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News Release
May 15, 2014
Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, 0917!50459
B"#"N M$N" C%N&'MN( )"*'(* C+,N'('
,NC$R(,%N ,N -+ *'RR,*%R#
Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares today hit the Chinese government for its reclamation
activities in Mabini Reef further heightening the tension in the region.
We condemn the continuing incursion of China in the West Philippine sea especially
since it has refused the peaceful resolution of the dispute thru the arbitral tribunal under the
United Nations Convention on the a! of the "ea #UNC$"%. &his is another affront to our
sovereignty and should be added to the pieces of evidence !e already submitted to the
'nternational &ribunal on the a! of the "ea #'&$"%() said the senior deputy minority leader.
We *ust have to be careful that this rene!ed aggressiveness of the Chinese !ould not be
used by pro+U" officials to *ustify the ,nhanced -efense Cooperation .greement #,-C.%
because as it is even !ith the Mutual -efense &reaty #M-&% and the /isiting 0orces .greement
#/0.% the U" has done nothing to defend our country. Because of its enormous business and
trade interest in China( !hen push comes to shove the U" !ill side !ith China not the
Philippines() he added.
We must again assert our sovereignty in Mabini Reef( especially no! that it is the
birth anniversary of .polinario Mabini from !hom the reef !as named and one of our
nationalist heroes. We must do him proud for giving his all to defend our country() ended Rep.
Colmenares. 444
C"R) ")"
-u.lic ,nforma/ion %fficer