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EQUIPMENT is climbing
Singing Rock is a Czech company New and original solutions need to Singing Rock is climbing - this credo Some of them have later continued
producing climbing gear be protected by patents. Climbing absolutely fits. Company is situated to the high mountains. Singing
and caving ropes utilizing Route44 in Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) Rock team altogether over
Two Czech climbers and a Belgian technology or harness buckle among Bohemian Paradise and climbed hundreds of kilometers
salesman founded Singing Rock back system Rock&Lock, are two sand stones rock labyrinths (Ostaš, and fell down hundreds of falls.
in 1992. During first decade of examples of innovative approach Teplické Rocks and Adršpach It means that before you get the
production Singing Rock owners of Singing Rock's design team. Rocks). Most of our staff are harness, rope or carabiner it had
succeeded in setting up the Our innovations can no way climbers, skialpinists or canyonists. to pass real “purgatory”...
up-to-date production with most be labeled as just marketing “Crazy cools” with ice axes, haul Supported by team of top climbers
modern machinery. gimmick. These are highly functional bags, ski and paddles. Most of them and mountaineers (Dušan Janák,
Harnesses and ropes are two main solutions that are making climbers started to make their first steps in M. & Š. Stráníci, Luboš Mázl,
product groups that are helping to happy. Sales presentation and sand stones labyrinths of Bohemian Jitka Mázlová, Jan Říha - blind
spread great reputation of Singing technological ability are putting Paradise and hard granite of Jizera climber, speleoexperts from KOTA
Rock throughout climbing Singing Rock amongst market Mountains. 1000, Czech mountain guides
community. In order to have leaders. and others) we are able to move
complete range for almost every evolution and develop functional
customer, Singing Rock also We have pure joy of bringing fresh as well as high quality climbing
produces anchoring and belaying air in our interesting industry. equipment.
devices, carabiners, pulleys etc.
Design team prepares prototypes, Singing Rock is here to bring
does careful pre-production testing you quality and high-functional
with climbing gear and also with equipment.
gear for caving, work at height, fire
brigade and rescue activities. The employee of SINGING ROCK



6 14 23 24 30 34 39 42
harnesses ropes helmets carabiners express sets anchors accessories fashion
maillons via ferrata sets belay devices chalk bags

permanent innovation

photo: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák
Ein, zwei, dry
permanent dry
Selected SINGING ROPES are produ-
ced with a DuPontTM TEFLON® fab-
ric protector license. Ropes protected
by a TEFLON® layer have extraordi- Rock&Lock ThERMOTRANSFER
nary water and abrasion resistance. patented smart buckle system Thermotransfer end marking of Singing
The TEFLON® layer also effectively BMI Easy to lock and open: Only small Rock ropes. Thermo-transfer etiquette
prevents the intrusion of dust partic- the adjusting system effort of your fingers is needed to is the special plastic etiquette
Revolutionary size adjusting system lock and open. applied to the rope sheath by the
les into the rope structure and thus At half of the length, the rope is
increases its lifespan. by SINGING ROCK. • Fast lace-through: Make the loop, means of heat and pressure.
This marking id durable and does visibly marked by colour, which
You can easily adjust free end put it through the buckle frame, hook
not create any broad forms on ends does not affect the core structure
of your waistbelt padding and fix it the loop on cross bar and tighten.
Special Key-lock in the right position and minimize It is easy as that. Route 44 of ropes which can stack anywhere and its mechanical properties.
TEFLON® for easy manipulation so called “sticking out” of padding • Smart function: Rock&Lock allows experience the touch of the future very easy e.g. pulling down rope from
The rope is protected with a very Key lock is an extremly simple and incl. the first gear loop in the line. you to put on your harness very Route 44 is unique technology rappel station and so on.
stable organic resin based on organic ingenious locking system that solves Suitable for situation as losing or quickly invented and patented by Singing
fluoridated polymers. The resulting the problems associated with the putting on your weight, putting more • Double safety: Webbing cannot slip Rock. It opens new horizons for
protective film reduces the surface traditional design of carabiners. dresses or changing of your climbing through Rock&Lock due to safety braiding of climbing and static ropes.
energy of the textile material It eliminates any risk of ropes or seasons. The best position is when loop at the end. Spontaneous Route 44 technology allows blending
so much that it not only repels water, tapes becoming entangled in the opening of Rock&Lock is virtually of properties that were considered ULTRASONIC
but fatty substances as well. It also lever or in the carabiner shell when impossible. impossible before. Rope braided by an excellent way of rope ending
prevents the penetration of dust it is being connected or released. • Lightweight and extra strong. using Route 44 technology is more Our own special technology has
particles into the internal structure Neither the lever, which is completely • Excellent function in all-season compact, softer and above all it is been used for the ends of the Hot forging
of the rope, protecting the inside cylindrical, nor the shell has any conditions: Function guaranteed even more durable than conventional rope. rope. The latest technology in manufacturing
of the rope from damage. sharp edges. Ropes and slings when webbing is wet or frozen. All that is achieved by making no All SINGING ROCK ropes are ended carabiners, where the aluminum alloy
The TEFLON® layer gives our ropes do not, therefore, come into contact compromises in using correct sheath by a unique technology ULTRASONIC. is heated to reach very plastic state
superior properties for use, especially with any cutting edges. Only small effort of your fingers thickness, which is round-braided by It means that the load-bearing core when being forged, in other words
in damp or abrasive environments is needed to lock and open. 44 carriers. These features combine and the protective sheath are joined when it takes the final shape. This
where ordinary ropes are vulnerable to give you better rope. into a compact unit in the last 15 allows the metal to be formed more
to serious damage. So, dynamic mm of the rope. easily and to be moved to the areas
ropes with EIN, ZWEI, DRY finishing where it is needed and removed from
have higher safety and longer life buckle lies on padding and BMI the areas where it is not needed.
than ever before. system doesn’t allow gear loops 1. Make the loop and put it through In comparison with cold forged
to get out. the buckle frame. binners the hot forged binners are
lighter, more resistant and trustily.

2. Hook the loop on cross bar.

3. Tighten.

It is easy as that.

4 5

It was a relation between a man who handles
sponsoring in the Company (me) and a boy
(the sponsored climber) who climbs rocks and
likes mountains. Singing Rock Company pro-
vides Honza with climbing equipment. Honza
provides the rest on his own. All that was
changed at Prachov last weekend.
As I was "leading" Honza to the rock, thoughts
were running through my head: "Who is going
to belay me? I can’t fall down! Shall I take
another rope?" The beginning, however, unde-
ceived me immediately. With confidence he put
the rope into the bucket while asking briefly
about the start. All that calmed me down so
VERDICT C5021 AURA C5023 ATTACK C5020 I do not look back and climb up. The only thing
that worries me is just my climbing on the wall.
new new new
The route (the Eastern edge to Šlikovka)

PHOTO: Nathan Smith
high-performance sport climbing harness woman’s climbing and mountaineering sit harness all-around sit harness is obviously about obligatory grips. From a hole
• super light • comfortable and lightweight • comfortable, durable and affordable to a hole. Unsteady feet...
• ergonomic design • bullhorn waist belt • reinforced tie-in points I made the stand by the second ring. I intended
• double waist belt - air circulation in rear area • reinforced tie-in points • belay loop - red colour - reduced risk of wrong tying-in to make some shots of Honza and to have
• reinforced tie-in points • belay loop - red colour - reduced risk of wrong tying-in • 3 rock&lock smart buckles a view of him. When belaying Honza lets
• belay loop - red colour - reduced risk of wrong tying-in • adjustable leg loops • removable rear stretch straps the rope absolutely naturally run through his
• leg loops size adjustment with elastic straps
• removable rear stretch straps
• 3 rock&lock smart buckles
• removable rear stretch straps
• slots for placing additional material carabiners
• BMI adjusting system
HONZA hands so that there would be no knot. Honza
roped himself. "I'm coming!“ resounded from
the rock foot. Honza got through the chimney
• haul loop • slots for placing additional material carabiners • gear loops: 4
• slots for placing additional material carabiners
• 1 rock&lock smart buckle
• BMI adjusting system
• gear loops: 4
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Weight – M size: 460 g (± 15 g) • 16,2 oz (± 0,5oz)
ŘÍHA and reached the clock and ring without any
problems. I can’t believe this man can’t see.
• BMI adjusting system Size: XS, S, M, L He simply feels the structure with his hands
• gear loops: 4 Weight – M size: 445 g (± 15 g) • 15,7 oz (± 0,5 oz) CE • EN 12277 • My name is Jan Říha, I’d like share my "climbing" experience with you. very softly and hits the right grip! –
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL I was born on September 9, 1976 in Olbramovice, now I live in in a moment, I had him with me. It is quite
CE • EN 12277 •
Weight – M size: 395 g (± 15g) • 13,9 oz (± 0,5oz) Prague. easy. There used to be a stand around
This harness got AlpinTipp award This harness got AlpinTipp award I was born visually handicapped. After having finished the primary the third ring. It is a kind of boulder over
CE • EN 12277 • in independent leading test of german in independent leading test of german
mountain magazin Alpin 4/2009. mountain magazin Alpin 4/2009 school where I was actively engaged in skiing, swimming, and athlet- it. I made a stand at the edge to have a good
ics, I attended a vocational school for visually handicapped youth. viewpoint. Honza disconnected the third ring.
Now, I am an employee of the Office of the President of the Republic We discussed the tactics a bit and Honza
where I am employed as an independent officer. started climbing. Surprise, surprise! He is climb-
I am a member of climbing team HUMANITA. ing absolutely the same way I do! Side grip.
As the time went by, I realized slowly but surely that I couldn't only Little hole. And it sounds unbelievably: "He
pity myself but that I wanted to show to people around and first of all is hanging his heel, too!". Just two more steps
to myself, that I could achieve great things. The destiny passed me an and he is with me. It is so easy.
accident which showed me the way. At the vocational school, I got in We are sitting at the belaying ring and Honza
touch with an indoor wall and that was the beginning of all the rest. is untying himself while preparing the rappel
At the beginning, I was conquering indoor walls of various difficulties as if it was the most usual thing he does.
while patiently getting ready for the D-Day - for the precious moment He just asks me where to throw it and
when I would be allowed to touch a real rock. And that moment did the next moment it is falling down. The rappel
come one day. I did climb that rock. I did it and the feeling I had was itself is the highest point of all that. I left him
beyond price. At last, I had the feeling that I did belong to somewhere. alone at the tower. He did everything just by
I climb as the second climber since I cannot belay as the first one. I himself.
am fully aware of being dependent on the group giving me clues So, in conclusion: we climbed a few more
about cracks in the rock. I can find them without their help but it routes and all of them were quite an experi-
takes some time. Then I am quite tired and I lose much energy with ence for me. Place Honza to a rock, he will
that. Provided that expresses and pitons are prepared, I can climb as manage the rest by himself.
the first one. Vojtěch Dvořák, summer 2005

6 7

SINGING ROCK That day we climbed just torsos of these routes.
The third day was supposed to be the D-day. I roped

IN NORWAY down with Vašek into the claustrophobic kettle of
Rjukan Waterfall (since 1911 tied up by a water
power plant). Upper Gorge Area, Lipton Sector.
“Sex-shop? Did you say sex-shop?” We wanted to storm into Lipton.
“That’s where we’ll start.”
“What do you mean?” Lipton WI 7
“Well, we’ll leave our car there. That’s where Řeznice 4 lengths
(Butcher) will come and take us to the airport.” At the very end of the kettle in a narrow flume you’ll
“Řeznice (Butcher) is a lady working in the sex-shop?” find the world’s classic. The start is from a chimney
“No. She’s a friend of ours.” (sometimes a mix start). Climb as you can on the
thin ice up to the stand under a huge roof. To the
Our friend kept on phoning while driving. At a cross- right. Belay with two friends. Just a few acrobatic
road, cops arrived from the left. Our friend was trying steps and you are on a good ice… sound climbing.
to clear the way for them. She put the car into The first pillar usually comes off twice a year. Have
reverse and landed in a car standing behind us. a safe flight! The route from 1995.
Then she just blurted into the phone: “So now However, icicles were leaking terribly. Even Vašek
they’ve got me”, and dropped the mobile phone into (an artificial tool) got easily persuaded and we did
her lap… not go to Lipton. We were standing in the kettle
But the policemen had no time to arrest anyone being spattered by water coming from everywhere. ALLROUTE C5015 BALANCE C5018 ZEAL C5016
as they were probably taking a young delinquent (Later on, we got to know that Lipton had such good
(sitting in the back behind the bars) for a baton
new new new
conditions this winter that it has been reassessed as
goulash. WI5.) multi-purpose fully adjustable sit harness climbing and mountaineering sit harness ultimate big wall sit harness
At the check in we managed to squeeze 1/8 of • reinforced tie-in points • light and ergonomic design • ultra comfortable
butter into our luggage (note: it is not a gel for our Oppdal • belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in • reinforced tie-in points • reinforced tie-in points
own need), as well as rolls, crab salad, some Pilsners We arrived about midnight. Rune was waiting for us • slots for placing additional material carabiners • belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in • belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in
and two bottles of slivovitz. Balanced that well, we by the VPG shop (Vertical Playground). Rune and • haul loop • adjustable leg loops • haul loop
took off heavenwards. Trygve are young guys involved in outdoor, climbing, • 4 rock&lock smart buckles • double waist belt - air circulation in rear area • double waist belt - air circulation in rear area
drafting and skiing. • removable rear stretch straps • haul loop • rock&lock smart buckles
Rjukan Rune was given a welcome present, a bottle of • double waist belt - air circulation in rear area • removable rear stretch straps • removable rear stretch straps
The key was under the doormat indeed. It is about slivovitz. We interchanged some courtesies and • slots for placing additional material carabiners • slots for placing additional material carabiners • slots for placing additional material carabiners
two past midnight. We are at the place. From Oslo arranged a morning coffee in the office and a joint • BMI adjusting system • 3 rock&lock smart buckles • BMI adjusting system
to Rjukan it was some four hours by car. climbing and skiing. • gear loops: 4 • BMI adjusting system • gear loops: 5
The following day we woke up a bit later. Having The guys took care of us and showed us some local
managed the accommodation formalities we went Size: S, M/L, XL • gear loops: 4 Size: S, M/L, XL
spots-to-know and climbed a number of ices with us.
to check the local ices. It is warm and the conditions Weight – M size: 540 g (± 15 g) • 19,1 oz (± 0,5 oz) Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Weight – M/L size: 630 g (± 15 g) • 22,2 oz (± 0,5 oz)
Once again, Vašek confirmed his physical readiness
do not wish us well. Nevertheless, we make some Weight – size M: 465 g (± 15 g) • 16,402 oz (± 0,5 oz)
and climbed OS a 14 day’s old project (M9). All we
attempts in Krokan Tipp and Topp Area. First, some- others were just tottering those WI fours and fives CE • EN 12277 • CE • EN 12277 • CE • EN 12277 •
thing easier, Bullen WI3, Kjokentrappa WI4 ... and of ours. It was mostly one-length climbing.
gradually we step on the gas. Vašek’s M10 Fission TV-Fossen WI3/WI4+, Nye Sko M9+, Bratt'n i gjelet
in the sector Fission Bowl is the final home straight. WI4, Litj bratt'n WI4, Brudetrusa WI4-
For the second attempt. With the first one, he got Brudgomsbjřlla WI4/WI5-, Hĺrek WI5
lost and reached another abseiling ring. Rune invited us twice to his place for dinner and
I have seen a plane reversing and a snake spewing he really excelled with his splendid pasta and rice.
but a half-an-hour shake-out in arms only here. We prepared a splendid sauce: 12 Pilsners.
So that’s what Václav showed us. We give thanks to the guys from VPG for their
And then we had some little shaking-out after that hospitality.
awful hardcore in Two Assholes and Five Nice Bolts To the girl at the airport inspection in Oslo for
outside M6. making us eat a whole bottle of marvellous cranberry
So during this poetic afternoon, we climbed 5 – 6 marmalade, which I left in my carry-on baggage, with
paths. nothing. To the aircrew of our Czech Airlines plane
The local routes got toughened by two strongmen: for keeping us supplied with beer for which we did
Robert Jasper and Steve Huston. not ask at all. And finally to Řeznice for transporting
The following day, we got whipped back to the area us from the sex-shop to the airport and back.
PHOTO: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák

of Krokan, but to the sector of Arne this time. Also
this sector is known thanks to its routes built by Vojtěch Dvořák, spring 2007
celebrities of ice and mix climbing, S. Huston and More info,
SINGING ROCK R. Jasper. Vašek had looked out the routes Heavy SINGING ROCK staff in Norway
CLIMBING Water M10- and Arne (M9). Unfortunately, there
were ice remains hanging on the routes or simply
EQUIPMENT pitons torn out and fall dampers unstitched!
8 9
Harnesses Canyoning harnesses Speleo harness Chest harness

top C5031 CANYON XP C5030
new new
harness intended for via ferratas, mountains new canyoning harness
and glacier walking • ergonomic design and padded waist belt
• lightweight harness • reinforced tie-in point
PRODIGY C5022 brio C080 • 3 rock&lock smart buckles • belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in digger S010 bobingo C101
new • reinforced tie-in point • 3 rock&lock smart buckles
• belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in • removable sit protector
sit harness for kids Ideal for children or beginners. Our safety buckle • gear loops: 1 • gear loops: 2 speleo harness chest harness
• ergonomic design system eliminates the possibility of bad strap lacing- Size: UNI Size: S, M/L, XL • ergonomic design Bobingo is designed to be used together with a sit
• reinforced tie-in points through or total opening of the buckle. The Brio Weight: size UNI: 370 g (± 15 g) • 13,05 oz (± 0,5 oz) Weight: 575 g (± 15 g) • 20,3 oz (± 0,5 oz) • fully adjustable waistbelt and leg loops harness, optimising body position while hanging or
• belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in comes in new modern colour design with respect to CE • EN 12277 • CE • EN 12277 • • abrasion resistant cover on exposed parts falling.
• 3 rock&lock smart buckles maximum safety. Designed for gym climbing, top rope • two special textile loops for light battery placing Do not use chest harness alone!
• removable rear stretch straps and via ferrata, manufactured just as one uni size. • attachment point for jumar tightening strap Size: UNI
• slots for placing additional material carabiners The Brio one size fits to everybody who likes to get top padded C5032 top CANYON C5029 • specially designed metal triangles for maillon placing Weight: size UNI: 240 g (± 15 g) • 8,5 oz (± 0,5 oz)
• BMI adjusting system maximum safety at an outstanding price. Size: UNI CE 0123 • EN 12277 • UIAA CE • EN 12277 •
new new
• gear loops: 2 • reinforced tie-in points Weight: size UNI: 645 g (± 15 g) • 22,3 oz (± 0,5 oz)
Size: K1, K2 • belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in harness intended for via ferratas, mountains new canyoning harness Maillon rapid is not included.
Weight – K2 size: 395 g (± 15 g) • 13,9 oz (± 0,5 oz) • color contradistinction eliminates bad putting on and glacier walking • lightweight CE • EN 12277 •
• 3 safety double buckles • lightweight padded harness on leg loops for comfort • no padding
CE • EN 12277 • • gear loops: 1 • 3 rock&lock smart buckles • smart buckles Rock&Lock
Size: UNI • reinforced tie-in point • reinforced tie-in point
Weight: size UNI: 445 g (± 15 g) • 15,7 oz (± 0,5 oz) • belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in • belay loop - red color - reduced risk of wrong tying-in
• safety (bomb proof) gear loop • removable sit protector
CE • EN 12277 •
Size: UNI • gear loops: 1
Weight: size UNI: 380 g (± 15 g) • 13,4 oz (± 0,5 oz) Size: UNI
Weight: size UNI: 380 g (± 15 g)
CE • EN 12277 • • 13,4 oz (± 0,5 oz) + SIT PROTECTOR packet ferrata M0008
CE • EN 12277 •

+ +
Top Easy Go lock Terra

10 11
Fullbody harnesses


complete C071 ropedancer C5003BY kid C5014
• step by step to reach the highest peak of our blue In one hour I was sitting at Priut Hut being happy
with others that everything was over. During the night
Full body harness suitable for via ferrata climbing, Full body harness designed specially for rope course Kid full body harness is designed specially for children. Longing is the open gate to everything you were I woke up several times because of my dreams. I was
and for climbing beginners. It stabilizes the body in activities is equipped with various attachment points It stabilizes the child’s body in an upright position, dreaming of. There where is a will there is a way. thinking. I regarded Mount Elbrus as an easy trip,
an upright position, preventing the climber from flipping and with belay loop for rappelling or belying a partner. preventing the child from flipping upside down. It’s a miracle, you know (to a friend), miracle… quickly up and down. In the end, everything turned up
upside down. Smart Rock&Lock buckles improve the Easy to put on and easy to operate double buckles. Designed for children up to 40 kg. differently. Climbing that mountain influenced me a lot.
leg loops adjusting performance. Size: S, M/L, XL Size: UNI Mount Elbrus (5.642 m elevation) is situated One needs to be humble to do such things, I know
Size: UNI Weight: size UNI: 680 g (± 15 g) • 24 oz (± 0,5 oz) Weight: size UNI: 260 g (± 15 g) • 9,17 oz (± 0,5 oz) in the central part of Caucasus. There are two sum- that now.
Weight: size UNI: 505 g (± 15 g) • 17,8 oz (± 0,5 oz) mits (the west and the east one) and it`s of volcanic
origin. According to Osman, the name Elbrus in Balkarian
CE • EN 12277 • CE • EN 361 • EN 813 • CE • EN 12277 • It is the highest point of Russia. Provided that Cauca- language means the peak of thousand peaks or
sus belongs to the European part of Russia it is the king of all kings. Now I have the experience, now
the highest mountain in Europe at the same time. I understand. It’s difficult to find the right words to
The right acclimation there is the best way of the safe managed it. We took a couple of photos and went explain... I could hear the engines of the jet plane,
packet attack M0011
back. We were dragging along, exhausted. I was
ascent because of its elevation. we were flying back home. I woke up by the window
new worried. Suddenly, Jura burst into tears like a child. watching the clouds below. It took me a while to
It was up to Honza as it was his expedition, his We were hugging each other and I took some pictures realise where I was. I was glad that we were back,
mountain, his dream...”Let’s go!” …It was like three for Jura´s daughter till she grows up. We went that Honza was dream is over, longing
steps and break, three steps and break again and on 100 m and that time Honza cried. He was happy goes on...
again…not having enough energy. I was lost in crazy we made it... something unbelievable. That was
the best prize for us. Our effort was worth it.

+ + + + + thoughts and felt really ill…I could hear that song

Longing means to live, to last and not to give up…
Jirka helped me with managing Honza across the
traverse. By the way, Jirka is a policeman from Prague
Longing is the open gate to everything you were
dreaming of. There where is a will there is a way.
It’s a miracle, you know (to a friend), miracle…

If you are knocked down try to stand up again and and it was the first time I realised that their motto Text: Janek Bednařík
Attack Hypnos Buddy Chalk bag Large Chalk bag strap Magnum cube don’t look back… “protect and help” came true. Everybody went as More info
(only S, M, L, XL) K0007EE C0002BBX4 C309 the Swiss watches. Consequently, they were further
Holding arms altogether with Honza, Jura and me and and further from me. At the end of the traverse
doing last three steps…that was it. Our friends were I walked alone. That’s why I sat down on the snow
waiting for us keeping fingers crossed as they could holding a stick as a gondolier from Venice and let
see we were struggling. They were happy that we myself to be exposed to the effect of gravitation...

12 13
Dynamic ropes

glory 9.8 L032 Score 10.1 L036 duran 10.4 L034 wallter 10.4 L035 accord 8.3 L051
new new new
• Single mountaineering rope produced on 44-carrier • Single mountaineering rope produced on 44-carrier • The rope is made by Singing Rock patented • The rope is made by Singing rock patented tech- • Compact rope which allows minimal interfiber
machine (Singing Rock's patented technology). machine (Singing Rock's patented technology). technology R44, which gives to the rope well - nology R44 which gives to the rope well – balan- friction, giving great durability.
This unique technology gives to the rope great High top product with balanced parameters. balanced rate of weight and diameter. ced rate of weight and diameter regarding to the • Tested and certified according to EN 892 standard
handling, rope is compact, low-weight and durability. • Rope is durable and pleasant to use. • All parameters are very much in tune with each thicker sheath as well. All parameters are very requirements as half rope and twin rope.
Rope is easy to knot and unknot as well. other. Rope is therefore very compact. Rope is much in tune with each other. Rope is therefore • Rope's weight, diameter and number of falls are
• All technical parameters are in tune with each • Thermotransfer end marking durable, pleasant to use. Impact force and number very compact. Rope is durable, pleasant to use. balanced in such way that Accord 8,3 can be used
other, giving Glory 9.8 mm great handling. • Middle marking of falls are standard. Impact force and number of falls are standard. both as half and twin rope.
• The rope is compact. Allowing minimal inter-fiber • Ultrasonic ending • The main feature of this rope is thicker sheath with • Rope specially developed and tested for use on • Used in pairs, the climber can choose between the
friction and resulting in the round crosssection. CE 0123 • EN 892 • perfect abrasion resistance. The rope is keeping artificial walls where top roping and short drops twin rope technique or half rope technique with
• Rope is durable and pleasant to use. good handling. The most types of belay devices are are very frequent. The main feature of this rope is respect to momentary situation in the wall.
suitable for belaying. thicker sheath with perfect abrasion resistance. rope bag C0001BBXX
• Thermotransfer end marking • Ideal for areas with rough rocks and indoor The rope is keeping good handling. The most • Thermotransfer end marking • With removable sheet.
• Middle marking climbing types of belay devices are suitable for belaying. • Ultrasonic ending • Dimension of sheet is 137 x 137cm.
• Ultrasonic ending Tested on El Cap in Yosemite valley during ON THE CE 0123 • EN 892 • • Hidden pocket for keys and money.
CE 0123 • EN 892 • SUN 2007 expedition. • Thermotransfer end marking • Shoulder straps are well padded.
• Middle marking • Abrasion resistant material.
• Thermotransfer end marking • Ultrasonic ending • Keeps your rope and gear clean.
• Middle marking CE 0123 • EN 892 • • Extends a lifetime of your rack and rope.
• Ultrasonic ending • Brightly colored loops to keep your rope
CE 0123 • EN 892 • untangled.
Weight: 620g (±15 g)
Color: black

3 table of parameters on page 49

14 15
Dynamic ropes
You’re rushing to the west along an American the belaying devices and helped with lifting up
highway down to the valley that is called the the gear bag.
climbing universe. There is far the best rock We bivouacked twice in the wall and spent the
climbing in the universe there. last night on the top. On the first day we climbed
And it’s us that are speeding right there. We are the first four lengths on the Sickle Ledge where
about to cross TAIOGS PASS in a moment. We’re we left our belongings, the gear bag, and
getting uphill. The road starts twisting. The air is abseiled down. Four days of climbing altogether.
cold. Like in the mountains. We’re opening a car Because of the weight we’ve decided to sleep
window and expose our cheeks to it. only on natural rock ledges. We spent the first
It must be over the turning already. What? My night on the ledge of the Dolt Tower (11th
dream yet. My dream which is within the reach. length), the second night on the ledge of Camp V
We landed in the valley. We stopped right in front (24th length) and the last night on the top.
of El Cap. We joined some of the lengths and so the route
“What does it look like?” asked Honza. took us, by estimation, about 28 rope lengths.
“It’s high. It’s fu….. very high. “ We climbed some lengths 5.9 to 5.10c, including
Honza Říha is probably the second sightless Stoveleg Crack or Pancake Flake, freely.
person in the world to climb El Captain in the
Yosemite National Park in California, via the route Vojtěch Dvořák, summer 2007,
The Nose. more info,
On 17 – 19th August 2007 we managed to climb expedition ON THE SUN 2007
up this legendary route. Of course, due to his
handicap he climbed on the second end of the
rope, he was clearing the rope lengths removing

Foto: Nathan Smith DON
MANIA 9.7 L303 GEMINI 7.9 L302
• Extremely light and robust it is ideal for hard routes
• Tested and certified according to EN 892 standard
onsight, flash or redpointing were every gram requirements as half rope and twin rope.
counts. • Lightweight and top parameters allow wide using:
• With our new special EIN–ZWEI–DRY treatment the Ice climbing and mix routes, glacier and mountains.
MANIA 9.7 is ideal for rock, pumpy routes and Quality without compromise.
extrem ascents in mountains. • TEFLON® is applied on ropes by revolutionary
We used the latest technologies and nanotechnology.
knowledgement of our develop department.
• TEFLON® is applied on ropes by revolutionary • Treatment EIN–ZWEI–DRY
nanotechnology. • Thermotransfer end marking
SBS gives the rope better properties. Every streak • Ultrasonic ending
of the sheath is guided individually, not in a pair CE 0408 • EN 892 •
as usual. The sheath is more resistant against
breakage, but on the other hand it is smoother.

• Treatment EIN–ZWEI–DRY
• Thermotransfer end marking
• Middle marking
• Ultrasonic ending
CE 0408 • EN 892 •

3 table of parameters on page 49

16 17
Static ropes

Firma SINGING ROCK has been supported Czech
mountain guides since 2003.
Some of them have been using, testing and wearing
out our company products most intensively and in the
most challenging conditions.
Thanks to their experience, adventures and suggestions Excellent static ropes of different diameters are
our company is able to work on the reliable and safe intended for rescuing the injured, manipulation
harnesses, carbines and other hardware. with objects and rope access methods for work
Since the foundation of ČAHV (Czech mountain guides at a height.
association) some of the members have risen to They meet the most exacting requirements,
become specialists in rock climbing, ice climbing especially the best quality, that the rescuers,
and mix climbing, the others specialize in skialpinism, firemen, specialists in working at a height
avalanches or free ride and a few of them have been and other professionals require when working
trying to climb the 8000 m peaks. static R44 10,5 static R44 11 every day.
They and their clients help us improve current
L0430WR white L0450WG white
products and produce new ones. CE 0123 • EN 1891 • UIAA
L0430RR red L0450RR red
L0430BB black L0450BB black
3 table of parameters on page 49
L0430KK khaki L0450OO orange

static 10,5 static 11 static 9
L0230WR white L0250WR white L0220WR white
L0230RR red L0250RR red L0220BB black
L0230BB black L0250BB black
L0230KK khaki
PHOTO: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák

18 19
Speleo ropes

speleo R44 10,5 speleo 10,5
L0440WR L0240WR

CE 0123 • EN 1891 • UIAA CE 0123 • EN 1891 • UIAA

3 table of parameters on page 49 3 table of parameters on page 49

The cave explorers lay stress on the maximum abrasion
resistance and on the high rope lifetime. The speleo ropes
SINGING ROCK keep their great qualities even after the usage
in the extreme condition.
The working and speleo ropes meet the ČSN EN 1891
regulations - Semi static ropes with core sheathing. RECORD!

PHOTO: P. Medzihradský
The winter expedition Krubera-Voronja 2007 support-
ed by Singing Rock set up new record in depth.
Accessory ropes The new world record - 2170m and the new Czech
record - 2060m!
The aim of the just finished expedition was to check
farther possibilities of getting along in Blue sump -
1770m and sifon terminus s5 -2140 m. Besides these
Suitable for a multitude of uses, SINGNG ROCK main tasks of the expedition another aim was to
accessory cords are strong and supple. change the old pass of the cave, to fix the new
• easy handling grounding components and to change the ropes for
• strong new ones in some parts of the cave. In addition,
• multitude of uses another intention was to build a steady and comfort-
Material: Polyamide able bivouac seating13 people in the place called
Sandy Beach, the altitude quote -1400m.
CE 0123 • EN 564 • UIAA Within this winter expedition the divers O.Klimchuk
and J.Bazilevský managed to reach the quote 80 m/
-30 m and therefore to set forward the world record Two Czech speleologists Z. Dvořák, O. Štos and the
3 table of parameters on page 49
limits. However, they didn’t manage to break the sifon Slovakian colleague P. Medzihradský participated in
because of the insufficient diving equipment. the expedition. The three of them descended into the
place called Game over which is -2060m deep and
thus set up new Czech and Slovak depth record! They
all spent 110 hours attached to the ropes and contin-
uous 10 days underground when attacking sifon5 or
if you like Game over.

20 21

MASTERS Climbing and mountaineering helmet

Weight: 270 g • 9,524 oz
Size: 51- 60 cm
Shell: polycarbonate
Foam: polystyrene
Three weeks in March spent Dušan „Stoupa“ Janák
and Vašek Šatava (SINGING ROCK TEAM) in Romsdal
Industrial: No
valley in Norway, where is situated one of the biggest
Mountaineering: Yes
European big wall – Troll wall.
Rock climbing: Yes
The central part of the Troll wall´s north face is over
Speleology: No
thousand metres high, rock is quite loose and
weather conditions are usually bad. In short it is an
Light helmet for all climbing activities.
ideal aim for winter holidays. Because of the bad
weather Stoupa and Vašek had to wait for more then
• universal size
one week, however after this period they spent next
• fully adjustable
eight days in the wall opening the new line.
• lightweight
In this time their project finished in the first third
• well ventilated
of the wall where conects the Russian route Baltika,
• four head lamp holders compatible with any headlamp on the market
so just now it´s just a new variant to this already
• five color options
existing route. Vašek and Stoupa would like to
continue their project soon, already in this century.
Terra incognita is the Latin term for "unknown land", used in cartography
They called the project Metal masters according to C0038AB00 for regions that have not been mapped or documented. An urban
the album of hard rock music group Accept, to which TERRA azure legend claims that cartographers labeled such regions with "Here be
listed from their Mp3 player in the wall.
But the name also adequately reflect the character
of aid bigwall climbing with it´s special „metal noise“
and „steel taste“…

PHOTO: coach trade

C0038WB00 C0038OB00 C0038YB00 C0038RB00
TERRA white TERRA orange TERRA yellow TERRA red
22 23

Hot forging Key-lock
The latest technology in manufacturing carabiners, The “nose” of the carabiners is shaped in an ergonomic
where the aluminum alloy is heated to reach very design to avoid gear getting trapped on it.
plastic state when being forged, in other words
when it takes the final shape. This allows the metal Features:
to be formed more easily and to be moved to the • key locks
areas where it is needed and removed from the • ergonomic design
areas where it is not needed. In comparison with • hot forged
cold forged binners the hot forged binners are • forged marking
lighter, more resistant and trustily. • friendly motion of gates


K0011EE00 K0010EE00 K0012EE00
K0011BB00 black matt K0010BB00 black matt K0012BB00 black matt
Robust, universal carabiner with key lock for easy Robust, universal carabiner with bent gate Our smallest screw carabiner for all vertical activites.
clipping on gear loops and effortless handling. for easy rope clipping. For better gear management the gates are
key lock, anodized key lock, anodized in different colors.
25 kN 8 kN 10 kN 25 kN 8 kN 10 kN
gate opening (d) 20 mm • 47 g • 1,65 oz. gate opening (d) 20 mm • 47 g • 1,65 oz. with screw gate, key lock, anodized
CE 1015 • EN 12275 CE 1015 • EN 12275 25 kN 8 kN 10 kN
gate opening (d) 17 mm • 52 g • 1,82 oz.
CE 1015 • EN 12275 • EN 362

K0013EE00 K0020EE00 K0007BB00 black matt
Lighter version of EXTASY carabiner with wire gate. Lighter version of EXTASY carabiner with wire Light and compact HMS carabiner for belaying münter
with wire gate, anodized bent gate. hitch or with tube. For better gear management the
25 kN 8 kN 10 kN with wire gate, anodized gates are in different colors.
gate opening (d) 22 mm • 43 g • 1,51 oz. 25 kN 8 kN 10 kN
CE 1015 • EN 12275 gate opening (d) 22 mm • 43 g • 1,51 oz. with screw gate, key lock, anodized
CE 1015 • EN 12275 22 kN 7 kN 7 kN
gate opening (d) 21,5 mm • 71 g • 2,49 oz.
CE 1015 • EN 12275 • EN 362

K0009EE00 K0025EE00
K0008BB00 black matt
Our lightest carabiner for your most difficulty Our lightest carabiner with bent gate for easy rope
ascents. clipping. Light and compact HMS carabiner for belaying münter
with wire gate, anodized with wire gate, anodized hitch or with tube. For better gear management are
gates in different colors.
25 kN 7 kN 8 kN 25 kN 7 kN 8 kN with twist lock, key lock, anodized
gate opening (d) 19 mm • 33 g • 1,16 oz. gate opening (d) 19 mm • 33 g • 1,16 oz.
CE 1015 • EN 12275 CE 1015 • EN 12275 22 kN 7 kN 7 kN
gate opening (d) 21,5 mm • 75 g • 2,63 oz.
CE 1015 • EN 12275 • EN 362

24 25
light alloy carabiners

K4630PP K4640PP
Carabiner Lock oval Carabiner Lock oval TWL 7. 3. 2007 Luboš Mázl – Majzlík (Singing Rock team)
screw gate, polished
24 kN 10 kN 7 kN
with twist lock, polished
24 kN 10 kN 7 kN
gate opening (d) 19 mm • 80 g
and Venca Šatava (Singing Rock staff) sent the most
difficulty route of Dryland sector in Austria – GAME
OVER M13- (RP)! (Albert Leichtfried's route Game
gate opening (d) 20 mm • 74 g
CE 0639 • EN 12275 • EN 362 CE 0639 • EN 362 Over - Dryland, Innsbruck, Austria).
Jitka Mázlova (Singing Rock team) climbed one of the
most overhanging route in this sector FONTOK M10-
(last year was M11-), with heel spurs. climb and did it “bareback,” with no heel spurs
attached to his crampons.
Game Over, the M13 route in Austria said to be the 13. 3. 2009, Dryland (Aus), Encor M12+/13-
hardest mixed climb in Europe, has received its the ...really bad words went from cave. Mountain goats
K5420PE K5070PP
D big connector screw gate fourth and fifth ascents, including a repeat by the first around did not understand what sort of strange
HMS jumbo
screw gate ascensionist in a more challenging style. inhabitants lived in the cave. What a crazy idea. It
polished / red elox Albert Leichtfried established Game Over in January was the third attempt when Luboš reached the
30 kN 8 kN 9 kN final chain climbing over two great roofs where
22 kN 9 kN 8 kN 2005 in the Drylands area near Innsbruck. In
gate opening (d) 26 mm • 88 g
gate opening (d) 25 mm • 94 g December, the Scottish climber Scott Muir repeated you can be sitting and swinging on your arms,
CE 0639 • EN 362 •
CE 0639 • EN 12275 EN 12275 the route on his first redpoint burn, using the same jumping without using legs and one hand
“comp style” that Leichtfried employed on the first smearing! He did it! It has probably been the
ascent—that is, he used heel spurs for resting on second getting over just after Albert Leichtfried.
holds but not for hanging on his tools. He leaves the evaluation up to others. It wasn’t
Later in the month, inspired by a push among some such a big effort
top climbers to return to the “pure” style of mixed
K4280PP K4290PP climbing’s earlier days, Leichtfried went back to his Written by Jitka Mázlová and Luboš Mázl
D bar carabiner screw D bar carabiner twist lock .
PHOTO: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák
gate with twist lock
with screw gate and captive bar, polished
and captive bar, polished 30 kN 9 kN 11 kN
30 kN 9 kN 11 kN gate opening (d) 19 mm • 81 g
gate opening (d) 19 mm • 76 g CE 0639 • EN 362 • EN 12275
CE 0639 • EN 362 • EN 12275

steel connectors

K4240ZO K4080ZO
oval steel connector D STEEL CONNECTOR SCREW
with screw gate with screw gate, key lock, zinc plated
30 kN 9 kN 8 kN 50 kN 13 kN 20 kN
gate opening (d) 17 mm gate opening (d) 25 mm • 255 g • 9 oz.
zinc-plated • 176 g • 6,21 oz CE 1015 • EN 362
CE 1015 • EN 362

with triple lock gate, key lock, zinc plated
50 kN 13 kN 20 kN
gate opening (d) 25 mm • 267 g • 9,42 oz.
CE 1015 • EN 362

26 27
PHOTO: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák
Steel maillons

maillon big D
THE RIGHT? mini oval
D 6 mm • 4 kN
gate opening (d) 7,5 mm
small oval
D 8 mm • 25 kN
gate opening (d) 11 mm
small delta
D 7 mm • 4 kN
gate opening (d) 11 mm
D 10 mm • 25 kN
gate opening (d) 12 mm
zinc-plated • 144 g • 5,08 oz.
big delta
D 10 mm • 25 kN
gate opening (d) 12 mm
zinc-plated • 33 g • 1,16 oz. zinc-plated • 77 g • 2,72 oz. zinc-plated • 60 g • 2,12 oz. CE 0082 • EN 362 zinc-plated • 151 g • 5,33 oz.
CE 0082 • EN 362 EN 12275 CE 0082 • EN 362
Climbing with Honza Říha in High Tatras, zmrzlá ice climbing. Finally, the four of them got out below the beginning of the route. To get through EN 12275 EN 12275
6. 2. 2008 – 10. 2. 2008 of it on their own and went back to the cottage. the snow was getting more and more difficult. Honza
One of the affected was a girl, who was the champion was scared of avalanche. I tried to calm him down
I was really looking forward to the training in High in static endurance under the water. They said, she and to persuade him that we were only near the flat
Tatras. I had to control my vivid imagination. After had been in the avalanche for more than 30 minutes! beginning. I set up the belay-place just slightly aside
the summer success at El Cap and climbing the big She was OK, only a bit pale. To make sure they sent the beginning of the route. There was water flowing
wall we wanted to take something similar in winter her to the hospital for observation. under the ice. At the end of the ice there were two
conditions. I thought of climbing for more days bolts. I took up Honza at the top. We climbed the ice
in the north wall of Malý Kežmarský štít, of bivouacs Kežmarák a couple of times and Honza also tried climbing
without leashes. On the way back we also tried
Accessory carabiners
and hardship, frost and small avalanches... We set off to tread down the approach to Weberovka.
There was new snow and strong wind. The danger knocking out the pitons and after lunch we trained
The journey of avalanche rose from the level two to three. moving on the iceberg and getting out of the crack.
On Wednesday afternoon I picked Honza up at We only went to the beginning of the climbing There weren’t the ideal conditions for such belaying
the station in Hradec Králové and headed towards route and back again. We went to bed quite early as the ice-axe always plucked out. The skis or full
Svitavy, Hranice, Makov, Žilina, Martin and almost to as we wanted to get out of the cottage in the rucksack would probably be better. At the end K5180EE
Poprad. However, we stopped at the petrol station to morning as soon as possible. We decided for of the day we focused on the pulleys and set up mini D
pass the night in the car. There were a hooker and Kežmarská kopa. We fell asleep immediately. the standing on the tree. Honza tried the pulleys and color mix
a pimp smelling about for a while. Perhaps she want- In the morning the running motors of the electrical handling with prusiks until the dusk. gate opening (d) 17 mm
ed to get into our car. Thats why I trigged my feet unit woke us up. Honza shouted out: “Whats happen- 25 g • 0,88 oz.
against the door and she was unlucky that day not ing? Where am I?” I also didn’t know at first what was The journey back home maximum load 600 kg
having any job. going on. As we were going, we sank into the snow On Sunday the descent took us two and half hours. not for climbing
In the morning we finished our journey in Tatranská up to the waist a couple of times. Otherwise the way On the way we stopped at SINGING ROCK CAFFE K6100BB00
Lomnica. What a shock! It looked like somewhere at was OK. Honza put on his hat, then a hood and a hel- in Tatranská Lomnice, which is a café with a small BUTTERFLY
the seaside resort at the end of the season. met as well, which meant that not only he was blind climbing wall - Wire fastener holds connector in correct
The mountains were covered in fog and you could see but he also couldn’t hear. I soon found out that not As we were walking we had plenty of time for talking position and prevents its loading across
a few isolated trees or chicots and panel buildings. being able to see and on the top of it not to hear over the experiences we had in the mountains. I think the gate. It can be fitted to the following
It took us nearly four hours to get to the cottage. is impossible. He hammered with an ice-axe as we came across Honzas limits there. There is no point Singing Rock connectors:
Honza followed me by listening to my footsteps. a furious miner. Even handling two ropes was harder. in climbing like that in winter. We both agreed K4080, K4081, K5070, K5330, K5420.
Climbing and using the ice-axes and crampons was on the best way of climbing for him which is just rock K5050EE
The avalanche the worst. Its almost impossible for Honza to climb climbing or mountaineering. mini pear
It was in front of the hut Brnčálka when the helicop- more rocky parts without having touch and visual color mix • 8 g • 0,28 oz.
ter passed by. It was so close that Honza jumped check. Those parts without turfs are typical for High Why: “OK from the right?” not for climbing
aside as he thought it was a scooter. There was really Tatra. Under the Szepansky rampage we headed to I have already got used to the Honzas company.
one overtaking us a bit later. We thought there must the valley and abseiled. We set down on our bags Sometimes I completely forget about his handicap as
have something happened in the valley. In the cottage at the last anchor and talked about the situation and he is able to manage a lot of things. When driving
we found out about the accident in the Malá zmrzlá feelings. It looks like that this kind of climbing wont back home from High Tatra I asked him: ”Is it OK from
dolina. The avalanche went off. There were four peo- be Honza´s cup of tea. the right?” (which really happened). That sentence
ple under it and chaos. We offered help as we had expresses climbing with Honza Říha the best.
the avalanche beacons and probes. However, they Ice
refused it. The situation was even more complicated On Saturday we went ice climbing to the place left
by the Lithuanians who tried vainly to get to Malá from Flaška “bottle neck”. It was already very steep Written by Vojtěch Watt Dvořák

28 29
Express sets Shock absorbers
new new
Express set with a straight key lock gate
and bent gate carabiners.
Express set for rock experts.
22 kN
Dyneema webbing 11 mm
Weight: 108 g / 3,81 oz

C2301 • central eye for resting and belaying
EXTASY MIX EASY GO • colour distinction between the lanyards
Shock absorber for via ferrata routes • new safe design
Express set with a straight key lock gate
and for adventure parks
and bent gate carabiners. Recommend use
• tying to the harness with twisted sling
Ideal partner for allround climbing • via ferrata
• energy absorbing system - tear webbing
22 kN • ropecourse
• impact force 4,85 kN (tested according EN 958)
Dyneema webbing 11 mm We, the Singing Rock company (SR) employees,
• elongation of energy absorber 115 cm Weight: 245 g (8.6 oz.)
Weight: 101 g / 3,85 oz consider the maintenance of climbing areas
• energy absorber covered with polyester case CE 0123, EN 958
self-evident and most of us - rock climbers - help
individually to clean the rock town areas. For this
purpose the company has bought a battery drill
with the necessary equipment.
We help to keep climbing in such fragile areas as
sand stone rock cities are.
EXTASY WIRE Thanks to the long-term and friendly co-operation
Light set with a straight with the owner of the restaurant and hotel Bišík
and bent wire gate carabiners. (the Jiráskovy skály Rocks) Pavel Volek and
Set for your quick alpine style. his brother Tonda, the caretaker at the place,
22 kN we decided to give a hand to rebolt the routes,
Dyneema webbing 11 mm clean and fix the problems-causing slopes and
Weight: 95 g / 3,35 oz paths at the area of Bišík.
SR is a non-official partner of Bišík.
Shock absorber for via ferrata routes with
key lock carabiners, type „K“ according EN 12275
VISION Weight: 421 g (14,85 oz.) (incl. carabiners)
Ultra light set with a straight and bent wire CE 0123, EN 958
gate carabiners.
Ideal partner for lightweight style.
22 kN
Dyneema webbing 11 mm
Weight: only 75 g / 2.64 oz

artwall set 20
13, 16, 20, 30 and 60 cm / 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24 in • steel
Reflecting the experience of many climbers on artificial

PHOTO: FILIP NOVÁK & Guilherme Settanni
walls, the Artwall set brings the new evolution of climbing
in the Gym. C2303
The body of carabiner is made of steel and gate is wire. EASY GO LOCK
Captive bar minimizes flipping over the Shock absorber for via ferrata routes with palm
carabiner. Both connectors eliminate a theft. key lock carabiners, type „K“ according EN 12275
Strenght / Closed gate: 25 kN Weight: 500 g (17,64 oz.) (incl. carabiners)
Polyamide webbing 20 mm. CE 0123, EN 958

30 31
At 22. - 23. 1. 2008 Dušan „Stoupa“ Janák and C2419
Pavel „Bača“ Vrtík finished „free“ ascent of Matrix SAFETY CHAIN
in the north face of Malý Kežmarský štít in High
16 mm polyamid webbing
Tatras (Slovakia). The double opened this 8 pitch
Lengths: 120 / 140 cm
long line in 2002 like M6+/A2 and published
Strenght: 22 kN sling / 3,5 kN individual loop
the possibility of „free“ mix climbing but since
then nobody has climbed the route in this style.
Innovated „daisy chain”:
So they came back this year and climbed the route
Innovated device, “double loop at the end”, which provides
in modern mix style.
a safe, adjustable attachment of the climber to the anchor
point. 16 mm webbing in the form of an adjustable lanyard
Now Matrix offers climbing in M8/M9 level.
which avoids DANGEROUS use of the traditional daisy chain.
The hardest pitch is the last one – thin overehang
crack with good protection and poor footholdes.
Because of unitll this achievement the level of mix
climbing in Tatras was around M7 Matrix is the
DUŠAN “Safe way to shorten your adjustable lanyard to any loop
without using more than one carabiner or unclip the first loop”
hardest multipitch route of this type in the region.
For repetition set of nuts and friends are enough,
puting a thin piton into the end of the second and
JANÁK Safety Chain can be shortened to any loop safely.

• 11 loops safetychain 140 cm / 56 in
the last but one pitch improve your state of mind... ALIAS STOUPA • 9 loops safetychain 120 cm / 48 in
CE 0123 • EN 566

C2085 C2075
PHOTO: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák & Maťo Hauger
Express slings slings 16 mm
22 kN slings 16 mm
width: 16 mm 22 kN
lengths: 11, 13, 16, 20 and 30 cm / A light and strong nylon slings available
4.4, 5.2, 6.4, 8 and 12 in from 60 to 150 cm.
CE 0123 • EN 566 width: 16 mm
lengths: 60, 80, 120 a 150 cm /
24, 32, 48, 60 in
CE 0123 • EN 566

C2000 C2001
dyneema express slings dyneema slings
22 kN 22 kN
width: 11 mm Light, thin and still very strong.
lengths: 11, 13, 16, 20 and 30 cm / These 11 mm slings are ideal for all applications
4.4, 5.2, 6.4, 8 and 12 in were weight and strenght come first.
CE 0123 • EN 566 lengths: 60, 80, 120 a 150 cm /
24, 32, 48, 60 in
CE 0123 • EN 566

32 33
Belay devices

nick: Noo noo
zodiac: fish
weight / height: 75/ 177
nacionality: czech
place: Brno
occupation: student
climbing from: 1996
favourite: bouldering ALIAS noo noo
date of birth: 1990

Where and when did you start climbing?
The first time it was in Adrspach when I was 5.
My dad (the author of the routes Utopie Xa-b
and Pár kopečků navíc Xb at the climbing area
of Křížový vrch) was trying to get us on some
of the rocks. Two years later there was a new
climbing wall built in my town Choceň so I took
• for ropes of various diameters K6031EE K6021EE climbing a bit more seriously when the first
• many color variants K6031BB black mat K6021BB black mat competitions came...
• easy rappelling Figure 8 L Figure 8 m What do you like best?
• effective heat distribution Rock climbing, meeting new people …
Designed for ropes of bigger diameters. Designed for ropes of smaller diameters.
30 kN • color mix • 125 g • 4,41 oz. 25 kN • color mix • 104 g • 3,67 oz. What’s the fascination about bouldering for you?
Do you enjoy exploring new routes?
It’s the fact that you are finished faster and if so
you don’t need to hang in the harness, carry the
quick runners and when you want to have a break
you can always lie down. Another thing is that you
K6132EE use all your body when bouldering so that after
K6132BB black mat one day I’m always exhausted. Exploring new
BUDDY routes is good fun and sending them is even better.
Buddy is light and compact belay tube. What should such boulder be like for you to be
For all round climbers. satisfied? What kind of boulder do you enjoy
Designed for ropes 7,8 - 11 mm most?
mix color • 54g • 1,91 oz. An ideal boulder should be about 5 metres high,
slightly overhanging, each move should be hard but
possible. The holds should be positive features
such as edges. Towards the end there could be
a jump to a jug.
What kind of routes do you prefer?
I prefer the overhanging ones and kind of bouldering.
I don’t care about the length of the route as long
What about big walls or speed climbing, aren’t
as there are places for a rest after the short parts.
they attractive for you?
You combine climbing and bouldering
I’m not interested in either of them. I would like to
on purpose. Is it important for you to be an all-
visit Mallorca and DWS next year or to try some
round climber or do you intend to focus on only
difficult solo. I like to overcome both the rock and
one discipline in future?
Its not on purpose. I used to do only climbing for
What about first ascents in sandstone area or
K6110EE M0200XX00 a long time and later I came across bouldering
in Kras?
more and more often, especially in Bor. At
HORNET BUDDY SET the moment I’m quite fed up with climbing which
There aren’t many possible new ascents left
The Hornet is extremely smooth on rappel, Buddy is light and compact tube in Kras, particularly to make a nice route there.
means we probably will go bouldering more often.
locks off a falling climber quickly, and feeds and with HYPNOS HMS screw gate, I intend to explore the sandstone areas more and
However, I don’t want to give up climbing complete-
rope like dream. Great heat dissipation key lock carabiner creates superb more often in the near future so maybe then...
ly as I regard rope climbing as the king’s discipline.
on rappel. Two friction modes. unit for belaying in gyms, walls, Both Štěpán and Majzlík are trying to persuade
Moreover, I would like to hold the position of being
Color: titanium • 77 g • 2,72 oz. rock and on mountains. me already now to go there.
the best in our country.
Simply anywhere! Do you have any motto for climbing?
What are your favourite climbing areas
Climb as long as I can.
in Europe?
Designed for ropes 7,8 - 11 mm I haven’t explored many bouldering areas yet. Ration of rock climbing / bouldering: 50/50
Color mix • 125 g • 4,41 oz.

PHOTO: Pavel Žofka
The most I like Bor, Cresciano and Modřin wasn’t
bad too. Rodellar, Tarn and of course Osp belong to What do you like best of competitions?
my favourites out of the difficult areas. VICTORY! CLIMBING
34 35

Pulleys of various K7300EE K6240BB K6260BB K6380BB new K6371BB K700X12 pro dřík 12 mm
construction for rescue pulley pulley pulley tandem pulley Rigging plate 3/5 K700X10 pro dřík 10 mm
activities or heavy small roll extra roll twin roll 25 kN • max. Ø rope: K6370BB Helps to organize carabiners at a standpoint. hanger plate
weights lifting. 22 kN 32 kN 50 kN textile rope: 13 mm Rigging plate 1/3 Efficient force distribution at different load Stainless steel hanger plate
max. Ø rope 13 mm max. Ø rope 13 mm max. Ø rope 13 mm steel: 12 mm Helps to organize carabiners at a standpoint. directions. for permanent anchor point.
usage: textile rope usage: textile rope usage: textile rope sheave: stainless Efficient force distribution at different load 45 kN • size 7 mm • light alloy • black matt Weight: 45 g (1.60 oz.)
sheave: light-alloy sheave: light-alloy sheave: light-alloy • steel roll bearing directions. • 150 g (5.30 oz.) • CE 0639 Strength: 25 kN
• friction bearing • roll bearing • roll bearing • Weight: 270 g Rounded holes allow to attache ropes directly
• Weight: 94 g • Weight: 204 g • Weight: 354 g CE 0639 • EN 12278 to rigging plate (any hole).
CE 0639 • EN 12278 CE 0639 • EN 12278 CE 0639 • EN 12278 36 kN • size 5 mm • light alloy • black matt Rigging plates help to organise carabiners
• 69 g (2.45 oz.) • CE 0639 at a standpoint. Efficient force distribution
at different load directions.

Hand and chest ascenders K6400BB K6392BB K6391BB
for safe and smooth ascent. cam clean Lift left Lift right
LIFT is a perfect choice chest ascender Ø rope 8 - 13 mm Ø rope 8 - 13 mm
for big wall or mountaineering K7950EE K701
Ø rope 8 - 13 mm Size: UNI Size: UNI
endeavors. Engineered for twister Glue in anchor
Size: UNI • Weight: 140 g Weight: 260 g Weight: 260 g
comfort, the handle opening rotating anchor Stainless steel permanent anchor point.
CE 0639 • EN 567 CE 0639 • EN 567 CE 0639 • EN 567
is extra-wide to accommodate Placed between a load and either The pointed end allows the distribution
gloved hands. Works with 8 rope or cable, the twister avoids of the glue in the hole (14 mm diameter)
mm - 13 mm ropes. severe rope twisting while the thus guaranteeing a solid anchor point.
load turns. Easy to insert.
Working load: 5 kN. Length of shaft: 75 mm.
Color: orange / red elox Weight: 90 g (3.18 oz.)
Strength: 40 kN CE 0639 • EN 959 • EN 795
Weight: 165 g (5.82 oz.)

• device, that extends lifetime of the rope
when top-roping
Descenders • ideal partner for adventure parksand
• allows to be installed in two axises.
For better traceability and inspection
recording the RedBlock is marked with
Double Stop
the unique number.
Descender with double locking and anti-panic
system: self-breaking in case of accidental Color: red
loss of descent control. Sensitive handle K7001PP10
Complete anchor assembly Weight: 375 g
enables smooth descent without harmful Material: stainless steel
rope twisting. Also suitable for works at with diameter 10 mm
Stainless steel hanger plate for creating Sheave: light alloy
a height and for emergency self evacuation.
of belay station. Max. diameter of rope: 12 mm
Ø rope 11 mm
Weight: 107 g (3.77 oz) Strength: 26 kN
Size: UNI • Weight: 340 g (12 oz.)
Hanger breaking strength: 25 kN CE 0123
CE 0123 • EN 341
Total lenght: 87 mm

36 37
It was rock climbers who first had the idea Singing Rock Company developed a prefect
At first you just say that you are only trying it some twenty years ago of stringing up nylon instant package with webbing, ratchet and
and even don’t take off your shoes. The others webbing and walking on it. slings with Rock&Lock smart buckles.
are standing about barefoot. You hold onto the In the beginning story has it that there were All you need to set up Slakline is fastening
tree and turn backwards to the tree. You put two guys in Yosemite Valley messing around, two buckles and one ratchet!
your feet one after the other on the line and balancing on a parking lot chain on a rainy
your hands are behind you still holding onto day. • width of webbing 25mm
the trunk. Then you take the first step and These young individuals took this concept of • made of low stretch PES
move forward and then...fall. After that you try balancing and made it their life. They would • weight: 1230 g
to outwit so you start running over the line.
spend the next several years nurturing each • max. length 10 m (32 ft)
The fact is you end up one step farther. Howev-
other in community, developing the activity • maximum diameter of anchor point 50 cm
er, the fall is even worse. So you think how
of slacklining or balancing and walking on • maximum load 200 kg
these people can manage it as you watch them
going forwards, backwards or to the side, nylon webbing and sharing it with others.
sitting, kneeling on the piece of webbing that Slackline tests your ability and sense for Slackline is intended for the use near the
is called slack line. balance. ground (max. height of anchor points is 1 m).
A group of people who are enthusiastic about Never use this product as a highline.
slacklining addressed the company SINGING
ROCK. We ourselves crazy about it decided to
support that group of enthusiasts. We supplied
them with Slack line of standard length,
60-metre-long webbing, steel carbines, slings,
pulleys, double hollow webbing and set for
walking on highline. C0040BH00 black/brown
Quad complete
Dimensions 100 x 100 cm (3.30 x 3.30 ft), weight 3,7
Miloslav Smolík alias Smolda
Tomáš Kajínek alias Kajoch kg (130.5 oz.)
Jiří Bláha alias George • shock absorbing 3-layer sandwich construction
Pavel Jelínek alias Jelen • back carrying system simply adjustable to shoulder
carrying system
• rounded corners
• no plastic parts - all fasteners are made
of light alloy
• diagonal middle hinge eliminates the gutter zone

Small pad: size 42 x 93 cm (1.38 x 3.05 ft),
weight 0,7 kg (24.7 oz.)
• it nests perfectly inside your Quad
• designed to complement your Quad and it is ideal for
sit-down starts or to have extra padding

This product by Singing Rock
C0039BH00 black/brown
wants to satisfy needs of all,
Quad who are obsessed by boulde-
(only mat) ring - modern branch of
Dimensions 100 x 100 cm (3.30 x 3.30 ft), climbing. 1 meter square large
weight 3,7 kg (130.5 oz.) airport for your safety. Quad is
• shock absorbing 3-layer sandwich construction made for the real boulderers
• back carrying system simply adjustable to shoulder who want maximum safety
carrying system and shock absorption.
• rounded corners 45° angle-cut virtually
PHOTO: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák & SLT
• no plastic parts - all fasteners are made of light alloy eliminates unprotected drop
• diagonal middle hinge eliminates the gutter zone zones.

38 39

W1002BB C0010S009
Defender Caddy
Protects rope sheath against abrasion • fluent adjusting of length by the help of buckle
on rough surfaces and edges. • webbing is laced through plastic tube for better
Allows to put 2 ropes in. clipping and unclipping
80/120 cm • 32/48 in • detachable chest strap helps to fix the gear sling
Material: Cortex • lightweight: 115 g (4 oz.)
• comfortable and ergonomicaly shaped padding
• maximum load 20 kg
• intended for right handed also left handed persons A0051OS00
W810 Use only for your gear! DANTE
Rope protector S110 pocket knife
Protects rope sheath against abrasion Puller with first class toothed stainless steel blade
on rough surfaces and edges. accessory webbing for chest ascender fixation Blade length 80 mm, one hand operation and safety
50/70/100/120 cm • 20/28/40/48 in Width: 25 mm • Size: UNI lock of opened knife.
Material: PVC Blade - stainless steel, orange plastic handle,
stainless steel flexy clip.
Weight: 83 g

C2150BY W1024 W1025
Ultra light six staves aider ascender webbing ascender webbing with maillon C0047BB00
without maillon
gear bag Expedition bag
Staves reinforced with plastic keep its shape Dimension: Made out of waterproof, durable and washable TARP DUFFLE 70 a 90 DAY PACK
even when loaded. Strength 500 kg. Dimension: Min. length: 50 cm (19.7 in) When you look forward to going to local gym, rocks,
material. It’s not your average duffel bag…Made from a durab-
Strength of grab loop 100 kg. Min. length: 50 cm (19.7 in) Max. length: 150 cm (59 in) bouldering, or scaling the side of your office building,
Super durable and very convenient, this bag takes up le laminate material, the TARP DUFFEL is a bomber
Weight: 210 g (7.40 oz.) Max. length: 150 cm (59 in) Weight: 180 g (6.35 oz.) carry along DAY PACK. Designed to carry the rack,
minimal space and stays dry. of a bag. Amply resilient to be roughed around
Weight: 145 g (5.11 oz.) Rock&Lock smart buckle (steel). and shoes you'll need to tackle any problem, this pack
On the top there is transparent pocket for your in-flight, or to be transported up a mountain via
Rock&Lock smart buckle (steel). is the everyday, everywhere, ideal partner.
documents in format A4. a yak or off-road, this is one burly duffel bag.
Number of zipped pockets: 2
For trips lasting longer, grab the 90 litres size for
Weight: 490 g (± 15g)
ample room for your climbing gear.
• intended for speleology and working at high
• Alpine-cut shoulder straps
• washable
W0018OO00 • Dual daisy chains
• minimum seams
PANCAKE • Twin haul handles on ends
Designed to improve hauling systems and to make an • main seams - HF welding
• Rugged construction with extra bartacks
ascent along the rope easier. • durable material
and double stitching
Part of tackle systems: • color: yellow and black
• Four compression straps
• prevents from getting prusik knot into the pulley Capacity: 35 and 50 l
E0015XX00 • Internal mesh pockets
ROPEMARKER • ideal for hauling in bigwalls and during rescue actions • Pocket on top
Ascending along a fixed rope: S9000BB35
When you need to mark your rope, use SINGING ROCK
Rope Marker. With dark ink and easy-to-use design, • prusik knot moves upwards without hand intervention GEAR BAG 35 l black Capacity: 70 a 90 litres • Color: black
you'll never be left wondering in those unsure situations. S9000YY35 Weight: 1820 g (70 l), 2270 g (90 l) (± 15g)
Weight: 15 g • 0,53 oz. • Size: UNI GEAR BAG 35 l yellow Material: PVC
When it fades you can mark it again with this specially
formulated rope marker. Material: POM • Color: orange S9000BB50
GEAR BAG 50 l black C0046BB70
You can mark the centre of rope or any other part ATTENTION: Pancake itself doesn´t ensure safety of prusik
S9000YY50 Tarp duffle - 70 litres
of harnesses or slings.
knot. Strength of prusik knot depends on parameters of C0046BB90
Inert for PA, PP, PES, PE. GEAR BAG 50 l yellow
both cord and rope! Tarp duffle - 90 litres

40 41


C0041BS0 C0042BS00 C0044HS00
black black brown

C0041RS00 C0042RS00 C0045GS00
red red green

Those without a hat must have it. A faith- C0043BS00
ful guy who goes bouldering never takes SPAR
it off, even in the shower. Did you know black
that one can lose as much as 25% of body
heat not wearing a hat? Therefore, you
should save that energy for next eager
SINGING PHOTO: Petr Pepe Piechowicz

T-shirts – made of cotton, short sleeves SINGING ROCK is climbing and it meets its credo
classic round, lined neck absolutely.
man/woman The SINGING ROCK employees are people who
designs: enjoy not only the climbing itself but who also
C1011RR - Let’s rock! – man, chilly pepper red decided to help the handicapped to find the joy
C1011HH - Let’s rock! – man, bone brown
of climbing. It is a company of climbers for
C1012RR - Let’s rock! – woman, chilly pepper red
climbers and that is with no exception.
C1013BB - Backbone arrow – man, black
Weight: 185g Therefore, SINGING ROCK supports not only
Size: S, M, L, XL (man T-shirts) contestant climbers that may be seen on winner's
M, L, XL (woman T-shirts) rostrums but also, for example, sightless climbers
The T-shirts SINGING ROCK are very comfortable to wear. from Liberec and Brno.

42 43

The company SINGING ROCK gave a boost to three
climbers who are fond of climbing both the sandstone
and the granite in Jizerské mountains.
These three guys are going to take part in the
International climbers’ meeting in American Utah this
The International climbers’ meeting in Utah is going
to be held from 3th to 12th October 2008 and it is
organized by the American Alpine Club. The program
of the event is going to be varied. Probably the best
attraction will be Indian Creek, which is famous
for its crack climbing, bouldering in the surrounding,
watching films etc.
Further information is available or
C0006HH C0006BH C0009BS
Grippy 3/4 Grippy Chocky
Made out of quality leather. Reinforced palm area and Made out of quality leather. Reinforced palm area. jamming gloves
lower part of finger area. Intended for via ferrata and Closed fingers. Abbrasion resistant. Easy to put on • wide elastic band is friendly for fingers
big wall climbing. Tested in Yosemity! Free ends of thanks to special loop. • double elastic band for a little finger and thumb
your fingers does not affect your sensibility and fine Size: 8, 9, 10, 11 • rubber with high friction

AMERICAN manipulation with your gear. Easy to put on thanks to
special loop.
Size: 8, 9, 10, 11
• size label under singing rock etiquette
• providing free movement of wrist
• long part of rubber covers part of palm
DREAM PHOTO: Zdeněk Suchý
• velcro
Size: S, M, L


C909 C0034X125 C309
belt for throusers Super Tape belt for chalk bag
with Rock&Lock smart buckle • very strong
This buckle is used on almost every harness from • super adhesive
SINGING ROCK production. • non-allergic (clinically tested)
Size: M, XL • no glue marks on your skin
• convenient for long-term usage
Size: 12,5 mm x 10 m

44 45

Magnum is perfect grade natural chalk
specifically designed for climbing and
all rock activites. Great for absorbing
moisture and creating friction between
fingers & palms and stone.

M3001W056 M3001WORB M3001W30P
magnum cube magnum ball magnum bag
56 g 57 g 300 g

Chalk bags

The chalk bags are made out of print-
ed polyester and polyamide material.
The inside material is fleece. Before
proposing the design we took into PHOTO: Pavel Žofka & Vojtěch Dvořák

consideration the requirement for
continuous circulation of magnesium At the beginning of the season I successfully climbed I hurt my heel which turned blue and became swol-
and so its high usage. The prompt the mixed route “Jsi bůh nebo ďábel”. It was good len. My hip was also swollen. Now I know there
closing system and braced welt provide experience for me as I tried both climbing with is plenty to learn.
an easy handling of the chalk bag. ice-axes and smearing, how to overcome the pain Jitka practices drytooling and mixed climbing over
in frozen and hurt fingers, and especially how to winter. She got the award (the route of the year)
C0012BB04 C0013AA03 C0015KK04 manage climbing the roof with ice-axes (I really for the route “Jsi bůh nebo ďábel” M10/10+ (in so
capsule easy brush capsule small capsule large managed it). called Czech Dryland).
Considering climbing in sandstone area I was pleased
with the routes: at Panteon – “Francouzský styl”
10- and in Adršpach – “Krok sun oposun” Xc.

You belong to those Czech climbers who go for big
walls. In 2007 you and your partner Luba went to
Ratikon where you had a kind of accident. What
exactly happened?
I intended to climb the route Lolita. However, there
already was somebody. That’s why I went for “Inti-
fáda”. There is slab 8/8+ at the beginning, then
a pitch 8 which I both did OS and finally the easiest
pitch 7+ which really gave me a lesson. At first
I was climbing the wrong direction and ended up
in the corner without any protection. I had to go
back about 4 metres and to roll from beneath
C302 C0014YY04 the overhanging edge into friction climbing where
Large capsule smile was a bolt 2 metres ahead. As I reached the bolt
(with pocket) I didn’t get the hold properly and also ran out
Size: L
of energy so I couldn’t avoid a fall beneath
the overhang and into the slab.
46 47
technical data

size K1 K2 XS S M L XL XXL norm CE code colour length diameter weight static elongation dynamic elong. number of falls impact force type
attack (M) 460 g A cm 65–75 70–80 75–85 80–90 85–95 90–100 EN 12277–C CE 0123 m mm g/m kN
C5020 in 25,5–29,5 27,5–31,5 29,5–33,5 31,5–35,5 33,5–37,5 35,5–39,5 accord L051 modrá 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 200 8,3 43 11% / 6,4% 33% / 34% 5 / 15 6,3 / 9,7 half / twin
B cm 45–50 50–55 55–60 60–65 65–70 65–70 L051 oranžová 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 200 8,3 43 11% / 6,4% 33% / 34% 5 / 15 6,3 / 9,7 half / twin
in 17,5–19,5 19,5–21,5 21,5–23,5 23,5–25,5 25,5–27,5 25,5–27,5 glory LO32 žlutá 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 9,8 62 7,90% 36,30% 6 8,9 single
prodigy (K2) 395 g A cm 50–60 55–65 EN 12277–C CE 0123 score L036 zelená 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 10,1 66 7% 31,90% 8 9,1 single
C5022 in 19,5–23,5 21,5–25,5 duran LO34 modrá 30, 40, 50, 60 10,4 69 7,10% 31,30% 9 9,1 single
B cm 45–50 45–50
wallter L035 modrá 30, 40, 50, 60 10,4 70 7,10% 31,30% 8 9,3 single
in 17,5–19,5 17,5–19,5
mania L303 zelená 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 200 9,7 61 7,60% 37,50% 9 7,6 single
balance (M) 465 g A cm 65–75 70–80 75–85 80–90 85–95 90–100 EN 12277–C CE 0123
gemini L302 červená 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 200 7,9 39 8% /7,3% 33% / 29% 5 / 16 5,7/8,3 half / twin
C5018 in 25,5–29,5 27,5–31,5 29,5–35,5 31,5–35,5 33,537,5 35,5–39,5
L302 žlutá 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 200 7,9 39 8% /7,3% 33% / 29% 5 / 16 5,7/8,3 half / twin
B cm 45–50 50–55 55–60 60–65 65–70 65–70
in 17,5–19,5 19,5–21,5 21,5–23,5 23,5–25,5 25,5–27,5 25,5–27,5 CE • EN 892 • UIAA
verdict (M) 395 g A cm 65–75 70–80 75–85 80–90 85–95 90–100 EN 12277–C CE 0123
C5021 in 25,5–29,5 27,5–31,5 29,5–35,5 31,5–35,5 33,5–37,5 35,5–39,5
B cm 46–50 50–54 54–58 58–62 62–66 62–66 static ropes
in 18–19,5 19,5–21 21–22,5 22,5–24 24–25,5 24–25,5
aura (M) 445 g A cm 50–60 55–65 60–70 65–75 EN 12277–C CE 0123 strenght knot breaking force static elongation number of falls weight type
C5023 in 19,5–23,5 21,5–25,5 23,5–27,5 25,5–29,5 kN kN % g/m
B cm 45–50 50–55 55–60 60–65 static R44 10,5 35,8 22,3 3,4 >15 72 A
in 17,5–19,5 19,5–21,5 21,5–23,5 23,5–25,5 static R44 11 34,7 20,3 3,2 >20 77 A
S M/L XL static 9 25,5 14,5 3,5 >8 52,9 B
allroute (M/L) 540 g A cm 65–80 75–90 85–100 EN 12277–C CE 0123 static 10,5 30,6 19,3 3,3 >10 69 A
C5015 in 25,5–31,5 29,5–35,5 33,5–39,5 static 11 37,8 24 3,3 >20 80 A
B cm 50–55 60–65 65–70
CE • EN 1891 • UIAA packaging static ropes: pack - 50, 60, 70, customer request • coil - 100, 200 m
in 19,5–21,5 23,5–25,5 25,5–27,5
zeal (M/L) 630 g A cm 65–80 75–90 85–100 EN 12277–C CE 0123
C5016 in 25,5–31,5 29,5–35,5 33,5–39,5 Some notes: Static strength defined in the standard: Rope elongation
Type A rope - low stretch kernmantel rope designed for 22 kN for the ropes of type A The rope elongation shall not be higher than 5%,
B cm 50–55 55–60 60–65
general use by persons in rope access including all 18 kN for the ropes of type B tested by loading the rope for 3 min with 150kg load
in 19,5–21,5 21,5–23,5 23,5,5–25,5
kinds of work positioning and restraint; in rescue and Another standard requirement says, the material used (pretension 50 kg)
canyon XP (M/L) 575 g A cm 70–100 80–110 90–120 EN 12277–C CE 0123 in caving for rope production shall have the melting point higher
C5030 in 28–40 32–34 36–48 Type B rope - low stretch kernmantel rope of a lower than 195°C, so polyethylene or polypropylene are not Dynamic performance
B cm 42–66 42–66 42–66 performance than type A ropes, requiring greater care suitable Fall test with two meters long rope terminated with
in 17–27 17– 27 17–27 in use (standard does not content other specification) figure-eight knots; fall factor 1.
UNI The testing mass 100 kg for type A ropes, 80 kg
top UNI A cm 60–120 EN 12277–C CE 0123 for type B ropes.
C5031 370 g in 24–47
B cm 42–66
in 17–27
top padded UNI A cm 60–120 EN 12277–C CE 0123
C5032 380 g in 24–47
B cm 42–66
speleo ropes
in 17–27 strenght knot breaking force static elongation number of falls weight
top canyon UNI A cm 60–120 EN 12277–C CE 0123 kN kN % g/m
C5029 380 g in 24–47
speleo R44 10,5 35,6 22,1 3,4 >15 72
B cm 42–66
speleo 10,5 29,2 18 3,3 >10 69
in 17–27
complete UNI A cm 60–110 EN 12277–A CE 0123 CE • EN 1891 • UIAA packaging speleo ropes: pack - 50, 60, 70, customer request • coil - 100, 200 m
C071 505 g in 24–41
B cm 42–66
in 17–27
stature size
Kid UNI C cm 100–120 EN 12277–B CE 0123
C5014 260 g in 40–47

48 49
technical data promo products

accessory ropes grade table
diameter weight strenght length UIAA France Sandstone USA P0010XX00
COIL mm g/m kN m ft 5- 4c V 5.5 PITCHER
L0004 4 11,8 5 100 328 5 5a VI 5.6 Classical beer pitcher 0.5 l (30,5 cu in)
L0005 5 17,1 6 100 328 5+ 5a VI 5.7 for all who likes climbing and all
L0006 6 22,0 8 100 328 6- 5b VIIa 5.8 activities on our vertical playground.
L0007 7 33,7 12 100 328 6 5c VIIb 5.9
L0008 8 45,2 15 100 328 6 5c VII 5.9
PACK 6+ 5c+ VIIc 5.10a
L0004XX01 4 11,8 5 10 32,8 6+/7- 6a VIIc/VIIIa 5.10a
L0005X006 5 17,1 6 6 19,7 7- 6a+ VIIIa 5.10b
L0006X006 6 22,0 8 6 19,7 7-/7 6a+/6b VIIIa/VIIIb 5.10b
L0007X006 7 33,7 12 6 19,7 7 6b VIIIb 5.10c
L0008X006 8 45,2 15 6 19,7 7/7+ 6b/6b+ VIIIb/VIIIc 5.10c
CE 0123 • EN 564 7+ 6b+ VIIIc 5.10d
7+ 6b+/6c VIIIc 5.10d
7+/8- 6c VIIIc/IXa 5.11a
8- 6c/6c+ VIIIc/IXa 5.11a
carabiners 8- 6c+ IXa 5.11b MUG
8-/8 6c+/7a IXa/IXb 5.11b Thermo cup with sturdy handle
code colour / surface material EN12275 EN362 major strenght minor strenght open lock gate open. weight weight keeps your coffe or tea hot.
8 7a IXb 5.11c
sport work kN kN kN mm g oz Capacity: 350 ml (15,256 cu in)
8/8+ 7a/7a+ IXb/IXc 5.11c
Hypnos screw K0007EE00 elox dural • • 22 7 7 21,5 71 2,485 Weight: 250 g (8,82 oz.)
8+ 7a+ IXc 5.11d
K0007BB00 black dural • • 22 7 7 21,5 71 2,485
8+ 7a+/7b IXc 5.11d
Hypnos TWL K0008EE00 elox dural • • 22 7 7 21,5 75 2,625
8+/9- 7b IXc/Xa 5.12a
K0008BB00 black dural • • 22 7 7 21,5 75 2,625
9- 7b/7b+ IXc/Xa 5.12a
Vision straight K0009EE00 elox dural • – 25 7 8 19 33 1,155
9- 7b+ Xa 5.12b
Vision bent K0025EE00 elox dural • – 25 7 8 19 33 1,155
9-/9 7b+/7c Xa/Xb 5.12b
Extasy bent K0010EE00 elox dural • – 25 8 10 20 47 1,645
9 7c Xb 5.12c
K0010BB00 black dural • – 25 8 10 20 47 1,645
9/9+ 7c/7c+ Xb/Xc 5.12d
Extasy straight K0011EE00 elox dural • – 25 8 10 20 47 1,645
9+ 7c+ Xc 5.12d
K0011BB00 black dural • – 25 8 10 20 47 1,645
9+ 7c+/8a Xc 5.13a
Extasy screw K0012EE00 elox dural • • 25 8 10 17 52 1,82
9+/10- 8a Xc/XIa 5.13a
K0012BB00 black dural • • 25 8 10 17 52 1,82
10- 8a/8a+ Xc/XIa 5.13b
Extasy wire straight K0013EE00 elox dural • – 25 8 10 22 43 1,505
10- 8a+ XIa 5.13b
Extasy wire bent K0020EE00 elox dural • – 25 8 10 22 43 1,505 Stickers with adhesive side on its face.
10-/10 8a+/8b XIa/XIb 5.13c
D steel screw K4080ZO zinc-plated steel – • 50 13 20 25 255 8,925 (intended for using on back windscreen of your climbing bark).
10 8b XIb 5.13d
D steel triple lock K4081ZO zinc-plated steel – • 50 13 20 25 267 9,345
10/10+ 8b/8b+ XIb/XIc 5.13d
Oval steel K4241ZO zinc-plated steel – • 30 9 8 17 176 6,21
10+ 8b+ XIc 5.14a
Oval screw K4630PP elox dural • • 24 10 7 20 74 2,61
10+/11- 8b+/8c XIc/XIIa 5.14a
K4630BB black dural • • 24 10 7 20 74 2,61
11- 8c XIIa 5.14b
Oval TWL K4640PP elox dural – • 24 10 7 19 80 2,82
11- 8c/8c+ XIIa 5.14b
K4640BB black dural – • 24 10 7 19 80 2,82
11-/11 8c+ XIIa/XIIb 5.14c
HMS Jumbo K5420PE elox dural • – 22 9 8 25 94 3,32
11-/11 8c+/9a XIIa/XIIb 5.14c
K5420BB black dural • – 22 9 8 25 94 3,32
11 9a XIIb 5.14d
D big screw gate K5070PP elox dural • • 30 8 9 26 88 3,1
11/11+ 9a/9a+ XIIb/XIIc 5.14d
D bar screw gate K4280PP elox dural • • 30 9 11 19 80 2,82
11+ 9a+ XIIc 5.15a
D bar twist lock K4290PP elox dural – • 30 9 11 19 80 2,82
11+/12- 9a+/9b XIIc/XIIIa 5.15a
12- 9b XIIc/XIIIa 5.15b

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Catalogue SINGING ROCK 2009, ver. 001/EN – climbing equipment
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Printed in Czech republic in May 2009. Design & print:

Let´s rock! Zdeněk Žoldoš (harness maker SIGR) • Suché skály 2008 • Photo: Vojtěch Watt Dvořák

Activities at height such as climbing, via ferrata,
caving, rappelling, ski-touring, rescue, work
at height and exploration are dangerous activities,
which may lead to severe injury or even death.
Thus the following is essential before use:
careful reading and understanding of the instructions
for use acquaintance with the possibilities and
limitations of the product adequate apprenticeship
in appropriate techniques and methods of use
understanding and acceptance of the risk involved.
In case of doubt or problem of understanding,
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