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If you feel like doing something with your used cooking oil, there
is an old method suitable for environment and your pocket and it
doesn’t harm your car.

All you need is to used vegetable oil, precleaned from food,
Sodium hydroxide, Methanol, heat source and a mixer.

Sodium h. is used 2g per liter, methanol from 40-70 percent from
the mass of oil.

The oil is heated up to 40 degree Celsius, after is added Sodium
dissolved in methanol, it follows a fast stirring and mixing
(manually with hand for 15 min, or with a mixer with 1500 rpm,
for 10 min).

After 24 h, the mixture differentiates with two layers, the bottom
is soap and the layer on the top is biofuel. Separation is needed
and after that washing with water is performed to eliminate
eventual traces of soap.
Figure 1.Phases of making biofuel from used vegetable

The final product it is used on Opel Astra ( year 1996) 1.7 diesel.

Results are satisfying, good ignition time, smooth engine running,
and power of car is variable, predicted by the use of methanol.

Biodiesel equation. Transesterification of fatts. The fatty acid
breaks and reacts with methanol, which is formed methyl
ester( mono alkyl methyl ester).