it has been created? A. The Template must be linked to the Form B. After creating a Template, it must be assigned to one or more roles C. The Template must be shared to the appropriate object area D. The Template must be 'Activated' by clicking the Active checkbox Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 34 What must be created to design the structure of a data entry screen for HP OpenView Service Desk? A. Template B. Form C. View D. Record definition Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 35 Select the two correct statements regarding Forms & Templates.
A. A Template pre-fills an open form with some default data used when creating a new record.

B. A Form is pre-filled default data used when creating a new record. C. A Template is a window used for both data entry of new records, changing existing records, or viewing individual records. D. A Form is a window used for both data entry of new records, changing existing records, or viewing individual records.

Answer: A, D Вопрос/Question: 36 Which two components of Service Desk require a purchasable license to use? Select TWO. A. Named User Accounts B. Service Page Accounts C. Integration Accounts D. Concurrent User Accounts Answer: A, D Вопрос/Question: 37 Where are Folder Entitlements enabled? A. The Database Configuration dialog box B. The General Settings area of the System Settings workspace C. The Server Settings Editor dialog box D. The Client Settings Editor dialog box Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 38 Folder Entitlements are used for _______. A. Consolidating data from various Service Desk objects and allowing and/or denying access to that data based on role definitions and role assignment B. Grouping Service Desk objects based on user definition, workgroup assignment, and supervisor control C. Creating logical Service Desk entities to hold objects associated with access control D. Allowing or denying Service Desk user access based on object status Answer: A Вопрос/Question: 39 If an IT customer wants to request changes to the infrastructure, theserequests should initially be registered with the A. Change Advisory Board (CAB) B. Change Manager C. functional Service Desk D. system administrator Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 40 What are two correct ways that Workorders are used in combination with the Change Object? Select TWO. A. The Workorder is used to control the overall progress of a change. B. The Change request is used to control the overall progress of the work to be done. C. The Workorders are used to manage the tasks that have to be completed for a change. D. The Workorders are used to store general information about a change. Answer: B, C

Вопрос/Question: 41 Which statement about the Change Object in OpenView Service Desk is TRUE? A. A Change Object can only have one Workorder. B. Changes are strongly related to the CMDB. C. Changes can be part of multiple Projects and have multiple Workorders. D. Changes CAN NOT be related to Incidents or Service Calls. Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 42 What is the difference between parent-child relations and other CI relations? A. Parent-child relations have strictly hierarchical relationships, other CI relations do NOT. B. Parent-child relations can be modified indirectly through work orders, other CI relations CAN NOT. C. Unique Configuration Objects have parent-child relations, type Configuration Objects have free-form CI relations. D. As opposed to parent-child relations, other CI relations are used only when you use templates to generate configuration objects. Answer: A Вопрос/Question: 43 What distinguishes a non-unique configuration item from a unique configuration item? A unique CI ______. A. Is a physical configuration object B. Has a unique search code C. Can be tracked individually D. Is a logical configuration object Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 44 For a CI, what is the difference between Category Structure and Parent-Child relations? A. Parent-child relations are always hierarchical as opposed to categories. B. Parent-child relations group similar CIs; categories describe how CIs are linked to each other in the infrastructure. C. Parent-child relations refer to the way CIs are linked to each other in the infrastructure; categories group similar CIs. D. Parent-child relations can be applied to unique configuration objects only; categories can group both unique and type configuration objects. Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 45 List the three HP OpenView Service Desk User Interfaces? Select THREE. A. OpenView Console B. OpenView Dashboard C. Service Pages D. Web Console

E. Service Information Portal Answer: A, C, D Вопрос/Question: 46 What is the default url associated with the HP OpenView Service Desk Service Pages? A. https://<Service Pages Server>:<port>/ServicePages B. http://<SD Mgt Server>:<port>/ovportal C. http://<Service Pages Server>:<port>/ServicePages D. http://< SD Mgt Server>:<port>/servicepages Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 47 In HP OpenView Service Desk Service Pages (SP), which three options canbe selected when using an SP account? Select THREE. A. Register a service call B. Review previously logged service calls C. Search for incidents D. Register Frequently asked Вопрос/Questions (FAQs) E. Look at Frequently Asked Вопрос/Questions (FAQs) F. Register an incident Answer: A, B, E Вопрос/Question: 48 What statement is true about Java Web Start with HP OpenView Service Desk? A. The HP OpenView Service Desk Client must be installed to use Java Web Start. B. Java Web Start can be used to start an HP OpenView Console session. C. The Java Web Start OpenView process must be started to use the Web Console. D. Java Web Start can be used to access the Service Pages. Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 49 The Dashboard Panel _______. Select TWO. A. Displays a configured View of Interest B. Is available only to the HP OpenView Service Desk Administrator C. Graphically reports Management Server resource utilization D. May be shown or hidden, docked or undocked E. Lists all systems which have HP OpenView Service Desk components and their status Answer: A, D Вопрос/Question: 50 What three actions are available for UI Rules? Select THREE. A. Command Exec B. Auto-update UI version C. Limit Field Value Range D. Update Data

E. Archive Data Answer: A, C, D Вопрос/Question: 51 What is a valid action for user interface rules that is not available with database rules. A. Update data B. Data exchange from an external system C. Smart action D. Send e-mail message Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 52 Which two actions are available for Database Rules? Select TWO. A. Command Exec action B. OvObsLoadObject action C. Limit Field Value Range action D. Update Data action Answer: A, D Вопрос/Question: 53 Database Rules and User Interface Rules allow you to _______. Select TWO. A. Instrument your ITIL processes B. Control Service Desk User access to the database and/or user interface C. Initiate actions based on changes to the database and/or user interface D. Enable command line definition database and user actions Answer: A, C Вопрос/Question: 54 The purpose of a Service Level Agreement is to _______. A. Increase the performance of the service desk. B. Ensure that the business and IT requirements are aligned. C. Create a stable IT infrastructure. D. Obtain agreement on penalties. Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 55 Which three supporting processes are essential for formal Service Level Management? Select THREE. A. Incident Management B. Consolidation Management C. Change Management D. Performance Management E. Availability Management F. Operations Management

Answer: A, C, E Вопрос/Question: 56 According to ITIL an Incident should be closed when _______? A. Related Incidents are closed B. The caller agrees that the call can be closed C. The caller's problem is solved D. The manager of the service desk/help desk group approves the closure of the call Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 57 According to ITIL once an Incident has been identified as a Problem and service has been restored, who has the responsibility to close the Incident? A. The service desk or help desk analyst B. The problem manager C. The last specialist to work on the problem D. The change manager Answer: A Вопрос/Question: 58 According to ITIL where should all bugs be registered in HP OpenView Service Desk? A. In the Configuration Management module B. In the Service Level Management module C. In the Help Desk module D. Software bugs are NOT registered in HP OpenView Service Desk Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 59 What are the two activities that apply to Incident Management? Select two. A. Identification and tracking of configuration items B. Support for business operations C. Providing management information D. Implementation and monitoring of changes Answer: C, D Вопрос/Question: 60 The goal of Service Level Management is to _______. A. Achieve a better relationship between IT and its customers. B. Achieve a common understanding between the customer and the service provider regarding managing expectations and delivering results. C. Achieve optimal performance of the IT infrastructure. D. Manage individual infrastructure components to achieve high levels of throughput and availability. Answer: B

Вопрос/Question: 61 What two factors determine the priority of an Incident? A. Impact and deadline B. Impact and urgency C. Urgency and deadline D. Status and impact Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 62 What are two places that Query Restrictions can be configured? Select TWO. A. Search configuration dialog box B. Database Restriction Wizard C. View filtering specifications D. Within roles E. Client settings configuration Answer: A, D Вопрос/Question: 63 Where is the Message of the Day pop-up window configured? A. General Settings B. Regional Settings C. Configuration Settings D. Service Manager Area Answer: A Вопрос/Question: 64 Which three settings CAN be made in the HP OpenView Console? Select THREE. A. Management server name B. Default time zone C. Database user name D. Attachment settings E. Default language Answer: B, D, E Вопрос/Question: 65 Which primary workspace is used for configuration settings? A. General Settings B. Regional Settings C. System Settings D. Configuration Settings Answer: C Вопрос/Question: 66 Which configuration must be completed in order to access all available product modules of HP OpenView Service Desk?

A. Forms must be created B. License keys for modules must be inserted C. Default Templates must be configured D. Concurrent User license keys must be mapped to accounts Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 67 Where does HP OpenView Service Desk physically store files which are attached to Service Calls, Work Orders, Problems, etc? A. In the Service Desk database B. On an FTP server C. Within local disk drives of Service Desk Client systems D. On a shared network disk drive Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 68 What are four benefits of using multiple Management Servers in a single HP OpenView Service Desk architecture? Select FOUR. A. Ability to use the Service Desk 4-tier architecture B. Availability of a fail-over system C. Ability to use multiple databases D. Ability to use load balancing E. Ability to use multiple operating systems F. Ability to run Data Exchange processes on a separate server G. Possibility of escalating messages to another server H. Ability to use multiple Service Desk product versions Answer: B, D, E, F Вопрос/Question: 69 In the HP OpenView Service Desk database, all times and dates are stored in _______. A. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) B. The time and date standard of the location where the MANAGEMENT SERVER resides C. The time and date standard of the location where the DATABASE resides D. A format dependent on the clients Answer: A Вопрос/Question: 70 The Service Desk Agent is used to _______. A. Communicate with the GUI and the Management Server B. Execute commands issued by the Rule Manager C. Inventory Configuration Items then send this information to the Management Server D. Handle outbound e-mails Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 71

With multiple Management Servers, when a Management Server goes down, the clients connected to that Management Server _______.

A. Store data temporarily until a new connection is made B. Lose current data and must be rebooted C. Disconnect properly, then the user must log on to another Management Server D. Will automatically reconnect to another Management Server Answer: D Вопрос/Question: 72 What are the three types of fields used in HP OpenView Service Desk? Select THREE. A. Registered B. Calculated C. Active D. Standard E. Custom Answer: B, D, E Вопрос/Question: 73 How do General code tables differ from Object code tables? A. Object code tables apply to groupings of objects, while General code tables apply across objects. B. Object code tables apply just to a single object, while General code tables apply to groupings of objects. C. Object code tables cannot be modified or removed, while General code tables can be added to and modified. D. Object code tables apply just to a single object, while General code tables apply across objects. Answer: D Вопрос/Question: 74 Is it possible to change the order of a set of statuses in HP OpenView Service Desk? A. No, because all code tables are ordered alphabetically B. Yes, by using the arrow buttons in the toolbar C. No, statuses are fixed and CANNOT be changed D. Yes, by re-typing the correct statuses in the desired order Answer: B Вопрос/Question: 75 What functionality should be used if the root cause of a problem is found? A. Relate the problem to the root cause B. Relate the problem to the known error C. Activate the view "Problems by root cause" D. Check the "known error" check box on the Problem From Answer: D

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