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11/11/09 11:14 PM

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Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?
like if you are pregnant with a baby girl, and you have sex while you are pregnant, can the sperm go up in there and impregnate the baby?
2 months ago ( 2009-09-22 01:46:26 )


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The baby can get pregnant only if it's a female. If you suspect that your baby is pregnant, try not to have sex again. You run the risk of getting your baby's baby pregnant and that can lead to complications like an infinite loop.

2 months ago ( 2009-09-23 23:37:35 )

12% 9 Votes Hennessy chloesam… sup /b/ Lizard_L… a baby can be born pregnant under ONE circumstance: if you are an aphid. (look it up). Doyle No your baby cannot get pregnant at this point. But however, judging your intelligence, wait like 11 years and the probability is like 90% she will become pregnant. Source: KittyFlo… Please tell me you're not asking because you actually are pregnant. Under no circumstance should you be allowed to breed. MissSpid… I agree with the non-breeding suggestions you're being given IF this is a REAL question. Yikes >< Too many problems in this world! that's why people shouldn't get their information from the internet!! sαrαh.♥ Oh yeaaah!! my parents had sex when I was in my moms womb.. and when mom gave birth to me, I had a big stomach, and I had my baby about 5 months later... i had a girl named Emma. she's 5 months younger than me. I love her to bits. she's a big part of my life. (: RETARD. Page 1 of 6

Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant? - Yahoo! Answers

11/11/09 11:14 PM

Carl R Not only can your baby get pregnant, but it will probably start smoking and eating velveta cheese and watching Jerry Springer. This is what happens when you are immoral and horny. Only a matter of time before there are Singles bars called "The Womb" and then gambling and sodomy will follow. N babies (in this case called fetus) can't get pregnant..if so, then they'll be all over the news...what a dumb question..and yet people answered yes...dumbass..what's next? a male baby cumming from inside of his mother?? Gloria Wow... just wow. Babies.. can't get pregnant. Wow. Livs lol Matthew I should mention that the "infinite chain of fetuses" terminates when the level of resolution becomes comparable to the size of a single water molecule, at which point further impregnations are impossible until the babies all grow a little. At most 16 nested babies can be carried this way. evil1dwk Yo dawg. I herd you like babies. So we put a baby in yo baby so you can have a baby while you havin a baby. Tyciol I am inspired with hope that Treena is procreating. lalala hahahaha i don't see why people are commenting this when it's an obvious joke, and i was like um what, but then i saw the "yo dawg" comment and i had to comment just so i could approve with said comment Texican8… just as scary is the fact thta she's given the "best answer" for over 30 questions. Someone out there is relying on her for answers. eeekk!!! menab0t Brilliant! Eh Wha? I concur with lalala. I approve of Matthews comment as well When I read questions like this- whether this one is joke or not- all I can think is, why does something tell me Idiocracy is a watered down version of what the future could look like? Nikon Thanks Anon...that will /b/ all.

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I promise you that this is 100% impossible! For starters, your baby is surrounded by the amniotic sac, which keeps germs and other things, like sperm in this case, away from your baby. Second, IF your membranes are ruptured, (in which case you are not supposed to have sex at this point or insert ANYTHING into your vagina due to risk of severe uterine infection) and IF you had sex while your membranes were ruptured, the baby could not get pregnant. Her reproductive system is not mature yet and she is definitely not ovulating yet. Please do not ever have sex after your membranes have ruptured!!
2 months ago ( 2009-09-22 13:23:37 )

11% 8 Votes whinie_p Yes, unfortunately. The only solution to this is to essentially abort the baby and then have your baby abort its own baby. This is what is called a "double abortion." It is a very rare case, and in consequence, a very painful procedure. If the double abortion does not occur, what could happen will be worse. When a woman is pregnant, she is feeding herself and her fetus, but when the fetus is Page 2 of 6

Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant? - Yahoo! Answers

11/11/09 11:14 PM

impregnated, the mother is essentially feeding herself, and two fetuses, therefore both fetuses could develop at the same rate. The result would be catastrophic. While the mother is giving birth, the baby could concurrently give birth to its own fetus, causing both babies to die soon after.
1 month ago ( 2009-09-29 08:51:55 )

0% 0 Votes Truth actually, yes, the baby can become impregnated. contrary to popular belief, the fetus is at its primitive stage for fertility, thus causing you to impregnate your baby. also, the undetermined gender of the fetus will automatically make it a female since the sperm is touching it, yanno? in result, you will be stuck with two babies, but not with the kind of luck of having twins. you will mother and grandmother those kids.

the inernet
2 months ago ( 2009-09-24 06:37:44 )

0% 0 Votes janetand... That is the saddest question I've ever read. I hope it's not for real. Jeez. No, a baby cannot get pregnant, particularly in utero. For one thing, a female generally has to start menstruating before she has the ability to get pregnant so her womb grows and sheds the menstrual lining that an embryo attaches to. She would usually have to ovulate to get pregnant. For the second, a fetus grows inside an amniotic sac that is enclosed and filled with fluid. Nothing can get inside, not even sperm. This question just can't be for real. Someone can't be that stupid.
1 month ago ( 2009-09-27 07:39:41 )

0% 0 Votes amy_leat... You're blond. That explains everything. Okay sorry for the dumb comment. There is no way your unborn baby (called a fetus in the medical world) would get pregnant. Why? 1) The fetus is surrounded by an amniotic sac which keeps all foreign materials away 2) The baby doesn't not have a functional reproductive system yet 3) She does not ovulute

Doctor wanna be
1 month ago ( 2009-09-27 16:24:31 )

0% 0 Votes Anonymou...

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Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant? - Yahoo! Answers

11/11/09 11:14 PM

The answer is yes. Also, if you're pregnant with a baby boy and a baby girl, then they too can copulate and impregnate each other. If you're pregnant with a baby boy, it's highly likely that the baby boy will impregnate you again and you'll have babies at different stages in the womb...semi fraternal twins. Careful though, if the baby boy fathers a fetal girl, he will try to impregnate her as well.
2 months ago ( 2009-09-24 05:52:47 )

0% 0 Votes Slooop YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT. I had sex with a pregnant chick yesterday and her baby boy got pregnant with twins. the twins then had sex inside the first baby causing one of the twins to have quadruplets. the quadruplets all had an orgy and two of them are now pregnant with octuplets. This chick is going to be a mother in 9 weeks, grandmother in 9 months, a great-grandmother in 10 month, and a great-great grandmother in 11 months. The best part is that she's only 19. By the way, the only thing wrong with this form of baby birth is that now all the children will come out with webbed toes,wings, and huge sexual organs. Good luck with getting you baby pregnant Your friend, Santa Claus
2 months ago ( 2009-09-25 22:14:18 )

0% 0 Votes Sexymama... Don't listen to these people - they're trying to set you up. The answer is yes, it can get pregnant. When this happens - the baby doesn't get born the natural way. It will eject out of your stomach (or sometimes out of your chest). This is because there is not enough room for 2 babies to be born the natural way (when one baby is inside another). With twins/triplets its ok. Giving birth this way is extremely painful, and is usually fatal. If you've ever seen the movie Aliens - its a bit like that. Its called a cesarean gastro birth. Ask your doctor about it. That's why you sometimes see women with huge scars up their stomachs. Its where the skin split and the baby ejected from. If you don't want your baby to get pregnant - try swallowing instead. That way your stomach acids will kills the sperm, before it can impregnant your own unborn child.

2 months ago ( 2009-09-24 05:13:41 )

0% 0 Votes Dreamens... Don't be fooled by all of these other answers. Your baby CAN get pregnant! My doctor assured me that me and my husband can have sex without impregnating the baby. Well we did. After my baby was about 4 weeks old, she started complaining that she hadn't got her period yet. She usually gets her period a week before me, so I had already gotten my period.... we knew something was strange. So we took her to the doctor and found out that she was pregnant. She decided to keep it. So by the time my baby is 9 months old, she will be a mother. She's young, but I promised to help her out. These other comments are wrong! Use protection!

My baby got pregnant. Page 4 of 6

Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant? - Yahoo! Answers

11/11/09 11:14 PM

1 month ago ( 2009-09-26 19:30:21 )

0% 0 Votes Flingybu... Usually no - but I have heard reports that if you sex while being bombarded with gamma radiation, and your unborn daughter is destined to grow up to lead a resistance against robot overlords - then she might get pregnant while inside the womb. Otherwise - you're safe.

Every scifi movie written.
2 months ago ( 2009-09-24 06:06:44 )

0% 0 Votes Dark YES!!!! It so happens that I am pregnant at the moment and me an my partner had sex on a few occasions, now my baby is pregnant with twins and is only 3 weeks behind me for the birth we are all very excited , some more great news is as I have been eating alot of sushi all 3 babies have a high chance of speaking fluent Japanese. We look forward to what the future holds as I will be a new mother an new nana in the space of a month.
2 months ago ( 2009-09-25 07:53:56 )

0% 0 Votes Nickie M It is indeed a very good question and I think it's YES. The greatest thing is that you are on the way to be a father & a grand father at the same time. More over your granddaughter can also get pregnant. So on so forth. A chain will be created which will consists of infinite children(provided all the female).
1 month ago ( 2009-09-30 04:22:41 )

0% 0 Votes Peter P yes, yes it can. It will grow so big that your baby will blow up and you will end up raising your grandchild instead of your child. If you're not carefull, that baby will blow up too and then you will have to raise your great-grandchild. If in 9 months, that baby doesn't blow up, you are probably in the clear.
2 months ago ( 2009-09-25 16:28:51 )

0% 0 Votes Jenna's baby 2/7/10 IT ABSOLUTELY CAN! I am a baby. I'm 7 months old and 6 months pregnant. My father is the baby's daddy and my mom is going to be a grandma 10 months having her first kid. Do you understand what kind of strain this puts on me? I'm going to have to bypass my whole education! I've been working drive-thru @ Burger King since I was 3 months old! WTF FML.
2 months ago ( 2009-09-24 08:18:27 )

1% 1 Vote Charles Stone

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Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant? - Yahoo! Answers

11/11/09 11:14 PM

To those who are saying that recent incident where the woman got pregnant while she was pregnant is an answer to this is not. The FETUS did not get pregnant. She ovulated again and the egg got fertilized so its two SEPARATE babies. So the answer to this question would
2 months ago ( 2009-09-25 07:10:03 )

0% 0 Votes FineTwin... Of course It can. My sister had sex when she was pregnant (her second trimester), so now the baby isn't even born yet and it's already in it's first trimester. My sister is really pissed since she's gonna be a grandma now, and she's only 17 :/
2 months ago ( 2009-09-24 08:39:12 )

0% 0 Votes Al Your retarded. Firstly the baby hasn't had its first period, so it can not get pregnant. PERIOD. Secondly, your just retarded...

Common sense, and "knocked up" they have a lovely conversation about it :P
2 months ago ( 2009-09-22 01:50:37 )

7% 5 Votes i_trust_...

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