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045330 Simulation Laboratory

D. R. Lewin 2004

Lesson 3: Selecting Thermo Package/Adjust

The selection of the correct method to estimate VLE (vapor-liquid equilibrium) and
VLLE (vapor-liquid-liquid equilibrium) thermodynamic relationships is crucial for
meaningful process simulation. In this lesson, we shall learn how to apply several
recommendations to help us get this right. In the second part of the lesson, we shall review
more methods to control the results of simulations, namely the usage of Adjust.

step: Start by reviewing the module on Physical Property Estimation Package
Selection. Compare the recommendations suggested by Bob Seader and Eric
Carlson for the appropriate thermo package for a mixture of water- and ethanol at
2 bar. For this mixture, construct a T-x-y diagram using the HYSYS-Excel macro
(see the link: HYSYS - ). Make sure that you save a copy of
your simulation, for possible future use.

step: It is often desirable to force HYSYS to converge a process at a desired value of
an output or parameter. For example, we can manipulate the length of a plug
flow reactor so that the conversion is at the desired value, or to manipulate the
purge stream in a recycle process to fix the amount of impurities in the recycle
stream. These manipulations are performed in HYSYS using the adjust object.
Review the module describing its use (Review the module Getting Started in
HYSYS Convergence of Simulation Adjust):

step: Complete WebCT Quiz 3, to test what you have learned so far. You need to pass
this test to be able to move onto more advanced materials next week.