Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

When I first heard of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, I thought it would be boring,
but it was awesome. Your whole family will love this Sci-Fi adventure. In the movie Star
Wars, you get to see the Jedi Knights, the defenders of peace and order, Qui-Gon Jinn and
Obi-won Kenobi travel across the galaxy and fight bad people. The Jedi Counsel, the best
Jedi, send them to help the planet of Nabo. A group called the Trade Federation, the evil
people, are invading the planet Naboo. Nabo is a planet that has humans and the Gungans,
Gungans are human frog things. One Gungan, Jar Jar Binks, is one of the main characters
and he is funny. I think that it is awesome how the Jedi get to travel to all sorts of different
planets and meet tons of cool aliens from that planet, fight evil droid robots, and get to
battle in big space battles.
One of the first places the Jedi go to fight is space. The Jedi sneak on board the leader
of the Trade Federation's ship and find out that they are going to attack the planet of
Naboo. They have a small fight with droids, and leave the ship to warn the people of
Naboo. Later in the movie when they are leaving the planet, there is a space ship fight,
where the Jedi ship escapes. In this movie, there are cool fights in space.
Another place the Jedi go is the planet of Naboo. Jar Jar Binks, who helps them, get a
submarine to get to the castle, where the queen is being held prisoner, help them. The

Jedi try to help her escape the planet by fighting robots and using their light sabers, their
Laser swords, to kill all the robots. Then they get into a space ship and fly into space.
Naboo is a very cool planet with a castle and kingdom that is a great place to live.
The last place the Jedi go is the planet of Tatoonie, where they meet Anakin Skywalker.
Tatoonie is a very sandy desert planet, with lots of sandstorms. Anakin is a young slave
boy who the Jedi want to train to be a Jedi Knight. Tatoonie is a planet with lots of weird
aliens and strange traditions.
All those planets are the places where the Jedi fight, make friends, and use the force to
defeat the Trade Federation. These places are Naboo, the kingdom, Tatoonie, the desert,
and space. Now you know all the planets and places the Jedi go. This movie is a great
adventure for the whole family.

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