Doing alright
I can learn how to walk
All is in God’s hands
I should not have remorse but I do
I’m ok
I’ve made my peace
It’s going to be alright
It’s painful
We’ll get through this
I have trouble forgiving so I need you to help me
I am angry
I am quite frightened
I don’t feel too bad
It’s really comforting and meaningful
Prayers are really appreciated
we are concerned for our daughter
We really need the Lord’s help right now
I would appreciate it if you pray for me
I must get control of myself



I am scared
I fear that my dog and my bird are dead
Scared and can’t sleep
I feel sad
I got mad
I want more respect from them (family)
I am tired/need to get sleep
I feel pain
I don’t believe in God
I cannot forgive him
I am angry
I need time to calm down
feel mad and angry
I am very angry and irritated
need extra strength
felt so helpless
I don’t profess any religion
Don’t have much interest in the spiritual things
Need some encouragement
I am emotional

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