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Introduction Tremendous mystery is associated with the palm. The mystery of the palm is what may be called palmistry. A superficial survey of the lines does not reveal the truth. That is why palmistry is not merely an art to be cultivated but a science to be studied and practiced with meticulous care and diligence. "God made marks upon the hands of men, that the sons of men might know them." (Book of Job). The marks or the lines that we see on the palm of an individual carry wealth of meaning in relation to his position in this world. Scientifically speaking, these lines are the manifestations of the bio-chemical processes that have taken place during his journey through life. Right from birth to the culminating point of one's exit from this world, these lines are the very driving forces whether for good or for bad. The position of the lines, their origin and growth and development, the way they have formed themselves, the kind of life that an individual could possible lead during his life time. What should be biome in mind here is the continuous flux that the person is subjected to. For, we should realise that there is, that is called, changeability. It is precisely this changeability that becomes the pivotal centre of human living. In other words, man does not live in a state of isolation, much less in a static condition. There are many unseen forces that impinge upon his consciousness. of course, there occur as a result means, this is a case of mutual interaction in addition to the potential qualities inherent in any individual. Therefore, palmistry as a science and an are must be pursued against this background of conditions and consequences emanating from the wrestling circumstances between actions and reactions, between the forces of good and evil.

The Mount of Jupiter (a) Indications for Jupiterian type Mount of Jupiter more prominent - finger of Jupiter longer than finger of Apollo Straight and erect-wide space between finger of Saturn and finger of Jupiter-Line of Head usually straight, good and long - Line of Fate good, clear and long. (b) Physical features Graceful figure of moderate height-sturdy and medium statured - strongly built with broad shoulder - much hair on the body - eyes large and expressive - sweats abundantly - nose straight and thick at the base - mouth large and thick-lipped-long teeth-cheeks fleshy - long chin with a dimple at the base - ears medium - sized and close to the head - thick neck - stately gait - long, smooth and square tipped fingers - the finger of Jupiter conic tipped - a long first phalange of the thumb. (c) Psychological dispositions Ambitious - gifted for public life - self-confident - reliable - leader in his group talent for organization - born to be great - capacity to influence people - adherence to discipline, order and tact - effective communication - naturally religious - fond of ceremony and rituals - implicit faith in divinity - fit to hold high position in the hierarchy of religious order - conventional in religious matters - trustworthy seldom seeks advice - yearning for distinction - anxious to realize ambition - at times vainglorious - detests meanness and hypocrisy - self-reliant in judgment loves peace hates cheating - easily pleased - gains confidence of one's subordinates through kindness, sympathy and help - desire to excel over others - capacity to attract the opposite sex - quick and keen observer - independent action and thought - resists any interference - fond of pleasure and gaiety refined tastes and fastidious manners. Excessive development of the Mount of Jupiter, with unfavorable indications arrogant and domineering spirit - despotic - spendthrift - vindictive and criminal jealousy - selfish to the extreme - prone to vices such as drunkenness and gluttony - licentious. (d) Health indications Vulnerability to apoplexy, cardiac diseases, stomach and intestinal disorders

The Mount of Apollo or Sun (a) Indications for Apollonian type

A good Mount of Apollo - the finger of Apollo longer than the finger of Jupiter - a good hand with smooth developed fingers - finger of Mercury small - medium sized thumb - Line of Heart ending on the Mount of Jupiter with two or more branches - clear - cut deep Line of Sun - star on the Mount of Apollo. (b) Physical features Handsome and manly - height just above average - cheerful and elegant - not fleshy like Jupiterian - dignified features and fine skin- shapely, muscular and athletic - beard - hair abundant, soft and wavy - eyes almond-shaped, brown or blue in color - cheeks firm and rounded - nose long and straight - expression frank - eyebrows beautifully curved - medium sized ears with thick lobes - long strong neck - chin round but not prominent - legs slim and strong- with a lot of agility muscular without superabundance of fat - striking chest - healthy life - grace and symmetry of body. (c) Psychological dispositions Primarily artistic - man of great natural gifts - richly endowed with intelligence - a fine illustration of moral greatness, high instincts and material desires - worshipper of beauty - love of harmony in the surroundings - learning by intuition - man of sound understanding, uprightness, honesty and integrity - passionately fond of music, generally of melodic character - versatile - fond of fine clothes, rich furniture and jewels - fond of inventing new styles and articles - great success in any sphere without much effort - naturally indolent and relies upon intelligence and instinct - self-confident - filled with no gloomy thoughts - hot - tempered but given to forgiveness - no harboring of ill - will to anyone - attainment of high position and money without difficulty - not a religious fanatic but can be easily convinced - not superstitious - extreme adaptability - no enemies. Qualities of a bad Apollonian - too much love for money and romantic adventures - not happy with one love affair - love of beauty rather than of character - vain ostentatious - braggart. (d) Health Indications Susceptible to the following diseases: Poor eyesight, cardiac diseases, diabetes and intermittent fevers. The Mount of Mercury (a) Indications for a Mercurian type A good Mount of mercury - a long straight finger - the finger should reach the middle of the first phalange of Apollo - a fine strong hand- big elastic fingers - a big thumb - a very good Line of Heart ending at the Mount of Saturn without

branches - a clear Line of Head - at times knots developed on the first and second phalanges of all fingers. (b) Physical features Small stature but well built - elongated but pleasing face - youthful - light complexion compactly built and trim in appearance - forceful expression of countenance - tidy looking - face oval in shape - expression changing rapidly showing quick play of mind - smooth skin - fine and transparent-hair of chestnut colour - curling at the end - for head very bulging - beard short - eyebrows thin, curved and joined - deep-set eyes very quick and penetrating - nose long and straight with a rounded dimpled tip - lips are thin, upper somewhat full - mouth generally half-open-teeth small - chin long and pointed - neck strong - shoulders sturdy - chest broad and muscular - decidedly weak voice - lacking sonority. (c) Psychological dispositions: Talent for commerce and business - keen observation and sound judgment shrewd enough to understand the value of money - crafty - inherently a schemer industrious - very quick in the execution of plans - embodiment of quickness, physical and mental talents - scientific pursuits - medical profession - intuitive faculty of diagnosis - good surgeon - skilful at games - excellent lawyer and effective teacher - born actor - not amorous but affectionate - love of family - gift of divination - fond of travel. Bad qualities of a Mercurian: Bad early childhood - not much learning propensity to fall a prey to bandits or robbers - born liar - feeble memory hypocritical and given to flattery - false show of religious fervour - believes in imps, ghosts and other spiritual beings - fond of black magic - always live in groups. (d) Health Indications Tendency to have nervous breakdowns, heart trouble, liver and digestive disorder. The Mount of Moon or Luna (a) Indications of a lunarian type Large Mount of Moon - a long and fat hand - smooth flabby fingers - thumb weak the phalange of the will - power smaller than that of logic - the Line of head is long and sloping towards the Mount of Moon - the Mounts of Lower Mars and Jupiter always deficient. (b) Physical features Tall stature - broad muscles - small and round head - white complexion soft and spongy flesh - thick lower limbs - large feet - low forehead - hair not thick but fine

in quality - hair blond or chestnut - thin voice - general appearance somewhat feminine - small ears - very thick chin - narrow shoulders - long and large feet - big powerful stomach - gets easily tired while walking. (c) Psychological dispositions Naturally lazy, selfish and changeable - gift of imagination - fanciful - visionary not practical - introspective - alert on abstruse problems - mystic - unreliable - fond of travel - cold and melancholic - inconsistent in love - indifferent husbands sensitive to what others think of them - romantic in art and literature - fond of poetry and music - imagination coupled with high morals and idealism - fond of study, meditation and contemplation - have lively discussion of theology - rather self - different - easily depressed - thoughtful and absent - minded - inclination for occult sciences, magic, hypnotism, etc. - desire to go out for a walk rather than participate in sports - give marriage only secondary importance (d) Health indications Poor blood circulation - paunchy abdomen - liver degeneration - prone to attacks of gout and rheumatism - kidney and bladder trouble - hallucination and insanity paralysis - convulsions and epilepsy -danger of drowning. The Mount of Saturn (a) Indications for Saturnian type A good long palm with bony elastic fingers - finger of Saturn unusually long, straight and erect - a very strong thumb - Line of Heart deep, straight, thin and sword - like ending - a good Girdle of Venus. (b) Physical features Tallest of all types - tall, slim with angular body contours - a cold appearance lacking in sympathy and social feeling - skin sallow, rough, dry and wrinkled cheek - bones quite high - hair thick and black, straight and harsh - eyebrows thick and stiff - fine teeth indicative of early deterioration - gums pale - lower joints protruding - long prominent nose with a pointed base - narrow hairy chest - very high shoulders - stooping appearance - neck long and lean. (c) Psychological dispositions Positive and good Saturnian: Sad and sober - extreme prudence - love of solitude and seclusion - cynical in outlook - sceptical - given to fatalism - fond of occult sciences and research - combating spirit - love of rural life - instinct for learning superstitious - inherently fearful and gloomy - defiant - seditious - preference for dark colours - not of an amorous temperament - conservative by nature - dislike of opposite sex - reserved - hates pleasure and fun - serene, calm and enduring - spirit of adventure.

Bad Saturnian: Horrible and abominable in appearance - repugnant body odour lazy - mischievous - hypocrite - illiterate - worst criminals and prisoners. (d) Health Indications Bilious type - prone to diseases and accidents (feet and legs) - vulnerable to the following diseases: paralysis, diarrhoea and elephantiasis.

The Mount of Venus (a) Indications for Venusian type The Mount of Venus is the biggest of all - hand oval - shaped, beautiful and of medium size - soft fingers with conic tips - waisted thumb with weak will power -

good Line of Head - a very good Line of Heart - an irregular Line of Fate - small pink nails. (b) Physical features Attractive and handsome - graceful, shapely and well- balanced, medium height white complexion tinted with pink - round face - smooth and dimpled cheeks eyebrows beautifully curved - hair long and broad at the root - nose tip rather broad - small mouth -Lower lip thicker than the upper one - white regular teeth. (c) Psychological dispositions Sociable - elite - love of life - kind -hearted and sympathetic - gifted with grace of gestures, ease of manners and elegance of deportment - fond of new clothes with bright colours - preference for latest styles - fond of perfumes - optimistic in outlook - very popular and adored by all - love of fun and merriment - never loses faith - early marriage - polite and refined - food is scanty and flavoured with spices - fond of picnics - opposite sex plays an important role - honest and truthful - often deceived but given to forgiveness - dislike of fights and quarrels - rather ambitious. Qualities of a bad Venusian - unscrupulous debaucher - detestable profligate - all the thoughts and actions detected toward obscenity and corruption - no regard for any moral code or ethics - indolent and self-indulgent - interference in others' affairs - creator of family troubles. (d) Health Indications Tendency to develop venereal diseases - tuberculosis - heart and lung diseases.

The Mount of Mars (a) Indications of a Martian type Dominating Mounts of Mars - a big thick hand - a medium - sized thumb - very strong phalange of will power - hand rectangular in shape. (b) Physical features Moderate height - Stoutly built - strong constitution - head small - large development at the base of the brain - back of the neck broad - face round, skin thick and strong - an open brow - short, crisp and curly hair - large sparkling eyes large mouth - thin lips - sharp, long and curved nose - short, broad and protruding chin - big and red ears - round and fat cheeks - broad chest - powerful legs and long feet - militant gait.

(c) Psychological dispositions Amiable and generous - loyal and faithful - kind and helpful- reserved and calm totally unconcerned when in danger - altruistic - plenty of energy and perseverance - amorous by nature - not vicious but physically excited even over trivial matters domineering spirit - not amenable to logical reasoning - fond of eating - aggressive - self-confident - patient - self-reliant - fighting tendency. (d) Health indications Given to fever and intestinal disorders - tendency to throat trouble, bronchitis and various ailments of the respiratory tract, high blood pressure, etc.

The Line of Sun And there are some who have success in wealth And some in war and some again in peace And some who gaining their success in health see other things decrease man can’t have all – the sun consumes itself by burning in its lap more feeble stars and those who crave the Hindu idol’s part oft crush their children ‘neath their gilded cars CHEIRO The line of sun otherwise called the line of Apollo the line of brilliancy or the line of success must like the line of fate be considered with the type of hand on which it lies for instance it will be more heavily marked on the philosophic, conic and spatulate. The same rule given in reference to the line of fate therefore applies to this. The line of sun may raise from the line of life the mount of Luna the plain of mars the line of head or the line of heart. Rising from the line of life with the rest of the hand artistic it denotes that the life will be devoted to the worship of the beautiful. With the other lines good it promises success in artistic pursuits. Rising from the line of fate it increases the success promised by the line of fate and gives more distinction from whatever date it is marked – from that time things will greatly improve. It is far more accurate and less misleading to leading to class this line as relating to brilliancy or success – as its name implies – than to call it the line of Apollo or of art. It depends upon the talent shown by the line of head and the class of hand itself to determine in what way the success is shown whether in art or in riches. From the mount of Luna it promises success and distinction largely dependent upon the fancies and the help of others. In this case it is never a certain sign of success being so influenced by the fortune of those with whom we come in contact. With a sloping line of head however it is more inclined to denote success in poetry, literature and things of the purely imaginative order. Rising upon the plain of mars it promises sunshine after tears, success after difficulty.

Rising from the line of head there is no caprice of other people in connection with success the talents of the subject alone being its factor but not until the second half of life is reached. Rising from the line of heart it merely denotes a great taste for art and artistic things and looking at it from the purely practical standpoint it denotes more distinction and influence in the world at that late date in life. If the third finger be nearly equal in length to the second the finger of Saturn a very long line of sun with such a formation makes the subject inclined to gamble with everything – the talents the riches and even the chances of life. The chief peculiarity of this line is that it generally gives when well marked a great tendency toward sensitiveness but when combined with an exceptionally straight line of head it denotes the love of attaining riches, social position and power. Many lines on the mount of sun show an extremely artistic nature but multiplicity of ideas will interfere with all success. Such subjects never have sufficient patience to win either fame or renown. A star on this line is perhaps the very finest sign that can be found. Brilliant and lasting success is in such cases a certainty. A square on the line of sun is a sign of preservation against the attacks of enemies in reference to ones name and position An island on this line means loss of position and name for the length of time that the island lasts and generally such will occur through scandal. On a hollow hand the line of sun loses power. The complete absence of the line of sun on otherwise talented and artistic hand indicates that such people though they may work hard will find the recognition of the world difficult to gain. Such individuals no matter how they may deserve honor and fame will rarely achieve it. The Line of Fate …and what is fate? A perfect law that shapes all things for good; And thus that men may have a just reward For doing what is right not caring should No earthly crown be theirs but in accord With what is true and high and great And in the end – the part as to the whole So shall all be in the success of all

So shall all share for the All –conscious Soul Notes e’en the sparrow’s feeble fall. ….And such is fate. CHEIRO The line of fate otherwise called the "line of destiny" or the Saturnian is the center upright line on the palm of the hand. In the consideration of this line the type of hand plays an important part; for instance the line of fate even in the most successful hands is less marked on the elementary, the square and the spatulate than on the philosophic the conic or the psychic. These upright lines are more in keeping with the latter hands and are therefore less important on them consequently if one sees as one often will an apparently very strong line of fate on a conic hand one must remember that it has not half the importance of a similar line on a square type as far as worldly success is concerned. This point is overlooked by many people though the point being the most significant point. The strange and mysterious thing to note is that the possessors of the philosophic, conic, and psychic hands which bear these heavily marked lines are more or less believers in fate whereas the possessors of the square and spatulate rarely, if ever believe in fate at all. The line of fate, properly speaking, relates to all worldly affairs to our success or failure to the people who influence our career whether such influences be beneficial or otherwise to the barriers and obstacles in our way and to the ultimate result of our career. The line of fate may rise from the line of life the wrist the Mount of Luna the line of head or even the line of heart. If the fate line rise from the line of life and from that point on is strong success and riches will be won by personal merit but if the line be marked low down near the wrist and tied down as it were by the side of the life line it tells that the early portion of the subject’s life will be sacrificed to the wishes of parents or relatives. When the line of fate rises from the wrist and proceeds straight up the hand to its destination on the Mount of Saturn, it is a sign of extreme good fortune and success. If the line of fate be straight and a branch run in and join it from the Mount of Luna it is somewhat similar in its meaning- it signifies that the strong influence of some other person out of fancy or caprice will assist the subject in his or her career. On a women’s hand, if this ray line from Luna travel on afterward by the side of the line of fate it denotes a wealthy marriage or influence which accompanies and assists her

If the line of fate in its course to the Mount of Saturn sends offshoots to any other mount it denotes that the qualities of that particular mount will dominate life. If the line of fate itself should go to any mount or portion and the hand other than the mount of Saturn, it foretells great success in that particular direction according to the characteristics of the mount. If the line of fate ascends to the center of the mount of Jupiter unusual distinction and power will come into the subject’s life. It also relates to character. Such people are born to climb up higher than their fellows through their enormous energy, ambition and determination. If the line of fate should at any point throw a branch in that direction namely toward Jupiter it shows more than usual success at that particular stage of life. If the line of fate terminate by crossing its own mount and reaching Jupiter success will be so great in the end that it will go far toward satisfying even the ambition of such a subject. When the line runs beyond the palm cutting into the finger of Saturn it is not a good sign as every thing will go too far. For instance if such an individual be a leader his subjects will some day go beyond his wishes and power and will most probably turn and attack their commander. When the line of fate is abruptly stopped by the line of heart success will be ruined through the affections; when however it joins the line of heart and they together ascend Jupiter the subject will have his or her highest ambition gratified through the affections. When stopped by the line of head it fore tells that success will be thwarted by some stupidity or blunder of the head. If the line of fate does not rise until late in the plain of mars it denotes a very difficult, hard and troubled life; but if it goes on well up the hand all difficulties will be surmounted and once over the first half of the life all the rest will be smooth. Such success comes from the subject’s own energy, perseverance and determination. If the line of fate rise from the line of head and that line were well marked then success will be won late in life after a hard struggle and through the subject’s talents. When it rises from the line of heart extremely late in life after a difficult struggle success will be won. When the line raises with one branch from the base of Luna the other from Venus the subject’s destiny will sway between imagination on the one hand and love and passion on the other.

When broken and irregular the career will be uncertain the ups and downs of success and failure full of light and shadow. When there is a break in the line it is assure sign of misfortune and loss but if the second portion of the line begin before the other leaves off it denotes a complete change in life and if very decided it will mean a change more in accordance with the subject’s own wishes in the way of position and success. A double or sister fate line is an excellent sign. It denotes two distinct careers, which the subject will follow. This is much more important if they go to different mounts. A square on the line of fate protects the subject from loss through money, business or financial matters. A square touching the line in the palm of Mars foretells danger from accident in relation to home life if on the side of the fate line next the line of life from accident in travel if on the side of the fate line next the mount of luna. A cross in a sign of trouble and follows the same rules as the square but an island in the line of fate is a mark of misfortune loss and adversity. It is sometimes marked with the line of influence from luna and in such a case means loss and misfortune caused by the influence from luna and in such a case means loss and misfortune caused by the influence, be it marriage or otherwise which affects the life at that date. People without any sign of a line of fate are often very successful but they lead more a vegetable kind of existence. They eat, drink and sleep but they cannot be called happy, for they cannot feel acutely and to feel happiness we must also feel the reverse. Sunshine and shadow, smiles and tears comprise the sum total of our lives. Position of Fate line The fate line is considered of enough importance in the science of palmistry. The fate line is not always seen visible on the palm. Moreover the fate line on a person`s hand does not originate from the same place. Whatever the origin is, whenever any line is seen to have terminated the mount of Saturn it can be termed as the fate line. But the position of the fate line on the palm has considerable influence on the way of life and the future of the individual. First Position: On the basis of the classification made by the palmists, the fate line belong to the first position is considered the best. This kind of fate line is well defined and faultless and terminates right at the Mount of Saturn. It is called excellent, according to the science of palmistry. This kind of line indicates that the person will have too many ambitions and desires; moreover he will not be able to

see the fulfillment of his desires in his life. This, over-long line spoils the completed works of the person. Hence the long, well defined fate line is considered best till the time it does not cross the mount of Saturn or does not originate from below the wrist. This kind of fate line belongs to the first position according to the classification made by the palmists. Second Position: According to the science of Palmistry the fate line belongs to the second position is also considered excellent. But difficulties seem to have occurred, when this kind of line touches the mount of Saturn on the palm. Such people are surrounded with worries even though they are courageous and capability to achieve success in life. Such persons get success in life with great difficulty. Third Position: According to the palmists, the fate line, belongs to the third position is considered as auspicious as it is distinct. In spite of its distinctiveness, if this line proceeds after cutting the life line then the person has to face many difficulties at the time where this line cuts the life line. Such intersection is considered dangerous. In this condition the person can get injured in dangerous accident become insolvent or commit suicide. Fourth Position: The fate line belongs to the fourth position is also considered auspicious according to the palmists. But in case of this fate line the rise of fortune can be possible only after youth. He has to meet hindrances in the field of education and is not able to get higher education. Fifth Position: Fifth position of the fate line on the palm is said to be favorable but if it tries to reach the end of the finger of Saturn, the person cannot achieve success in life. Individuals having such kind of fate line though constantly try to go ahead, yet he faces failure again and again in life. He can rise only with the assistance of the important person, who can help them in every step of their life. Such persons are found to make progress in the middle of their age. People with such fate line cannot make advances in more than one field. Hence their career is always one track. They are successful in the careers like painting and writing. Sixth Position: A person having the fate line, belonging to the sixth position on his hand is considered very lucky. Though the kind of fate line appears lucky, the rise of fortune of such a person starts after the age of thirty-six. He has been found to make wonderful progress during the age of thirty-six to forty two. During this period his life appeared to be very prosperous.

Seventh Position: The fate line belongs to the seventh position starts from the heart line and directly reaches the mount of Saturn but in some person this line takes the form of a trident; one end of which goes to the mount of Sun while the other towards the mount of Jupiter. Such a fate line is considered very auspicious. If this line divides itself into two paces near its end, the person will get plenty of wealth, respect, fan position and honor in his lifetime. Eighth Position: The fate line in the eighth position is considered of significant importance by the palmists. If this line is faultless, distinct and deep, it is certain that the person passes his childhood very comfortably. Moreover he is capable to achieve best education during his childhood. Such boys have sharp intellect and they are singled out for their independent ideas. Though they don`t get any special co-operation from their family, yet they try and become able to go ahead and gradually towards attaining success. Such persons can prove themselves as successful judges, writers or philosophers. The family life of such persons can be called completely happy. Ninth Position: the eminent palmists also consider the fate line in the ninth position excellent. Individuals with this kind of fate line are blessed with enormous luck or fate. If this line gets divided into two or three parts on reaching the mount of Saturn, the person becomes owner of inestimable wealth and can make huge success in life. Such persons with the fate line belonging to the ninth positions have more than one sources of income in his life and they live a life of pomp and grandeur. If the extreme end of such a line proceeds towards the mount of Jupiter, the person can attain high position. Such persons can make enough progress by means of literature and their career in the field of literature generally meet with success. If this kind of end is proceeding towards the mount of Sun, the person can attain full success by trading with foreign countries. He takes keen interest in religious matters. Moreover these individuals attain huge success and respect in the society. He became a name in the society. Tenth Position: Persons having the fate line belonging to the tenth position on their hands certainly reach a high position and achieve huge success in life. Hence the fate line in the ninth position is auspicious. Such a person is destined to undertake the foreign travel for several times in his life. However such people can achieve huge success as the high-ranking officers in the air force. Moreover such a person is also destined to achieve success. Such people are also courageous and achieve success by his own efforts though at a certain level supported by their fate. But difficulties seem to occur whenever the fate line appears broken. As the palmists have opined if such a broken fate line appears chained or zigzag in shape, the person has to face too many difficulties in life. On the contrary sometimes the

fate line gets divided into two parts; one end of which goes towards the mount of Sun the other end goes towards the mount of Jupiter, then the person is extremely fortunate. Eleventh Position: The fate line belonging to the eleventh position is very rarely found. The persons with this kind of fate line are blessed with exceptional traits of individuality and excellence, unlike the other individuals. Such individuals make success in life like the Venus. The society is influenced by their work and they are extremely responsible socially. Being socially responsible people with this kind of fate line play a significant role in directing the society. They lead a disciplined life and their thoughts and actions are all well planned. Having born in ordinary family such a person can make huge success and have the capability to live a life of prosperity and grandeur.

Lines and Signs On the Mounts

On the Mount of Jupiter 1. A single vertical line uncrossed by other lines life crowned with success due to one pointed aim in life

2. Two vertical Lines Success in life is not so assured because of lack of one aim in life

3. Confused lines cross one another like a grille

Sensuality and licentiousness

4. A cross Happy marriage

5. A cross and a star Most fortunate marriage - prosperity and happiness in marital life.

6. A Black dot

Loss of fortune and reputation.

7. A triangle Success in public life - diplomatic ability and cleverness - successful political career.

8. A Star Achievement of one's ambition

9. Line of Fish One of the best signs on the Mount of Jupiter - indicative of prosperity and fame, knowledge and wisdom.

10. Two Star Success due to unexpected luck.

11. A Square Protection from social disgrace.

12. A Circle Success due to perseverance.

13. An Island Difficulties faced from external sources.

On the Mount of Saturn 14. One Single fine vertical line Calm and serene throughout the life - happy old age

Two vertical lines parallel to each other Consistent efforts bring success rather late in life.

A number of lines

Indicative of ill-luck.

Many lines climbing the Mount in the direction of Jupiter like a ladder A gradual rise in public recognition.

A Grill A life of ill-luck.

A Star A high position achieved, but opposition too from enemies.

A Cross

Accident - prone - childlessness.

A Circle Success in spiritual field - concentration and meditation of the highest degree achieved.

A Square Preservation from unexpected misfortune.

A Star within a Square Escape from assassination.

A Triangle

Special aptitude for occult sciences.

On the Mount of Apollo A deep straight vertical line Wealth or fame or both - just one career.

Two lines Concentration on two different occupations.

Three parallel lines A favourable indication to achieve success in one's career.

28. Many confused lines

Aim in life not quite clear - though talented, diversified.

A Grille Great vanity and pride.

A Star A mark of distinction and genius - industry combined.

A Cross Inclined to be religious.

A Circle Fame and name

A Square Great financial success.

A Triangle Great aptitude for research

An Island Dissipation of energy.

On the Mount of Mercury One single vertical line Unexpected financial gain.

Three to six vertical lines An aptitude for medical studies.

A short horizontal line Obstacles and failures in one's career.

A Circle Accident - prone.

A Square Preservation from heavy financial losses.

A Triangle Success in business and politics - brings material prosperity.

A Black spot Failure in business.

An Island Cheating disposition

On the Mount of Mars (Lower ./ upper) 44. One Vertical line Courage.

Many confused lines Violent temper.

A Triangle An excellent indication for military career.

A Grille with an exaggerated Mount Murderous instincts.

A Cross Quarrelsome nature - Trouble from others.

A Star Riches through courageous action mostly through illegal means like smuggling, etc.

A Circle Trouble from opposite sex.

Line Sings On the Mount of Moon

Horizontal lines starting from percussion. Voyages and travels.

Many confused and crossed lines with islanded Line of Heart Inconstancy in love immoral and licentious.

A Cross Superstitious and dreamy disposition.

A Star Imagination and literary fame.

A Triangle Psychic

A Circle Aptitude for literary pursuits.

A Grille Tendency to worry - discontentment.

On the Mount of Venus Vertical line going to Mount of Mars Indicative of a love affair.

Two or three vertical lines Inconstancy in love - great sexual potency.

Many confused lines Passionate disposition.

A Black spot Tendency to contract venereal disease.

A Star Brilliant marriage.

A Triangle Highly tactful in love affairs.

A Circle Extreme sexual potential.

The lines in the hands The Lines in the hands may be grouped into the following categories (1) The Primary Lines

(2) The Secondary Lines (3) The Minor Lines

There are three Primary Lines int he hands. They are as follows. (a) The Line of Life or Vitality (b) The Line of Head or Mentality (c) The Line of Heart or Emotion The following are the Secondary Lines in the hands.

(d) The line of Fate or Saturn (e) The Line of Sun or Apollo (f) The Line of Liver or Mercury The Minor Lines in the hands are enumerated below; (g) The Line of Mars (h) The Line of Intuition (i) The Girdle of Venus (j) The Via Lascivia (k) The Ring of Solomon (l) The Ring of Saturn (m) The Lines of Union or Affection or Marriage (n) The Rascette or Bracelet Lines (p) The Lines of Children (q) The Lines of Influence from the Mount of Venus. The functions and the various characteristic features of all these lines are dealt with individually thus: The Line of Life or Vitality Its Normal Position The Line of Life starts from under the Mount of Jupiter, encircling the Mount of Venus and Lower Mount of Mars and runs towards the Rascette of the hand. General functions of the Line: (1) It indicates the general health during the various periods of the subject's span of life. (2) It shows up the condition of the physical constitution of the individual. (3) It indicates the nervous and muscular robustness of he person (4) It may reveal the tendency towards certain diseases. (5) It normally shows the longevity of the subject. Nature of the Line of Life: Characteristic features of the subject 65. Very broad Muscular strength rather than strength of the will

66. Pale and broad. A poor state of health, envy and often bad instincts. 67. Thick and red Brutish instincts.

68. Uneven thickness of the Line at different stages Fickle - mindedness

69. Absence of the Line Very rare the life of the subject is extremely precarious and death might occur at any moment.

70. The Line is deep and long The vitality and robustness continues throughout the life.

71. A short line The quantity of the energy at the subject's disposal is severely limited but not necessarily short life.

72. A narrow and thin Line Less vitality and limited - resistance to illness.

73. The Line running like a ladder Health is unreliable - delicate constitution.

74. Rope - like line of life An intensely nervous condition of health.

75. Broden in the left and not in the left and not in the right hand Indicates some trauma.

76. Chained at the commencement under Jupiter Bad health in early life.

77. Medium space between this Line and the Line of Head. Denotes energy and a go-ahead spirit - free to carry out one's plans


78. Very wide space between this Line and the Line of head Too much of selfconfidence and dashing spirit - rather impulsive, hasty and usually not guided by reason.

79. Line of Life, head and heart, all joined together Very unfortunate sign - defect in temperament - rushes blindly into danger and catastrophe.

80. Little hair lines drooping from the Line Weakness and loss of vitality

81. Little lines rising from this Line Increased power, gains and success.

82. A small line rising from the line of life and reaching the Mount of Jupiter Social status and power.

83. A small line rising from the Line of Life and reaching the Mount of Saturn. Success in worldly things - generally amassing wealth.

84. A small line rising from the Line of Life and reaching the Mount of Sun Name and fame in the field of art and literature.

85. A small line rising from the Line of Life and reaching the Mount of Mercury Promises great success in business or science

86. Line of Life divides towards the end and a wide space is shown between the lines The subject will most probably end his life in a foreign country.

87. An island on the Line Illness or loss of health.

88. An island at the commencement of the Line Constitutional weakness.

89. The Line runs through a square Protection from death or death or bad health

90. Any line cutting the Line of Life opposition and interference of others.

Worries and obstacles caused by the

91. Any line cutting the Line of life as well as Line of Fate. Indicates an opposition from others in business or in worldly affairs.

92. Any Line cutting the Line of Life as well as Line of Head. Persons who influence thoughts and ideas.

93. Deep cross bar Lines Severe illness.

94. A break in the Line closed by a supporting parallel line Indicates a change in the direction and quality of life. This may often be interpreted as a change in life circumstances.

95. A true break having no supporting lines. Indicative of some physical trauma. The extent of the experience can be assessed from the size and quality of the break.

96. Crossed by little lines which are fine and do not cut the Life Line into two Innumerable Worries.

97. Dot on the Line Acute illness or accident

98. Series of small breaks in the Line Vitality impaired and delicate constitution

99. Series of small breaks in the Line Vitality impaired and delicate constitution.

100. Star on the Line Sudden death - poisoning at the age signified

101. A black dot at the termination of the line Sudden death.

102. A tassel - like formation at the end of the Line A complete breakdown in health at the fag end of one's life.

103. Branches at the end of the Line Heavy work even at old age to make ends meet

The Line of Head or Mentality Its normal position: It starts from the Line of Life at its beginning and runs along the Line of Heart gradually increasing the space between them and terminates either nearer to percussion or just above the Mount of Moon. General functions of the line. (1) It indicates the versatility of the mind. (2) Intellectual strength or weakness

(3) Power of mental concentration. (4) Ability to exercise self-control (5) Any other constitutional abnormality.

Nature of the Line of Head Characteristic features of the subject 104. A long line A wide field of understanding

105. A short line A more limited mental range.

106. A chained Line Fluctuating attention - lack of concentration.

107. A double Head Line versatility of the mind.

108. The Line takes a curved course Mental and moral spheres are more predominant.

109. If the Line takes a straight course predominant.

Material or practical side of life

110. The line is deep and strong Generosity and broad - mindedness.

111. A sister Line of Head running parallel to the main Line This signifies a nature very difficult to understand, sometimes it is genial and pleasant, and at other times cruel and hateful. It increases the power of the brain and helps doing various jobs.

112. A big and strong lines in a small hand The brain is very powerful and may greatly impair the health.

113. A small Line in big and large hand Indicates a brutal and sexual nature.

114. Straight in the first half and then slightly sloping Indicates a balance between the purely imaginative and the purely practical level-headed.

115. When linked and made up of little pieces like a chain Indecision - want of fixity of ideas.

116. Extremely long and straight and running directly to the side of the percussion Denotes that the subject has more than ordinary intellectual power but inclined to be selfish in the use of that power. 117. Full of little islands and hair lines Great pain to the head and danger of brain disease. 118. When the Line is so high on the hand that the space is extremely narrow between it and the Line of heart Head will completely rule the Heart.

119. A deep Line. Indicates concentration.

120. The Line is wider and broader less concentration - vacillating and changeable.

121. Deep, clear, thin and fine looking line Hard working - deeply interested in study.

122. Broad and thick Line Fond of outdoor life and sports aversion to mental occupation. 123. A long straight Line without Heart Line cold, heartless, merciless, miserly and avaricious.

124. If the Line is short, narrow and shallow The person is easily led - weak in mentality.

125. The Line is short in the left hand and long in the right hand The subject has deteriorated in his mental calibre. 126. The Line is tied to the Life Line for a long period The subject lacks self confidence depends upon the advice of others.

127. If the Line is wavy from source to termination No fixedness of ideas.

128. If the Line is long and fingers closely set Avaricious disposition

129. If the Line starts from the Mount of Lower Mars Denotes a quarrelsome nature - tyrannical and oppressive.

130. Starts inside the Mount of Jupiter Very brilliant - from childhood shows signs of supremacy- assumes leadership.

131. A Long Line rising from Jupiter and slightly touching the Life Line Talent, energy and daring determination of purpose.

132. Rising from Jupiter but is slightly separated from Life Line The subject has talent and energy but less control and diplomacy - hasty in decision and impetuous in action.

133. Rises from inside the Life Line Over sensitive - over -cautious- timid irritable.

134. The space between this Line and the Life line is not very wide Quickness of judgement and independent thinking - mental and moral courage-success in life.

135. If the line is continually broken and ladder like. Utter lack of stability - fickle mindedness - continuous head - aches.

136. Clear breaks in the Line in the right hand Indicative of some mental trauma.

137. Breaks in both the hands some fatal accident or injury to the head.

138. If the Line sends an off-shoot to or runs into a star on the Mount of Jupiter It is a sign of wonderful success in all things attempted.

139. When a number of little hair lines branch upward from this Line to the Heart Line The affection will be a matter of fascination and not of love.

140. When this Line runs into a square It indicates preservation from accident or violence by the subject's presence of mind.

141. An islanded Line widely separated from the Line of Life. An excessive irritability of temper

142. An islanded Line sloping to the Mount of Moon Unusually melancholic escapes from society.

143. A cross on the Line Injury to the head.

144. A cross on the line found under Jupiter Injury caused as a result of being proud and dogmatic.

145. A cross on the line under Saturn Injuries caused by animals, explosions, etc

146. A cross on the line under Sun Injury to the had consequent on sudden fall.

147. A cross on the Line under Mercury Accidents due to scientific pursuits or experiments.

148. A white spot on the Line A sign of success in intellectual and literary activities. 149. A dark spot on the line Brain fever.

150. Bluish spot on the line. Disorder of the liver. 151. A star on the line Injury on the head.

152. A star found conjoined with the Line of Health Sign of weakness of the sexual organs of women - a sign of sterility.

153. A circle on the Line and a cross high upon the Line of Health poor eye-sight.

154. If many small lines are drooping down Easily discouraged and very timid.

155. An island on the Line under Saturn Deaf and dumb.

156. If the line continues to run after a Star. insanity instead of death.

157. Multi-formation of this Line Denotes a split personality.

158. If the Line is absent Dull intellect - idiocy of congenital nature.

159. Extending clear across the palm with a Line of Health or Liver distinct and straight good memory.

160. Long, clear and straight Line with a long conical first finger and good Mounts of Sun and Jupiter Love of reading.

161. Long and fine line with high Mounts of mars, Jupiter and Mercury Unusual power of concentration 162. Long and sloping line in both hands, with a strong Mount of Moon and the second and third fingers nearly the same length Love of gambling-disposition to take great risks in business.

163. A short line with a low Mount of Jupiter and exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon in a soft hand Laziness. 164. A short Line with a narrow quadrangle and a low Mount of Venus Narrow mindedness and uncharitable nature.

165. Pale and broad Line with hard hands and a low Mount of Venus Dull intellect.

166. Wavy Line with a narrow quadrangle and a mount of Mercury exaggerated dishonesty.

167. Very short and poorly marked Line with abnormally small thumb Idiocy.

168. Not joined to the Line of life with exaggerated Mounts of Jupiter and Mars Over-confidence. 169. A circle on the Line under the Mount of Saturn Eye-trouble.

170. A triangle on the Line under the Mount of Mercury. Success in scientific researches.

171. If the Line runs in a more or less straight path towards the percussion and ends above the Mount of Moon. The understanding though wide in scope will be limited by a practicality which tends to eschew imagination.

172. If the Line runs in a deep curve towards the Mount of Moon. The understanding will be equally wide in scope but limited by an imagination which repels mere practicality.

173. If the Line slopes towards the Mount of Moon, cuts the Line of Mercury and ends in the middle of the Mount It betrays acute imagination which seeks trouble and excitement.

174. If the Line ends in a grille or Cross on the Mount of Moon Tendency to insanity.

175. If the Line ends in a star, grille or cross on the Mount of Saturn or the Line of Fate It denotes unnatural death caused by accident or murder.

176. If the Line misbehaves towards its end by jumping and cutting through the Line of Heart ending on the Mount of Mercury. It betrays hypocrisy and treachery.

177. If the Line after passing the Mount of Jupiter, jumps towards the Line of Hearts and ends on the Mount of Saturn An impaired mentality.

178. If the Line takes a long straight course looking strong and vigorous and ends on the Mount of Upper Mars. It indicates a very big mind of a rare quality - generous and merciful - carries the burden of the family and friends for a long time.

179. When sloping and terminating with a fine fork on the Mount of Luna or Moon It promises literary talent of the imaginative order.

180. The Line is straight and slightly curved upwards on Mars. Unusual success in business - keen sense of value of money.

181. Terminates on the Mount of Moon - Mount of Moon well-developed finger of Mercury long and well-set Poetic ability-artistic talents-scholarly.

182. Termination of the Line with a beautiful fork. Taste for literature-mark of scholar.

183. If a fork from this Line ends in a star, cross or a dot in the Mount of Moon Aberration of the mind because of excessive imagination.

184. This Line divides into three well-cut forks, one going towards Mercury, another to Mars and yet another to Moon Great diversity of intellect - adaptability and versatility.

185. Sloping far down into the Mount of Moon with the second phalange of the first finger lined Aptitude for occult sciences.

186. Terminating under the Mount of Saturn. Premature death or great intelligence faded out.

187. Terminating on the Mount of Saturn Death by an head injury - a sign of fanaticism. 188. Terminating on the Mount of Sun A passion for fine arts and literature.

189. Forked at a the termination with one prong normal and the other running straight into the Mount of Moon Rich imagination - gift of making money.

190. Sloping and forked at the termination, one prong to the Mount of Moon and the other to the Mount of Mercury Power to hypnotise - crafty disposition in business.

191. A long, fine fork at the termination - one prong down to the Mount of Moon but not very low Talent for diplomacy and even gift of clairvoyance.

192. One clear branch to between the third and fourth fingers. Profitable success in artistic or scientific pursuits - often making money through discoveries or inventions.

193. Throwing branches towards a well-formed Mount of Mercury Business prosperity.

194. Broken under the Mount of Saturn and sloping deeply into the Mount of Moon. Danger of abnormal mental disposition.

195. Sloping almost or quite near to the rascette and terminating in a cross or star Brilliant future.

196. Slightly sloping and terminating in a fork Imagination coupled with analytical reasoning.

197. A very large island at the termination Severe intestinal trouble.

The Line of Heart or Emotion Its normal position: It starts just below the Mount of Jupiter and runs along the base of the Mounts below the fingers and terminates at the percussion. Its general functions: (1) It represents the creative instincts the life impulse emotions and other important traits of character. (2) It reveals the quality and quantity of emotions, sensations and affections together with their bearing upon life.

(3) It would tell us about the nature of sexual tendencies and urge, and sociable ness of the subjects. (4) It gives the state of health and the condition of the heart, its strength or weakness.

Nature of the Line of Heart Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line Extreme coldness - immoral - selfish -avaricious.

Long, clear and well- traced Lasting affection.

Very red. Violent in love.

An unusually deep Line Danger of apoplexy.

Very pale and wide. Heart disease - poor circulation of blood. The Line has faded away Heart has grown hard because of is appointments in love

Very thin and long Hatred towards mankind.

Chained Flirtatious.

Pale, broad and chained A cold-blooded person seeking recourse to anything to satisfy his passion.

A short line Selfish disposition.

A well-developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon. Romantic disposition. Composed of many separate small lines Improper functioning of the Heart.

Placed lower than its normal position coldness - selfishness.

Placed very high in the hand, close to the base of the fingers Passionate and jealous.

Long Line running from one side to the other Excessive attachment causing suffering to the subject.

If the Line is short and deep Selfish but a good husband or wife.

If the Line by its thickness, depth and strength looks stronger than the Line of Head The desire for love will out-weigh every other consideration and with a good Head Line the subject will be unselfish in his affections.

A chained Line emerging from the Mount of Saturn. Contempt for opposite sex.

When this Line is seen displaced towards the Line of Head so that the space between the two is narrowed. The affection would rule the subject and would outweigh all other considerations.

If the Line of Head rises up and the Line of Heart lies very high on the hand It is a sign that the love affairs and affections are ruled by the calculating and cold tendencies of the subject.

A forked Line of Heart on Jupiter where one branch is seen running to a place between the first and the second fingers Fortunate - materially prosperous - gifted with a well - balanced disposition in affairs of love.

Three forks forming a trident on Jupiter. A sign of good fortune.

If the Line is thick Cold and heartless.

Straight Line rising from the mount of Jupiter. Religious and spiritual.

A straight Line with a weak supple thumb and thin pointed fingers and sloping Head Line Tendency towards homosexuality and masturbation.

A straight Line, forked on the Mount of Jupiter, strong thumb and clear straight or slightly sloping Line of Head Pure at heart and unselfish - possesses strength of character and an idealistic quality - constant in affections.

If the Line rises between first and second fingers or from the Mount of Saturn and sweeps to the edge of the palm making a deep curve It denotes a masculine or virile type of sexuality.

Starting from far up into the Mount of Jupiter and forkless Ideal love with no trace of sexuality.

Starting from the centre of the Mount of Jupiter especially when forked Highest type of love, pure, deep and stead-fast.

Starting between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn A quiet uneventful home existence - no passionate yearnings

Starting between the first and second fingers temperament - unfaltering love.

Denotes a calm and deep

Starting under the Mount of Saturn without a fork Sensuality but no true family affection.

Forked at the start form the edge of the Mount of Jupiter, one prong going up the Mount Happiness in love.

Joined at its start with the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn Disaster due to blind passion.

Starting from the Mount of Saturn when the hand is soft and flabby Mere sensuality - selfish in desires - pleasure from sexual relations. Downward branches Disappointments caused by loved ones.

Much broken Inconstancy about hatred of the opposite sex

Broken under the Mount of Saturn in both hands Dangerous illness arising from defective circulation of the blood.

Broken under the Mount of Saturn Love affairs broken off, but not by the subject's act or desire. Broken under the Mount of Sun in one hand love affairs broken off, due to the caprice of the subject.

Broken under the Mount of Mercury Love affairs broken off on account of the avaricious disposition of he subject.

A number of bars cutting the Line Repeated disappointments in love-troubles of the heart and liver.

A white dot on the line. Success in love affairs. A circle on the Line Weakness of the heart.

A circle on the Line under the Mount of Sun. Trouble with sight.

A clear break in the Line Loss of loved ones

No branches on the percussion childlessness

Downward branches from this Line towards the Line of Head Attracted towards opposite sex

If a Line rises from this Line and takes a downward course, cuts the line of Fate and touches the Line of Head Sign of loss of a loved one.

When this Line is found to be sinking towards the Line of head, so that the space between the two becomes narrow and the Line of Health is weakly traced Asthmatic tendencies.

The lines of Head and heart without braches Life without affection.

Fate and heart Lines are islanded Adulterous thoughts.

If the Line happens to be high up on the hand Sensitive, intellectual and intuitive.

Completely encircling the Mount of Mercury at the termination Aptitude for the occult sciences.

Forked at the termination with one prong deep into the Mount of Mercury and an island on the Line of Fate A divorce due to a guilty intrigue of the subject.

A well developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mount of Venus and Moon Romantic disposition. If the Line terminates inside the Mount of Saturn childish and playful

The Line of fate or Saturn Normal position of the Line It is the vertical straight line which starts from the centre base of the hand near the rascette and runs towards the Mount of Saturn dividing the palm into two halves. General functions of the Line: 1. It indicates the route destined for everyone of us to go through in life according to his talents and environment. 2. It shows the various factors that might affect the career for better or worse. 3. It shows physical, mental and financial events along with their results. 4. It shows the ultimate results of one's efforts and doings and the gross net value of life

Nature of the Line of Fate Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line Insignificant life - mostly the hand of a self-made person vegetable Kind of existence.

Deep Line perseverance in an occupation not to the taste of the subject - a strain of the will power - often nervous breakdowns.

A wavy line A quarrelsome, changeable disposition - insufficient steadiness of purpose.

Deep and irregular in a much rayed hand constant irritability - ultra - nervous disposition

Rises from the Line of Life Success and riches will be won by personal merit.

Rises from the wrist Early responsibility - free to select and chalk out a career on one's own.

A long Line all crossed and barred Unfortunate sign - obstacles.

When the Line rises from the Mount of Moon The destiny or fortune will be subject to the influence of external factors other than personal efforts.

Poorly traced as it approaches the centre of the hand Troubles in middle life.

Broken and irregular Career uncertain - ups and downs of success.

If the Line rises from the wrist and tied down to Life Line The early portion of the subject's life has been spent to satisfy the wished of the parents or relatives.

Rises from the wrist and proceeds straight up the hand to its destination on Mount of Saturn Sign of extreme good fortune and success.

If the Line rises from the Line of Head Success will be won late in life.

If the Line rises from the Line of Heart After a difficult struggle success will be won

If the Line is straight, deep, clearly and evenly traced and long and runs in a faultless form to the Mount of Saturn throwing branches to other Mounts with good Line of Sun Good fortune, brilliant success and attainment of high social position and acquisition of wealth.

If the Line goes towards the Mount of Sun A prominent public life or success in art, sculpture, painting or money - making.

If it goes to the Mount of Mercury Mark of a prominent scientist or businessman.

If it goes to the Mount of Jupiter Fulfilment of ambitions - power and position in life - particularly in public life.

Chained or formed in crosses or zigzag at the start Difficult childhood often due to loss of money or position of the subject's parents.

If the Line is straight and a branch runs in and joins it from the Mount of Moon Signifies that somebody would assist the subject in his career - not necessarily a relative.

When this Line is abruptly stopped by the Line of Heart Success will be ruined on account of illicit love affairs.

When this Line is stopped by the Line of Head Success thwarted by some stupidity or blunder of the subject.

Break in the Line Major change of occupation - misfortune and loss.

A square on the Line Protection from loss of money or failure in business or in profession.

A double or sister Fate Line Excellent sign - two distinct careers

An island on the Line Misfortune, loss or adversity.

When the Line rises from the life Line Early part of the Life is dominated by home influence

When the Line passing over the Mount of Saturn ascends into the base of the finger Very unfortunate sign to possess- the subject would attempt too much and would fail to achieve his purpose.

A strong Line after the break. The position of the subject would improve after some change in his career.

A star on the Lines Bad sign - career of he subject uncertain

An island at the termination of the Line Career would end in despair - may also indicate tragic death

Rising from the Mount of Venus. A troubled life in early childhood due to family circumstances.

Rising from the Plain of Mars The first two decades of life wasted purposelessly.

An island at the beginning of the Line Some mystery int he birth of the individual.

Ends in a cross or a star Death by violence

Small parallel Lines running through Money earned through different sources.

Chained when it crosses the Line of Heart Trouble in love.

Two islands forming the figure 8 at starting point of the Line Gift of second sight intuitive abilities.

The Line of Sun or Apollo Normal position of the Line: This is a vertical line in the hand, long or short. If it is long, it starts from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and runs towards the Mount of Sun and generally

terminates on the same Mount. If it is short, it starts high on the hand and ends on the Mount of Sun. General functions of the Line: 1. It is the Line of capability, expressive of he possible accomplishments in which the subject would excel. 2. It shows sufficient talent and intelligence which may lead to success and happiness if properly used. Nature of the Line of Sun Characteristic features of the subjects Absence of the Line The subject may work hard, but finds recognition of the world difficult to gain.

Long and uncrossed Riches

295. Straight and strong Fame in art

296. Well formed in both the hands Successful career.

297. Very broad and shallow Showy.

298, Very deep Exaggeration of one's art.

299. Starting from the wrist running through the hand Possession of great talent

300. Starting low in the hand and runs only for a short distance possession of talents but not productive.

301. If the Line rises higher in the hand and covers the space between the Head and Heart Lines (i.e. the Quadrangle) special talents of the subject operative.

302. Rising from the Line of Fate Success through personal efforts and merits.

303. Rising from the Mount of Moon Success or failure through the influence of external factors

304. Rising from the Plain of Mars A stubborn nature coupled with sufficient selfconfidence and right resolution to achieve success - hands of a self-made person.

305. Rising from the Line of Head Success achieved late in life.

306. Rising from the Line of Heart A favourable sign revealing good tastes and adequate talents useful in old age.

307. Rising from the Line of life Great interest in fine arts and occult study.

308. A clear, deep and well-cut Line Brilliant success assured -clear cut aim in life.

309. Poorly formed Line Superficial Love of arts.

310. If the Line is present, then disappears and afterwards begins again Talents of the subject latent during the period of absence of the Line.

311. A chained Line Inherent talents not properly channelised.

312. A wavy line Vacillating career - erratic and unreliable.

313. Several vertical Lines on the Mount of Sun Diversity of interest - difficult to attain success.

314. If the Line is twisted Permanent failure accompanied by wickedness and misery.

315. If on the Mount of Sun two parallel lines are seen one on each side of the Line of Sun Added strength to the already existing strong Line - undreamt of fame and glory.

316. The Line is strong with the Line of Head sloping towards the Mount of Moon, and the Mount of Moon bulging Sure sign of success through purely mental or literary pursuits.

317. The Line is strong, the Line of Head poor, the finger of Apollo is nearly of the same length as the finger of Saturn Speculative and gambling nature risking anything.

318. If the Line is deep and clear, the Line of Head straight and the Mount of Jupiter or Venus ruling Love of power and authority.

319. A clear Line accompanied by a strong Mount of Mercury, Apollo or Jupiter High talents for business or politics. 320. If any auxiliary line starts from the Mount of Saturn and runs towards the Line cutting through it Success interfered and impeded for a long time, because of poverty.

321. If the Line is composed of many small lines connected together poor talents no original ideas - subordinate to others.

322. If the Line is zigzagged and the Line of Heart is shallow or absent A high degree of mischievous intelligence and wickedness - sign of infidelity and misconduct.

323. When a subsidiary line from Moon joins or runs parallel to the Line Legacy, often from a woman.

324. When a line from upper Mars joins or runs parallel A substantial gift from a person other than the relatives - mostly in the form of landed property.

325. If the Line is long and uncrossed with twisted fingers Talent for evil purposes. 326. Branches or fine lines rising from the Line Increases the good effect of the Line.

327. If a branch from the Line rises to the Mount of Mercury. Distinguished success in the direction of business, scientific pursuits and in the power of expression;

328. A branch from the Line merging into the Head Line Success through mental calibre

329. If the line is deeply marked on the Mount of Sun with pronounced Mount of Jupiter and Mercury Aptitude for fine literary work.

330. Cut by a Line of Union Loss of position due to an unsuitable marriage or a disgraceful entanglement.

331. An island on the Line Serious loss of money or reputation.

332. Bars cutting the Line Constant impediments to success.

333. Breaks in the Line Versatility that brings neither money nor fame to the subject

334. An island on the Line in the hands of bad Jupiterians or Apollonians Sign of losing money through bad conduct - a scandal in private life. 335. Dots on the Line Menace to the reputation of the subject.

336. If the Line ends in a dot Indication of a brilliant success.

337. If the Line begins with a star and ends with a star throughout life.

Brilliant success

338. A cross at the end of the Line Protection from evils of all sorts.

339. An island at the end of the Line Later portion of life dull and insipid.

340. A fork at the end of the Line Subject's talents in more than one direction.

341. A well marked trident on the end of the Line Celebrity - wealth from mental efforts.

342. If the Line ends in a tassel Talents fritter away in so many directions and accomplishments nil.

343. A star at the termination of the Line Success due to the assistance and goodwill of others

344. If a star be seen on the Mount of Apollo Certain to achieve great renown

The Line of Mercury Other names for this Line: (1) The Line of Health (2) The Line of Hepatica

(3) The Line of Liver Normal position of the Line: It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the mount of Mercury. General functions of the Line: (1) It represents the health and disease of the individual. (2) It is an indicator specially of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver and various maladies which may arise from the impairment of important function of these organs. Nature of the Line of Mercury Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line Not bad health.

A straight deep Line Sign of a good and sound constitution - robust health.

Composed of many small lines Unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder - sign of restlessness and pessimism.

A chained Line Diseased liver and stomach.

If the Line is twisted or wavy Chronic diseases belonging to the ruling Mount.

Rising from the Life Line Most unfavourable sign of bad health.

Cut by several small horizontal lines Constant headaches.

If a star appears where this Line meets Line of Head Mental disorder which might develop serious complication

If an independent cross is seen at any part of the Line Severe agonies and sufferings from disease, in old age.

If the Line is the forked in the Quadrangle and one of its branches touches or runs towards the line of Heart under the Mount of Sun. It indicates Heart trouble at prime of youth

An island on the Line Delicate health.

If the Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it Excellent health and great success in business.

If bars, crosses, dots, islands or other defects terminate or are near the ending of the Line Subject unlikely to recover from serious illness.

If the Line is straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well formed rascette Longevity very well assured.

A cross towards the termination of the Line with a circle on the Line of Head Blindness.

A star close to the Line inside the Triangle Blindness.

The Line of Mars Normal position of the Line: The usual starting point of this Line is the Lower Mount of Mars. It runs inside the Life Line and very close beside it. General functions of the Line: (1) By and large it supplements the functions of the Line of Life. (2) It represents the vital force in man which offers greater power of resistance to withstand any disease, nervous debility or unexpected shock. Nature of the Line of Mars Characteristic features of the subject Running close and parallel to the Line of life on the Lower Mount of Mars and the Mount of Venus It corrects many of the breaks and defects in the Line of Life.

If the Line is too deep or broad with red colouring A sign of great heat, violence and sexual passions.

Other sister lines running parallel to this Line inside the Mount of Venus Influence of other people over the life of the subject

364. Terminating in a fork, one prong of which enters the Mount of Moon Super abundance of the animal nature - intemperance of every kind.

365. Terminating in a fork, one prong of which enters the mount of Moon and ends in a star Alcoholic intemperance

The Line of Intuition Normal position of the Line: This Line forms a semi-circle traversing across from the face of the Mount of Mercury to that of the Mount of Moon. General functions of the Line: (1) It represents the speed with which the sharpness of the intellectual faculty is operative in a person (2) It indicates the possession of an intuitional ability of presentiments, strange events, vivid dreams and warnings, and above all in a 'gifted Palm' the faculty of clairvoyance.

Nature of the Line of Intuition 366. The Line is clear with a high Mount of Moon, more pronounced in its upper part Mesmeric, hypnotizing power.

367. If the Line starts higher up on the Mount of Moon. Intuitive faculty of the subject under control.

368. Broken repeatedly Intuitive tendency by fits and starts - and cannot be relied upon.

369. Forming a triangle with the Line of Fate and the Line of Head strong aptitude for occult sciences.

370. An island in the beginning of the Line Tendency towards somnambulism.

371. If the Line of head sinks low on the Mount of Moon and the Line of Intuition cuts it Mental forces injured by allowing too much imagination and intuition to have their say.

372. If a branch rises from this Line and runs to the Mount of Jupiter Ambitious to accomplish something with one's intuitive faculties - often successful occultists.

373. If the Line ends in a star Great success in intuitive flashes.

374. If a Line from the Line of Intuition merges with the Saturn Line The exercise of the intuitive faculties will assist the career of the subject.

The Girdle of Venus Normal position of the Girdle of Venus: This generally exists in the form of a semi-circle rising between the first and second fingers, and ends between the third and fourth. General functions of the Girdle of Venus: (1) It adds to the power of the Line of Heart (2) It indicates the high-strung disposition, nervous temperament of an individual. Nature of the Girdle of Venus: Characteristic features of the subject Formed as a single deep Line adds to the power of the Heart Line - passion within control.

Composed of broken fragments Increased nervousness - prone to suffer from hysteria.

Mount of Venus bulging and broken Girdle of Venus. Liable to indulge in masturbation during adolescence.

The Line of Head slopes low into the Mount of Moon and at its termination, a star, cross or island can be seen with a broken Girdle of Venus and many Lines in the hand Grave danger of mental illness.

If Girdle of Venus is broken a cross is seen on the mount of Saturn, an island on the Line of Head or Fate, a grille on the Mount of Moon with brittle or fluted nail Tendency to paralysis.

When the Line seems to connect the Mount of Jupiter and Mercury. Refinement of the passions and refined eroticism.

Finely marked but cut by a bar line under the Mount of Apollo A life spoiled reverses experienced on account of passionate attachment.

The Via Lascivia Normal Position of the Via Lascivia: It generally occupies a slanting position rising from the inside of the base of the Mount of Moon and terminating on the lower part of the upper Mount of Moon near the percussion. General functions of the Via Lascivia: (1) It strengthens the power of the Line of Mercury (2) It is also a pointer to the robustness of the health of the individual. nature of Via Lascivia: Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line No special significance Presence of the Line Super abundance of vitality and good health

The Ring of Solomon Normal position of the ring of Solomon: It is a small line appearing as a semi-circle, embracing the Mount of Jupiter and ending near the beginning of the Life Line. General functions of the Ring of Solomon: (1) It indicates a love and flair for occult sciences (2) It suggests spiritual help from one who is deeply involved in spirituality.

Nature of the Ring of Solomon Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line No special significance A well marked Line Strong leanings towards the occult and the esoteric sciences.

The Ring of Saturn Normal position of the Ring of Saturn: This Line rises between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn. It encircles the finger of Saturn and terminates between the finger of Saturn and Apollo. General functions of the Ring of Saturn: (1) It shows an impulsive disposition in matters pertaining to occupation or choice of career. (2) It indicates want of continuity of purpose. Nature of the Ring of Saturn Characteristic features of the subject Absence of the Line No special significance. Presence of the Line No one occupation long enough to make it successful

The Lines of Union Other names for these Lines: (1) The Lines of Affection (2) The Lines of Marriage (3) The Lines of Sexuality Normal position of these Lines: These lines are placed horizontally at the percussion of the hand between the Line of heart and the base of the Mount of Mercury. General function of these Lines: (1) They reveal the sexual 'potency' of an individual. (2) They also represent certain vital aspects of sex-partnership. Nature of the Lines of Union A single Line Deep affection relating to opposite sex but normal sexual potentiality.

Many Lines Presence of periodicity in the display of sexual passion.

If the Lines begin with forks unusual affection

Long Line Affection continues longer

If the Line is thin in proportion to other lines in the hand. The subject has no real strong passion for sex life.

If the Line starts deep and gradually grows thin Steady decline of sexual vitality.

If the Line starts thin and gradually becomes stronger Increase in sexual vitality.

An island on the Line Some unhappiness during the course of affection

If the Line composed of islands Subject possessing not enough urge to marry anyone.

If a cross is seen on the line Serious impediment to affection.

If the Line ends in a star Affection (false) used as a means of exploitation.

A fork at its termination Separation of married partners due to subject's faults.

The fork at the termination is not wide Separation of married partners due to external factors.

If branches rise from the Line Happy and prosperous married life.

If worry lines run from the Mount of Venus and cutting this Line Relatives often interfere with the married life of the subject.

If the Line slopes towards the Line of Heart Widowhood or widowerhood

If the Line curves upward Subject may not marry..

If the Line is close to the Line of Heart Matrimony may take place between 18 and 21 years.

An upward branch touching the Mount of he Sun A brilliant union

If the Line is broken Separation or divorce

A black spot on the Line widow hood or widowerhood

Full of little islands or downward branches Subject may not marry.

The Rescette or Bracelet Lines Normal position of the Lines: They are the horizontal Lines or curves separating the palm from the arm at the wrist. They vary in number from one to three or even more.

General functions of the Lines: They indicate the longevity of the person, in particular. One bracelet clearly marked and unbroken 23 to 28 years of life.

Two bracelets 46 to 56 years of life.

Three bracelets 69 to 84 years of life.

Four bracelets Octogenarians.

The first bracelet high on the wrist and converse inform Troubles in generative functions, especially in child bearing.

The three bracelets very clear- well defined and coloured Health, wealth, good fortune and easy existence. The first bracelet chained and other bracelets well formed A life of hard work an difficulty in the early years, but later life will be crowned with success.

The Lines of Travel. Normal position of the Lines: These Lines appear on the Mount of Moon. They are also the little hair lines that leave the Line of Life towards the Mount of Moon. Sometimes the short lines that join the Life of Fate at the conjunction where a line shoots downward into the Mount of Moon clearly suggests profitable and intellectual foreign travels. General function of the Lines: (1) These Lines indicate the restless disposition of the subject or any allergy that he might have developed because of delicate health. (2) They may also indicate travels and voyages of the subject.

Nature of the Lines When the Line ends with a small cross Journey will end in disappointment.

When the Line ends in a square Subject protected from danger during the journey.

When the Line ends with an island Journey in loss.

When the horizontal Lines on Moon cross the face of the Mount and reach the Line of Fate Long and important journey.

When the lines enter the Line of Fate and ascend with it Travels that materially benefit the subject.

The Lines of Children Normal position of the Lines: These Lines appear vertically from the end of the Line of Marriage. General function of the Line. They may indicate the number of children the subject is likely to have.

Nature of the Lines Characteristic features of the subject Broad Lines Male Children.

Fine, narrow Lines Female children.

Clearly marked Lines Strong and Health children

The first part of the line is a little island Child very delicate in early life.

When one Line is longer and superior to the rest One child will be more important to the parent than the rest.

The Lines of Children on a male hand Exceptionally fond of children. The lines of Influence from The Mount of Venus. Normal position of the Lines: These lines appear on the Mount of Venus either vertical or horizontally. There are no specific positions for these lines. General function of these Lines: The presence of these lines reflects the extent to which the subject may be influence by others.

Nature of the Line Characteristic features of the subject A line starting near the beginning of the life Line and running close to it Influence of the mother more.

A star at the end of a line of influence Influence of others negative.

When the Lines are deep, strong and well-coloured Influence of others powerful.

When an influence line begins deep and then grows thin and has gradually grown thinner until it fades away Influence strong in the beginning but gradually grows weaker until it has no effect.

If an influence line beginning early and ending in a star, beside it a line more distant from the life line which grows stronger after the star Death of mother or father at the age shown by the star and a distant relative coming into the life.

A semi-circular line just crossing the Line of life Sudden illness or even death of the subject.

A Line from the Mount of Venus cutting the root of the second finger Difficulty in child -bearing, womb troubles in general.

A line from the Mount of Venus cutting a small upward branch of the line of life and ending on the Mount of Saturn Generally indicates divorce or separation

A clear direct line from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury. Great success in business or science.

A line cutting the Line of Life and just cutting the Line of Fate Opposition from relatives in business and worldly affairs.

A line starting from a star on the Mount of Venus and ending in a fork on the Mount of Saturn Unfortunate marriage, the partner may either die or become mad.

A line from a star on the Mount of Venus merging into a good Line of Sun Increase of fortune through the death of a relative or close friend.

A line from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Jupiter ending in a Star Ambition of the subject crowned with brilliant success.

About the Simian Line Most people have two major transverse lines in the upper half of the palm. In Palmistry and Hand Analysis these are called the Heart Line and the Head Line. When the Heart Line and Head Line are fused together, only one major line is present, and it extends all the way across the hand from edge to edge. This is called a "Simian Line", or "Simian Crease". Medical references call it the "proximal transverse palmar crease" or

"single palmar crease".
HOW TO RECOGNIZE A SIMIAN LINE? A typical 'simian line' is characterized by the presence of a single line that runs across the palm of the hand. People normally have three major creases in their palms; however when the simian line is present there are (usually) only two major creases. NOTICE: One should be aware that the simian line can show up in many different manifestations (see the examples below); very often as a partly merging of the so-called 'heart line' (in medical jargon, the: 'distal transverse crease') and the so-called 'headline' (in medical jargon, the: 'proximal transverse crease').

The purest form of simian line is where only one line cuts across the hand and there is no indication of it containing more than one line. However, there are many variations between the two examples above. Some of these possible variations are shown below along with the rules for hand analysis. This is not a pure simian line but rather a strong heart line that has captured the head line. This person will operate with nearly all heart and emotional energy and will have very little logic and mental power for making decisions and taking actions. Emotions will strongly rule every activity.

This is not a pure simian line but rather a strong head line (blue) that has captured the heart line (red). This person will operate with nearly all head energy and will have very little emotional power for making decisions and taking actions. Logic, with little emotion, will strongly rule every activity.

This hand shows a piece of a heart line (1) and piece of a head line (2). Most likely only one of these pieces would be present on a hand with a simian line. Whichever piece is present would

indicate that there is some of that energy strongly affecting all activities. For example, if only the simian line plus a piece of heart line (1) was present then this person's simian line would have considerable influence from heart and emotional tendencies. A piece of head line (2) would lend considerable logic and mental influence. This hand does not mean there are two simian lines possible. It just indicates that a high simian line (A) or a low simian line (B) is possible. It is quite difficult to discern which type one has if the line is somewhere in between the high and low positions. In any case, the higher the simian line is on the palm, the more emotional energy is affecting all activities. The lower the simian line is on the palm, the more logic and mental powers affect all activities. The name "simian" was adopted many years ago and comes from the fact that some monkeys have only one crease in their palm. Approximately 4% of Caucasians have this line on at least one hand. Approximately 13% of all Asians have it on at least one hand. It is even rarer to have this line on both hands. A computer search of the medical literature reveals numerous attempts to link dermatoglyphics (skin markings) to medical disorders. At least fourteen chromosomal abnormalities are listed in the medical literature that have a high correlation (up to 84%) with the occurrence of a Simian Line. Down Syndrome is one of these diseases due to a chromosome abnormality. Does that mean that every person with a Simian Line is likely to have something medically wrong with them? No! There are many people with Simian Lines that do not have more than the average medical problems. [NOTE: An informal and unscientific survey on this web site for people with one or more simian lines indicates that the majority of the surveyors do not have more than the normal physical problems. You can see the results for all the questions in graphic form here.] Palm readers and Hand Analysts have observed over the years some common traits in people with Simian Lines on one or both hands. [This pertains to those people who have no apparent medical problems.] People with Simian Lines generally live their life differently than most other people who do not have Simian Lines. Not necessarily living better nor worse. Just living more intensely with an undercurrent of uneasiness. It is interesting that a number of well known people with a Simian Line have made a positive contribution to history. They include British Prime Minister Tony Blair (both hands), former Russian President

Nikita Kruchev, writers John Steinbeck and Henry Miller, to name some well documented cases. In personally talking with people who have one or more simian lines I have confirmed some common traits that they seem to share. I also did hypnosis with two individuals with simian lines and discovered an interesting connection to past lives concerning their simian lines. This is an ongoing project with me since 1985 and I have documented some of my more interesting findings in the second edition of my book, "Secrets of Hand Analysis".

Welcome to the Simian Lines From Around the World

Here are examples of simian lines submitted to this project. Both hands of the indivdual are shown. Some people have simian lines on both hands and some only on one hand. The right hand is on the left of the screen because of the way hands are placed on the scanner and viewed from the bottom up. 1-1: Simian line on both hands.

1-2: Simian line on both hands.

1-3: Simian line on right hand. Left has strong curvy heart line with head line captured.

1-4:Right simian line; left not.

1-5: Simian line on both hands.

1-6: Left yes; right no.

1-7: Both hands simian lines.

1-8: Simian line on both hands.

1-9: Right yes. Left almost a pure simian line.

1-10: Yes

1-11: Right yes; left almost pure simian line. Strong Girdles of Venus.

1-12: Simian line on both hands.

1-13:Left yes; right no.

1-14: Simian line on both hands.

1-15: Yes

1-16: Simian line on both hands. Strong Girdles of Venus.

1-17: Simian line on both hands. Left also has piece of a head line.

1-18: Simian line on both hands.

1-19: Simian line on both hands.

1-20: Simian line on both hands.

2-1: Simian line on both hands.

2-2: Simian line on right hand; very strong heart line on left hand that captured head line. Head will be ruled by the heart.

2-3: Simian line on both hands.

2-4: Simian line on right hand; almost a pure simian line on left hand.

2-5: Simian on right hand only.

2-6: Simian on right hand only. Left hand has head line and strong long flat heart line.

2-7: Simian on left hand only.

2-8: Simian line on both hands.

2-9: Simian line on right hand. Also piece of a heart line.

2-10: Simian on left hand only. Almost on right.

2-11: Simian on right. Very close on left (little piece of head and heart line still there in center).

2-12: Simian on right.

2-13: Simian on right.

2-14: Simian on right.

2-15: Simian on right.

2-16: Simian on right.

2-17: Simian on both. 5 yr old boy. Tested negative for Down Syndrome.

2-18: Simian on both hands.

2-19: Simian on both hands.

2-20: Simian on both hands. Only right one shown here.

Gift Markings in Your Hand!
At the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) a system of 'talent markers' in the hand is developed - they call the system: 'gift markings', or 'gift markers'.
Some advanced students of the Richard Unger IIHA institute have recently presented some basic introductions on how to recognize 'gift markings' in your hand (see the pictures below). The following info includes a basic summary of some interesting info presented by the IIHA Hand Analysts Pamelah Landers, Jena Griffiths, Peggie Arvidson and Baeth Davis.

The IIHA-system teachings included that the following hand features are 16 most important 'gift markings' (you can also find them in the pictures above):
 Gift marker 1. The Jupiter star (see point '1' in the LEFT picture above) SUPER TALENT: Leadership, super achiever | SHADOW SIDE: president's wife syndrome  Gift marker 2. The Saturn star (see point '2' in the RIGHT picture above) SUPER TALENT: Wealth generator, the midas touch | SHADOW SIDE: can you do this for yourself?  Gift marker 3. The Apollo star SUPER TALENT: fame, big spotlight, fortune in the arts, creativity | SHADOW SIDE: apathy  Gift marker 4. The Mercury star SUPER TALENT: clever, special ingenuity | SHADOW SIDE: cluelessness  Gift marker 5. The Moon star SUPER TALENT: profound intuition, flashes of intuition | SHADOW SIDE: atagneatin, alienation

 Gift marker 6. The Neptune star SUPER TALENT: master of deep emotions, deep understanding | SHADOW SIDE: stuck in the well  Gift marker 7. The Venus star SUPER TALENT: gift of joy and delight, love of life | SHADOW SIDE: wounded child, no fun  Gift marker 8. The Mars star SUPER TALENT: exceptional courage, no fear to be the underdog | SHADOW SIDE: anger/rage  Gift marker 9. The third eye star (see point '9' in the RIGHT picture above) SUPER TALENT: spiritual wisdom, psychic vision, seer | SHADOW SIDE: blindness  Gift marker 10. Medical stigmata (see point '10' in the RIGHT picture above) SUPER TALENT: gifted healer, personal growth consultant | SHADOW SIDE: intimacy breakdown  Gift marker 11. Lines of genius SUPER TALENT: gifted author, speaker, interpreter | SHADOW SIDE: going round in circles  Gift marker 12. The Hal headline SUPER TALENT: mega computer brain, multitasker | SHADOW SIDE: complicates life unnecessarily  Gift marker 13. The Pure Heart SUPER TALENT: unconditioned love, humanitarian | SHADOW SIDE: broken heart  Gift marker 14. The Persephone headline SUPER TALENT: holistic perception, spiritual guide, emotions expert | SHADOW SIDE: depression  Gift marker 15. The simian line (see point '15' in the RIGHT picture above) SUPER TALENT: intensity of focus | SHADOW SIDE: feeling misunderstood

 Gift marker 16. Line of clairvoyance (see point '16' in the RIGHT picture above) SUPER TALENT: life teacher, constant intuition | SHADOW SIDE: disillusionment

Do you have 'gift markings' in your hand?

Other than fingerprints, 'gift markings' (or: 'gift markers') are considered as SUPER TALENT markers - which are the most important formations that can appear in anyone's hands. However, 'gift markings' also show rare abilities that may block your entire life if under-utilised or unrecognised! Not everybody has 'gift marking' in their hands, however quite a lot of people have multiple 'gift markings'! Some comments & statistics presented by advanced Hand Analysis experts:

 Hand Analyst Pamelah Landers has writen a book about 'gift markings' (including an E-book version). Pamelah writes on her website about 'gift markings': "Approximately 35% of the population has a Gift Marking. There are 16 distinct Gift Markings, all line formations, that represent extra potential talent. Having the marking doesn’t mean you are using it. It does mean you are wired for it. Not using it causes more challenges in life than for people without Gift Markings." NOTICE: Pamela Landers explained that the 35% percentage relates to people who come for hand readings; she also stated that Richard Unger's estimate is that about 10% of people have one or more gift markings.

 Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths writes on her website about 'gift markings': "Gift markings indicate not only extraordinary talents but also where a person may be challenged or psychologically blocked." What are my gifts? Know that you are blessed with gifts of extremism, intensity and stamina. This is a tremendous gift. Hone it! How?

1. Get very clear about what you want because you have been given far more power than others to achieve your goals. When you want something you want it with your heart and mind. 2. Be conscious rather than unconscious about your gift and its shadow side (feeling misunderstood). 3. The more conscious you are, the more you can turn this gift into a positive resource rather than a handicap.
4. Make sure you have a worthy project or career upon which you can focus your intensity

or you'll start lighting fires in all the wrong places. Your hurdles: 1. Other people can't keep up. Be more tolerant and understanding of this. Try not to judge others for not keeping up with you. 2. You always do a lot more than others. Same as above; be gentle on others for not having your gift. You will always do more because you can do more. Love this about yourself but also learn to manage your energy and set clear boundaries so that you don't burn out. 3. Your energy is either on or off. All or nothing. People around you might see you as inflexible and may not support you as a result. Seek their support through mutual respect of each other's needs. Try to be conscious of when you are taking an extreme view.
4. Feeling and being misunderstood (the black box syndrome). Communication in both

directions tend to get scrambled. Ask for feedback, double check communication if you think people have misunderstood you. Typical examples: 1. Your intensity comes across as anger or frustration 2. people give their opinion and you hear it as criticism
3. You may come across as cold and aloof when you think you are being considerate

Always ask you listener, 'What did you hear me say?' or 'Could you please tell me what you just heard me say?'

 Hand Analyst Baeth Davis writes on her website about 'gift markings': "Not everybody’s hands have gift markers; however, for whatever reason, the majority of people that I attract are highly gifted. In most cases, they have at least one gift marker; many have more than one gift marker."  Hand Analyst Peggie Arvidson writes on her website about 'gift markings': "In my experience I find gift markings in more than 90% of the hands I read. Granted I don’t read the hands of the entire population, so it can be theorized that those with Gift markings and are suffering the penalty are more likely to have a professional hand analysis session."
Some Advice for those who have the Simian Line: Your ambition for success in business endeavors will be strong, as will be the tendency to shut out all else in persuit of these ambitions. Strive to learn how thought and emotion are separate parts of the psyche - allow them to disagree once in a while, and not be narrow-minded or judgemental in all your beliefs.

Discover the workings of the human nervous system in order to understand what assists life, and what harms it. In this way, work to eliminate your hidden drive towards self-destruction. You have a great deal of power at your disposal - always use it to your benefit. Stay true and strong. If you need help in dealing with your compulsions, many resources are available. Recommended if you have a Simian Line: Liao-Fan's Four Lessons.

The line of influence
Other variants of 'the line of influence' - which is related to close people - are: 'the Guardian angel line', 'support line', or 'line of Venus'.

PICTURE 1: The line of Mars.

The inquiry on a 'line of Mars' - PICTURE 1
The 'line of Mars' begins from a hill of Mars and goes downwards along the 'life line'. The classical 'line of Mars' begins from the palm basis in an interval between the basis of a 'line of a life' and the big finger [thumb]. The 'line of Mars' always strong, deep, and, as a rule, or does not concede in force of a 'line of life', or is much stronger than it. And lines influence are much more thin and life lines are less deeper. Do not confuse them.....

PICTURE 2: The long line of influence beginning from a line of life in the early period, speaks about strong influence of one of parents (mother or the father) the given person.

As a rule, the 'lines of influence' (see PICTURE 2) designate the personal relation of the given spouse to second half. The more long and more deeply the influence line, the is more long and stronger than feeling to the spouse or the loved one. The person, with such accurate line, sincerely loves the spouse, empathizes, lives for it. Here it is necessary to note the main thing: influence of second half on the owner of this line - huge. If this line is absent or is very poorly expressed, present feelings to second half, the given spouse does not test. He lives with it because of a debt, children, compassion, self-interest. Lives by a principle: better with it, than with anybody. The weak line or its absence, specifies, that marriage in a life of the given person was insignificant event and especially has not affected his life. Such people, often, think of the life, about the career, than about the spouse more. But, it is necessary to understand accurately when this line speaks about feelings to the spouse or the relative and when this line specifies in character of influence of this spouse or relatives for a life of the given person. As in the second case is not love to the spouse or relatives, and a certain dependence on their acts, opinions and desires.

PICTURE 3: The line of mother (parents) + a line of the spouse

To understand, than that it is more in an influence line - love of the given person to the spouse (see PICTURE 3) or its influence (positive or negative) on second half, it is necessary to consider attentively and other lines on a palm (an influence line to the Destiny line, character of a line of Heart, a line of attachments, and so on). The time interval of a line of influence pays off on a parity to a scale of a line of a life.

If the beginning of a line of influence on a scale of a line of a life corresponds to the introduction into marriage the given line, almost on 100 %, speaks about feelings to the spouse, about its influence in a life of the given person. In other cases the given line, can specify in influence and other near relations: mother, the father, sister, the brother, the grandfather, the grandmother. From an expert I can tell, that lines of relatives begin, as a rule, from a line of a life and right at the beginning. And the further from the beginning of a line of a life the influence line begins, the likeness from mother and the father to sister or the brother, or to the grandmother with the grandfather and so on decreases. And for definition: who all the same influences: the spouse or other relative - it is necessary to look both other lines, and signs on a hand, to project time intervals on a line of a life and to calculate influence time, and on time of influence and a line arrangement for a hill of Venus, concerning remoteness from the Life line, it is possible to understand: who influences? The spouse or the relative.

Let's consider some variations in the 'line of influence':

PICTURE A: A line long, deep influence huge (feelings to the spouse - strong, present).

PICTURE C: The line in the PICTURE B: The long line of influence beginning from a line of a beginning deep, and then becomes hardly appreciable - influence was life in the early period, speaks strong, but then...? (feelings to the about strong influence of one of parents (mother or the father) the spouse were strong and present, but have gradually started to given person. become dull).

PICTURE D: The line in the beginning was thin and hardly appreciable, and then becomes deep and accurate - influence gains in strength, becomes stronger and stronger (feelings to the spouse were superficial, but also the love) in due course has come.

PICTURE E: The line strong and long starts to leave, in the end, from a life line all further and further - influence gradually vanishes (feelings to the spouse become dull and vanish absolutely).

PICTURE F: The line strong and long starts to come nearer, in the end, to a life line - influence gradually amplifies (feelings to the spouse amplify, become bright, mad and passionate).

PICTURE G: The line begins PICTURE H: The line strong and strong and long rests, in the end, long comes nearer, in the end, to a against the long line going from the line of a life and crosses it is basis of the big finger to a line of a fanatical love has outgrown in life - rupture of relations, because destructive jealousy and as of relatives. consequence: rupture of relations.

PICTURE I: The line strong and long has rupture - partners disperse not on long or partner influence interrupts for a while.

PICTURE J: The line long and strong, comes to an end with a star - death of the spouse or the loved one, made the big impact on a life of the given person. But I would not consider here death in literal sense. Often, this unexpected and very painful parting with the spouse, that, as a matter of fact, equally losses of the loved one.

PICTURE K: The first line comes to an end, then, with displacement in parallel, the second line begins on change of influence of one loved one another (feelings to the first loved one (the spouse) have died, and to the second person (the spouse) have flashed with new force) comes. By position of the second line it is possible to tell about quality of influence: the more close the second line to a life line, the feelings to the second person are stronger, its influence is more, and on the contrary.

PICTURE L: The line goes a dotted line, breaks and through a small interval begins anew influence begins and vanishes, again begins and again vanishes (feelings flash and die, then again brightly flash and after a while again die = effect of constant love).

PICTURE M: Two lines go is in parallel close to each other - the given person is broken off in feelings between two close people (a classical love triangle = the husband and the lover or the wife and the mistress).

PICTURE N: The accurate and small line departs from a life line, in an interval of a long line of influence - in the course of marriage the given person has not long, but a rough novel with the lover (mistress).

PICTURE O: The accurate line going from a line of influence through a line of a life - the spouse (loved one) makes strong negative impact on a life of the given person (in some cases, at presence and other signs, can specify and in rupture of relations, on divorce). Negative influence, such line, renders and at crossing of other basic lines: lines of a head, heart, destiny etc. Such line is called as line of an obstacle to something.

Lines on a hill of Venus designate the relations based on mutual aid. Horizontal lines mean hostile intervention of people with opposite installations. Vertical lines mean the relations based on mutual aid. The more vertical lines, the it is more at the person of friends, close contacts to close people, relatives. If such lines are absent, the given person does not aspire to get serious relations, does not become attached strongly to the partner, has no strong link with relatives. The influence line does not need to be confused with internal lines of a life which often name a line of Mars (read further below)
PICTURE P: Vertical lines on the mount of Venus.

Additional comments on the 'line of influence', 'line of Mars', and support lines:

In many books of a line of influence often name a line of Mars (see PICTURE 1), and it is not absolutely correct. Though at these lines also is much in common: an arrangement and some properties. And what are the general characteristics? - You ask. The influence line, as well as a line of Mars is a certain support in a life of the given person. The line of Mars specifies in strengthening of a line of a life, health of the person, an internal stock of vital forces. It helps during the difficult periods of a life, rescues from dangers and a hardship.

As also accurate lines of influence specify that the person during the lives defined the period has a loved one with strong character on which it is possible to rely which will help with everyday questions, will help to solve many problems, including and problems with health. Here it the line of influence and a line of Mars also are similar. After all knowingly them often name lines of the Guardian angel or support lines. Them often confuse, but, as a matter of fact, in them much in common.


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