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" recent stud% b% respected energ% econom!st (err% "nge)!ne for the $raser *nst!tute found that
Ontar!o res!dents +!ll pa% an a)erage of ,-./ m!ll!on more for electr!c!t% each %ear for the ne0t -1
%ears as a result of subs!d!es to rene+able energ% compan!es.
2% the end of -134' Ontar!o household po+er rates +!ll' +!th e0cept!on of 5r!nce Ed+ard *sland' be the
h!ghest !n North "mer!ca and +!ll cont!nue to accelerate +h!le most other ur!sd!ct!ons see rates le)el
off. E)en more alarm!ng for the pro)!nce6s econom!c compet!t!)eness' bus!nesses and !ndustr!al
customers +!ll be h!t b% almost ,3- b!ll!on !n add!t!onal costs o)er the same per!od.
Such !s the legac% of the Ontar!o go)ernment6s dec!s!on !n -117 to establ!sh 8feed9!n: rates' rang!ng
from ;;./ cents to .1.- cents per <!lo+att hour for solar po+er and 34./ cents/<=h for +!nd po+er.
>hese solar feed9!n rates are an a)erage 3. t!mes h!gher than the 4./ cents/<=h for h%dro9generated
po+er. >he +!nd9po+er rates are more than four t!mes those of h%dro.
2es!des the enormous d!rect cost of these huge subs!d!es' there6s also a b!g h!dden cost for e0pens!)e
foss!l9fuelled standb% fac!l!t!es because the +!nd doesn6t al+a%s blo+ and the Ontar!o sun doesn6t
al+a%s sh!ne.
=e can learn lessons from (erman%' Spa!n' 2r!ta!n and the ?S @ go)ernment subs!d!Aed !ndustr!es
cannot sur)!)e +!thout !ncred!ble 8!n)estment: b% the ta0pa%er. =e need to declare a morator!um on
green energ% before +e totall% ban<rupt our pro)!nce or dr!)e all bus!ness out.