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Google App Primer K12 Teachers

Google App Primer K12 Teachers


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Published by: morrisonm on Mar 09, 2008
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Google Apps Education Edition – K12

These days, educators are finding more and more ways to collaborate with each other and their communities for the benefit of youth. Google Apps Education Edition represents our belief that any academic institution, from a neighborhood grade school to an international university, can become a more effective learning community through “converged communications” – one universally available access point for the entire community to communicate and collaborate.

MORE INFORMATION www.google.com/a/edu

In districts
Save your district’s time and money. Put Google to work for your district so you can focus on what matters. -------- Completely free. No servers, no support costs, no licenses.

In schools
Make it easier for teachers to collaborate and manage comm.unications with each other, with students, and with parents. -------- Access email, calendars & documents from anywhere with an internet connection. - Create and share classroom or school-wide calendars. - Collaborate on lesson plans online, and then allow other teachers to view and edit.

In the classroom
Facilitate collaboration and project-based learning. Make it easy for students to access work from school or from home. -------- Online document editing allows
students to share documents with teachers who make comments from home, or view revisions of an assignment. - Personalized email addresses for students.

- Give teachers and staff 2GB
inboxes and great SPAM filtering without the hassle or cost.

- Intuitive products and online
training materials make it easy to use your new tools.

- Full administrator control over

- It’s all hosted by Google, so you
can access services from any internet-connected computer.

- Easily create and publish a portal
where the entire school community can access their services.

services. Choose to give students email accounts and calendars, or just turn on document sharing.

Available Applications
Gmail - Email with 2 GB of storage per account, mail search tools and integrated chat (Google Talk). Google Calendar - Coordinate assignments, school events, and lesson units with shareable calendars. Docs & Spreadsheets - Create, share and collaborate on lesson plans or district budgets in real-time. Start Page – Access your inbox, calendar, school information, and more, all from one place. Page Creator - Easily create and publish web pages. Control panel - Manage your domain and user accounts online. Extensibility APIs – Integrate with current solutions at your school or district, or with 3rd party solutions Help and support - 24/7 assistance, including online and phone support available.

Try it out in your school: 1. Visit www.google.com/a/edu 2. Sign up with an existing domain or register a new one 3. Add users and show them their new services Resources for your district: http://www.google.com/a/edu education-solutions@google.com

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the difference between Google Apps Education Edition and Google applications like Google Earth or Blogger? Google Apps is a package of Google applications specially designed for use by schools and organizations. Google Apps services – like Gmail, Calendar, and Docs & Spreadsheets – work on your custom domain (like teacher@school.k12.ca.us), and are managed centrally by an administrator. Not all Google applications are integrated in Google Apps, but we’re working on adding more. Is Google Apps Education Edition really free? Is Google going to start charging in the future? It’s all free – no hardware, no software, no support fees. Google Apps Education Edition is currently free for all accredited educational institutions and will remain free as long as the product’s around. What is your privacy policy? A strong privacy policy has always been critical to Google’s success and we go to great lengths to protect user information. Read our privacy policy at www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/users/privacy.html. We know schools have special concerns around privacy and security for youth. Each school or district’s circumstance is unique, but Google Apps can be deployed in ways that are compliant with COPPA, CIPA and other state and local standards. Google Apps can also be paired with other services - like Gaggle.net - which provide solutions like extra email controls, filtering, and archiving. Many of our teachers and staff use Outlook. Do Google Apps work with other applications? Our use of open standards and APIs make it easy to integrate Google Apps with your existing applications and systems, such as user management, keeping administration simple and costs low. Our district would like email for our staff, but not for our students. Is this possible? With Google Apps, you choose who uses your services – staff, teachers, students, or even parents. What if we’d like our students to be able to share documents, but not chat online? You choose just the services that you want for your classroom or school, no more, no less. How can teachers and students learn how to use these new tools? All users have access to searchable help centers, which include online tutorials for Google Apps products. You can check these out at https://www.google.com/support/a/. Google products have been tested by millions of users and are designed to be both powerful and intuitive. I’d like to try this out in my school, but I don’t know if the district will be able to make the switch anytime soon. How can I get started? Sign up for an account for your school, your classes, your group of AVID kids, your yearbook staff, or your team of teachers. If you don’t have a domain yet, we can help you purchase one (like me@msJsclass.com) with one of our partners, and it’ll be automatically configured to work with your Google Apps services. Visit www.google.com/a/edu to get started.

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