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Grade 2 Homework (Week 30):

Distributed: Friday, May 16th Due: Friday, May 23


1. Mad Minutes Please continue to practice your Mad Minutes. Ask your mom or dad to copy the
2-sided division sheets which your teacher gave you. Practice a different Mad Minute sheet about 2-
4 times per week. Lets master our Division facts for speed and accuracy.
2. Spelling: Go to the Spelling City Website at:
Then click on your Spelling List. Enjoy all of the fun games and activities!
3. Literacy: Read your leveled reading book aloud to your parents for 15-20 minutes per night or until
you complete your book. Remember to have your parents sign the form. Please make sure to read 5-
7 nights per week.
4. PYP: This week in your environmental (self-selected topic research and project) groups, you created 4-
5 interview questions each that you will ask your parents. Please have your parents answer these
questions. Record their answers inside your homework notebooks. You need to write the responses
to these questions, not your parents. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation after you
recorded their answers.
5. Math: We have begun to learn about fractions. In your homework notebook, draw and color in three
different pictures to show , and 1/8. So you will be drawing and coloring 9 different pictures. You
may draw pies, circles, squares, rectangles. Also, you may remember that is the same as 2/4, 3/6,
4/8 and 5/10, but this may be a bit hard to remember for everyone since we just started this topic in

Optional Bonus Homework:
Spelling: Make a poster about your spelling words. Some possible ideas are: breaking the words into syllables;
writing definitions for the words; pictures for each spelling word; a simile for each spelling words; rhymes for
each word; words insides word by rearranging the letter; your own idea; Try to use 2 more ideas on your
Math: Create your own multiplication board game. Be creative and use the 3, 4, 6 and 7 times tables.
Learner Profile Poster: Create your own poster about one of the Learner Profile words Communicators,
Open-Minded, Knowledgeable, Reflective, Caring, Inquirers, Principled, Thinkers, Risk-takers, or Balanced.
Include pictures (from the internet or authentic ones of you), photos, captions, comics, examples, definitions,
quotations, etc. to show what these words mean.
Weebly websites: Add new entries to your personal or fun page using the following ideas: video clips, audio
clips, photos, slideshows, journal entries, poems, letters, stories, etc.
Literacy: Use Story Bird to write another story and share with your classmates on the Smartboard.