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Homework Worksheet on Speed and Velocity

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Show all work on a separate piece of paper. Show all 3 steps, circle answer and remember the unit.
1. A kayak races 100 m in 50 s. What is its aera!e speed"
#. At the speed o$ #.5 m%s& how many seconds will it take the kayak to r'n a (500 m co'rse"
). When the kayak races downstream& its speed is clocked at ) m%s. How $ar does the kayak trael in )5 s"
(. How $ar does the kayak& traelin! at )m%s trael in one ho'r * chan!e to seconds $irst+"
5. A $amily ,ackpackin! in -osemite National Park took 5 ho'rs to clim, a trail ..5 km lon!. What was
their aera!e speed"
/. When it was time to leae& the $amily co'ld only drie at /0 km%h in the park& how lon! did it take them
to drie the #.0 km home"
.. -o' took a car trip with yo'r $amily to isit relaties who lie .#0 km away. 0he trip took 1 ho'rs& how
$ast did yo' trael"
2. 3$ yo' trael 50 km east in # ho'rs& what is yo'r elocity"
1. 0he tra$$ic on the hi!hway is moin! at 10 km%h. At this rate& how lon! will it take yo' to trael )/0 km"
10. 3$ a r'nner maintains a speed o$ 5 m%s& how $ar can he r'n in 10 min'tes *chan!e to seconds $irst+"