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Total cost is sum of ( SAP license cost + AWS H/W provising cost )
0.99$/hr varies depedendent of country of host a
nd h/w capacity )
Also available
Some of H/W types avialable which are optimal for SAP HANA usage.
Computer optimized C3- MAX ( 32 CPU, 60 RAM, 640GB storage ).
Memory optimized R3- MAX ( 32 CPU, 244 RAM, 640 GB storage)
Storage optimized I2- MAX ( 32 CPU, 244 RAM, 6400 GB storage )
On demand: is like, If we don't want to use the sytem for more ours and shutdown
the system in off business hours, if that is the case we should go for on-deman
d billing.
As pay free for any hour usage, the hourly cost is bit more when compared the ca
culated reserverd fee per hour
Reserverd Instances (24 hours a day ): Upfrond pay for one year / 3 years ( Onc
e paid, frees canbe be refunded )