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Lesson Objectives

Students will develop a basic understanding of maps

and their purpose.
Students will understand where they are on a map in
regards to their school, town, state, country and the
Students will understand that maps are a form of art
and create their own maps.

What is a map?
A map can show continents, countries, states, and
cities, or show the roads and landmarks of a town.
It can show bus routes or subway lines, different
landforms, kinds of natural resources, or show
different temperatures in a specific area.
Maps can help you navigate an area, or find your
way around.
Town: an urban area that has a name, defined
boundaries, and local government
State: an area that is considered as an organized
political community under one government
Country: a large area, bigger than a state with its own
Globe- the Earth
Google Maps
Day 2
Can maps be
considered art?

Birds eye view
What do things look like from above?
A map is what a bird would see if it looked down from
the sky.

Its your turn to draw your
own map!