Producer T J Johnston and Leslie Dutton, Executive Producer/Host

Full Disclosure Network® is “the news behind the news” produced by Emmy Award Winning Host/Producer Leslie Dutton and Producer T J Johnston. The twice nominated Full Disclosure public affairs program is the only Public Access Cable show to win an Emmy in competition with the broadcast network television stations in Southern California. More than mere investigative journalists, they have exposed political corruption, voter fraud, our malfunctioning state courts, and errant police policy where it compromised the Rule of Law. From the judicial system to the Presidency, Full Disclosure has interviewed prosecutors, police chiefs, and U.S. attorneys general, pursuing government accountability in issues including Iran Contra, Watergate, Whitewater, our border security and immigration policy, and its effect on the War on Terrorism. The Full Disclosure programs can be viewed on community cable channels throughout California, in major cities across the United States and on the Internet website. Watch this nine minute preview of the Prosecutor & The Presidency Series and Forum link here:

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